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Best Soulmask Starting Locations and Where to Build Your Base

Best Soulmask Starting Locations
By | June 13th, 2024 | Categories: Soulmask

Soulmask is a new survival RPG game that features a straightforward storyline yet a robust gameplay mechanic. In this article, we’ll look at the very basics of Soulmask: Starting your own base.

Bases in Soulmask

The purpose of the base in Soulmask is to provide players with a home camp to build their tribe. The tribesmen do the gathering and foraging while the player acts as the head leader by doing the necessary upgrades to the base, and their mask.

Where to Put Your Base

Of course, the core part of survival games is to survive. To do this, you must examine the map and your immediate surroundings. Will a body of water sustain your survivability? Or should you go go further inland so that you can harvest crops? Or should you go near enemies so you can level up faster and upgrade your attributes? Lastly, should you be near caves, dunes, and the like to mine for valuable resources? These questions are all essential to your survival as it dictates how you play Soulmask.

As such, there are a few locations that answer these questions.

  • Inland Starter Zone: Go to the nearest body of water near the starting point of the game. Building a base in this general location will give you access to water and land resources that can ensure your survival. However, this is a bit far from non-food resources such as ores and metals. Most of the game’s Ancient Ruins are also out of reach from this location. However, it’s a good starting location to build a base since it has a small threat level. You can also expect to have good crop harvests in this area.
  • Lakeside Haven: This area is much like the starting area above. However, it has more resources like clay, copper, tin, and green crystals. This starting area is best up until the middle of the game.
  • Central Riverside: In this area, you’ll get the best of both worlds.   But beware! Animals like jaguars and alligators appear in this area. However, access to trees and the same resources in Lakeside Haven makes this a good starting point. Just remember to fortify your base.
  • Jungle Edge: While this is dangerous to explore, it rewards you with abundant resources. However, going too far may have irreversible consequences. This may be a starting point to consider if you want a challenge, but it is not recommended for beginners of the survival game genre.
  • Closer to Ancient Ruins: Placing your base near Ancient Ruins gives you enough encounters to level up. Fortifying your base while having to explore Ancient Ruins may help you advance the game faster. However, like in Jungle Edge, this may be a challenging task to do for starting players. Proceed with caution.


The game scales its difficulty based on the location of your starting base. Knowing where to put your starting base will reward you with different resources, XP, or necessities, but it comes with its own trade-offs too. However, it should be noted that for those who decide to start in an easier starting location, you’ll definitely need to move it in the futre if you want to advance in level. Regardless, have fun and enjoy surviving!

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