Valorant Cypher Guide

Valorant Cypher Guide
By | September 4th, 2022 | Categories: Valorant

Cypher is from Morocco and one of the greatest spies in Valorant. He gathers secrets, information, and intel to help his team in Valorant protocol. He keeps most of this information to himself to ensure that no one ever discovers them and on reveals them at a given price. Cypher is a mysterious man, yet his secrets are accurate. This Valorant Cypher Guide will help players figure out the most optimal way to play the agent.

Cypher falls in the Sentinel category of Agents, which makes him great at controlling choke points with his gadgets and traps. He can place his traps on a door to catch an enemy or even use a spycam to gather information where he can’t see. With his Ultimate, Cypher can find everyone’s location on the enemy team by scanning a nearby dead body. To help you get the most out of Cypher’s utilities, here are all his abilities and a few tips on how to use them.

Is Cypher Good For Beginners?

If you play passively and want to study how to game goes, a sentinel kind of agent like Killjoy or Cypher can help you hone your skills. While hard to master, his abilities are pretty simple to figure out, and the plays you can do with Cypher are unbelievable. Beginner players can use Cypher to sit back and study the game rather than rushing head-on and frag out. Holding the site with your camera, trap wires, and cyber cages is a beautiful place for a beginner to start in Valorant.

Cypher is suited for strategic players with precise aims. His abilities revolve around holding down a site under pressure and doing your job to stall time for your team’s reinforcement. On the attacking side, you’re an excellent info gatherer and can lurk around the map to clear certain areas of the map and go for a kill or two before falling back.

Abilities & Skills

Here are some of Cypher’s abilities and how to use them effectively.

Cypher Spycam (E)

Cypher’s Spycam gives him a view of a location, allowing him to scout two areas simultaneously. On more prominent locations like Breeze, Cypher becomes a crucial pick as he can handle an entire site while the team focuses on the double mid-door area.


Learn some basic setup on a map you want to play Cypher with.

You’ll be immobile when using the camera, so make sure you’re in a safe spot or inside your cage.

The dart the camera fires displays the player’s position until he/she removes the dart. While this information is great, the dart can also be used to aid allied players. If you shoot an enemy with the dart right before your ally engages them, the enemy will try to pull it out as soon as possible, giving your teammate the advantage is the gunfight.

The camera goes invisible when you aren’t using it, but it can still be shot if enemy players know where it is.

Cyber Cage (Q)

Cyber Cage is similar to the smoke utilities of some controller agents in the game. It’s a hollow cage that notifies Cypher each time an enemy walks through it. You can lay down your smoke devices on entrances of smaller maps and only activate them when you read that the enemy will commit to the site and get free kills with your setup.


Many guides will help you practice your cage one-way setup to make your gameplay efficient.

Make sure to plant double smokes if you’re going for a one-way since the enemy will often push the site when the first smoke is gone.

The Cyber Cage is hollow, so try not to hide inside your smoke on maps with elevated areas. If you want this gameplay, I suggest you study rat Cypher setups.

If your controller dies, you can use your cage to smoke and entry the site. However, this is a risky play that you must reconsider if you’re committing or rotating to a site.

Cypher Trapwire (C)

Cypher’s Trapwire is one of the deadliest abilities in Valorant as it catches enemies that concusses, slows down, and exposes opponents’ position. Plant a wire slightly away from the main entrances as enemies often expect wires on entries and might try to break them since you can hear an audio cue when there’s a place nearby.


Communicate with teammates when enemies destroy the wire since you’ll be notified when a web goes inactive.

Plant trap wires on flanks when playing on the attacker side to help you focus on your lurk rather than the flank.

Activate your cage on time so the enemy won’t hear the audio cue of your trap and get caught for a free kill.

Don’t put your wires in one place every round. Mix it up so your enemy will have difficulty reading your defensive strategy.

Always use this ability where enemies might show up. Even if they destroy the trap before it’s activated, it will still give you an extra clue where they are.

If you need to move bomb sites, you can pick this ability up and redeploy it in another area. However, if you’re on Defense, sometimes it’s a good idea to leave it. That way, the site you’re leaving isn’t unguarded, and you can know if the enemy team tries to sneak in.

Ultimate: Neural Theft (X)

Neural theft steals the memory of a dead enemy to expose their teammates. All enemies would be highlighted and revealed in your mini map for a few seconds. Be quick to read the map thoroughly and plan your next strategy. Timing is crucial when using Neural Theft, so avoid using it when only one enemy remains or your teammates are dead. For example, sometimes, you might have to use his ultimate in risky situations with multiple enemies huddling around the corpse.

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