Valorant Episode 4: What to Look Forward To

Valorant Ep 4
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Valorant Episode 4

A new year has started, and Valorant is ready to start 2022 with a spark. Riot’s hit FPS game is only getting more popular over time. With fans making the most of Episode 3 Act 3, players are now excited to see what Episode 4 Act 1 has in store. From new guns to potentially a new map, everyone is looking forward to the new act, and the hype has been building up with the release of the teaser for the new agent, Neon. Here is what we found out from the Valorant patch notes and leaks:

New Agent: Neon

Fans have been speculating for weeks on what type of character the next agent will be ever since Chamber’s dialogue kept referring to a new recruit hailing from Manila. Chamber was the most recent character to join the Valorant roster when Episode 3 Act 3 dropped on the 4th of November 2021. Chamber’s interesting and unique gameplay has provided a boost to Valorant’s popularity as fans flock to the game to try out his skill set. The newest agent is expected to generate the same hype or much more.

The newest recruit is named Neon, codenamed Sprinter, will be a Filipina Radiant hailing from the city of Manila. Valorant dropped a teaser that confirms the fans’ speculation that Neon will be having lightning base abilities that allow her to move quickly through the map. It is speculated that she will be a duelist since the recent recruits are a Controller (Astra), an Initiator (KAY-0), and a Sentinel (Chamber). Here is the list of Sprinter’s potential abilities:

  • A movement slides
  • Faster sprints
  • Able to throw an electrically charged grenade
  • Creates a path covered with two walls on both sides
  • Using electrical beams to zap enemies

Based on Neon’s trailer, she will have a fast-paced gameplay similar to how Apex Legends’ characters function in the battle royale. Her fast gameplay is intended to compete with Jett who is currently the most picked Valorant agent and duelist. The Korean agent has been said to be the most powerful character in the game since she has the highest pick rate even in the pro scene. It seems that Valorant intends to replace her with Neon as the new fastest agent as a means to counter Jett’s wind abilities. Riot has been designing their recent characters to attract players from other games. The most recent initiator, KAY-0, features a skillset and gameplay that is quite similar to CS:GO’s gameplay to invite more players from that game. Neon might be Riot’s way of inviting fans of fast-paced games like Battlefield and Apex Legends to play Valorant. Fans will just have to wait for the next Valorant patch notes and announcements to see the full scale of Neon’s abilities.

New Map

The next map after Fracture has kept fans wondering where the next area might be. Previous leaks and teasers indicate that the new map will be some sort of geodome. Players of the game have speculated that the new area will be in either Brazil or the Philippines. The speculation that the map will be in Brazil is due to the name of a previous in-game email to a K/SEC member named Ruben Pontes, which is a name that is common in South America. The speculation for the map to be in the Philippines is due to a Twitter picture from Killjoy showing off her computer rig. Fans have spotted a binary code on one of KJ’s monitors, and the code translates to the coordinates of Taguig City in the Philippines. There have been no further details on the new map, so players will just have to hope that the new map will also come out with Episode 4 Act 1.

New Skins

Previously, a challenge made rounds in Twitter that might be the basis for the next skins in Valorant. A Twitter challenge where fans are asked to custom design their own skin versions for any gun in the game has been issued, and a lot of fans have participated in the community event. Fans have been speculating that Riot might select some of these fan arts to include them in Episode 4’s gun skins. However, Valorant has confirmed some skins that will be coming out in the next episode. These new skins will be part of the Run It Back Bundle. Here are the confirmed upcoming skins:

  • Tethered realm Ghost
  • Recon Specter
  • Prime 2.0 Odin
  • Forsaken Vandal
  • Origin Operator

Yoru Rework

Fans have always been in love with the current Valorant roster except for one. Yoru has received little love from the community due to his skillset and gameplay being easily countered and off-meta. Riot has now given Yoru a tap on his kit and has reworked some of his active skills. Here are the new reworks:

Fakeout: Instead of just sending out fake footsteps with visual and audio cues, Yoru will now send out a fake carbon copy of himself that will explode and provide debuffs when shot by the enemy team.

Gatecrash: The range in which the rift tether is visible and can be heard by opponents has been lowered. The travel speed between Yoru to the tether has been increased by 20%. Gatecrash can also be activated from afar to produce a fake teleport issuing a similar visual and audio cue to the normal teleport.

With all these new updates and rework, fans are definitely excited to take on another year with Valorant. Episode 4 Act 1 is expected to drop on January 12, 2022. Neon will roll at the same time as the update, so players will not have to wait long till they can use the zappy new agent. Don’t forget to read the Valorant patch notes when the update drops!

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