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If you’re an Albion Online player, you probably already know that you’re playing a classless sandbox MMO in which you are what you wear. This makes your gear choice crucial because you depend highly on what you wear and wield. There’s no best Albion build in terms of one build that defeats all the others—each item has its strengths and weaknesses. Sure, there are best Albion Online builds for a specific tree line and activity, such as the best build for nature healer for solo dungeons. But your best build is going to be highly contextualized based on the activity you’re doing. This can differ slightly or significantly from activity to activity; that being said, this Best Albion online build guide for 2022 will help you figure out generally what the best build should be.

Factor to Think About When Choosing Builds in Albion Online

  1. For Solo & Group Builds

You must consider a few key factors when choosing a build for any activity in Albion online. First, you need to think about whether you’re going to engage in a solo activity or a group activity. The solo builds are different in that you will need a form of self-sustain for all the solo activities and some duo activities, such as 2v2 hellgates.

If you’re running with a group, however, you’ll need to prioritize group effects such as the abilities on the druid helm, the mercenary helm, or the knight helm. When considering group activity builds, you’ll need to think of the role you’ll be playing within that group. Will you be an engager, a DPS, a tank, a glasscannon, a healer? What’s the composition that your group is explicitly aiming for?

  1. For Consensual & Non-Consensual PvP Risk Builds

Another factor to consider is the risk for consensual and non-consensual PvP. This is primarily the case when you’re fame farming. If you’re doing Hardcore Expeditions (HCE), where you’re facing zero risk for PvP, you’ll be wearing a very different build than when you’re going for a corrupted dungeon where you’re very likely to have some PvP action.

  1. For Experience and Spec Builds

You need to consider what you’re experienced within choosing your build in Albion Online. Your best build will be the one that you’re the most experienced in, and with the respeccing possibilities in Albion Online that might not overlap with your most specced build.

The spec you have in a specific build also matters a lot because, with a huge spec, you will pay much less to achieve a higher item power than with no or low spec. Also, remember that with higher-tier gear, you unlock new passive and active abilities. For some builds, you will need to have reached a certain level to wear a specific tier of weapon or armor instead of its equivalent.

For example, you won’t have the reawaken spell on the T4 Lifetouch staff, but you’ll have it on the T5 one. So, if you’re looking for a specific spell, you’ll need to make sure that the tier of the weapon or armor you choose has it.

  1. For Meta Builds

Of course, like in other online MMOs, some builds or weapons are currently in the meta for specific activities, so it’s best if your best build is in the meta and not off-meta.

The Best (Meta) Builds in Albion Online

Let’s take a look at two builds that are currently in the meta:

  1. Best Spear Build for Doing Corrupted Dungeons

Corrupted dungeons are great if you want to fame farm and face more risks of PvP. It’s great because you’ll get more than regular solo dungeons—higher risk yields higher rewards.

For this build, you’ll need:

  • Trinity Spear
  • Mage Cowl
  • Cleric Robe
  • A pair of Soldier Boots
  • Thetford Cape
  • Roasted Puremist Snapper
  • Major Healing Potion

When talking about abilities, you should use Lunging Strike, Forest of Spears, and Spectral Trident as your active abilities on your weapon. Use the Life Leech ability as your passive for sustain. For the chest piece, use Everlasting Spirit and aggression. You’ll want to keep that active on the chest until you have a PvP encounter—use it wisely to prevent getting killed. For your Mage Cowl, use the poison and the aggression passive, and save the ability for a PvP encounter since it has a long cooldown. Use wanderlust on your boots for extra mobility to catch up with your opponent or escape. While you can consume food before entering the dungeon, you can also use your healing pots when needed.

Alternatively, you can use the Giants boots with the giant ability instead of the Soldier Boots. This switch will give you more endurance against glasscannon builds but will take a lot from your mobility. Overall, it’s best to use what you feel more comfortable using.

  1. Best Escape Build for Ore Gathering

Gathering is an excellent profession in Albion. It can be lucrative, especially if you manage to stay away from gankers and return to safety with what you collected. If you’re going to a safe zone, you should use the gathering equipment, but if you’re looking for an escape build, you should consider sacrificing some of the efficiency for collecting the ores for more safety. Gathering is an excellent profession in Albion.

You will need:

  • A Bloodletter
  • A Mistcaller
  • A Guardian Armor
  • An Assassin’s Hood
  • Miner’s Workbooks
  • A Martlock Cape
  • Some Invisibility Pots
  • A Beef Sandwich
  • A Gathering Mount (Eg. Spectral Direboar, Giant Horse, etc.)

Use Leap, Shadow Edge, and Lunging Stabs as your actives on your weapon and the Leech Life passive—these will give you a lot of mobility. If you’re getting hit in melee or close range, you can use Enfeeble Aura on your Guardian Armour for protection. Finally, use Meditation on your Assassin’s Hood to shorten the cooldown for the other abilities, and flee on your boots. Use Leap, Shadow Edge, and Lunging Stabs as your actives on your weapon and the Leech Life passive- these will give a lot of mobility, if you’re getting hit in melee or close range, you can use Enfeeble Aura on your Guardian Armor for protection. Finally, use meditation on your Assassin’s Hood to shorten the cooldown for your other abilities and flee on your boots. Use Leap, Shadow Edge and Lunging Stabs as your actives on your weapon.

The Possibilities Are Endless

There are a lot of possible best Albion Online builds, and the more you know about the abilities on the weapons and armors, the easier it will become for you to counter those builds or stay away from those that will most likely defeat you. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with all kinds of builds in Albion Online! After all, the best way to learn about a game is to play it. There are a lot of

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