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The Top Call of Duty: Cold War Multiplayer Tips for Better Gameplay Today

Call of Duty: Cold War Multiplayer Tips
By | December 2nd, 2020 | Categories: Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Cold War is a great game to play! While it keeps the roots of other Call of Duty games, it makes a number of new and fun changes that differentiate it enough that it’s becoming a bit of a fan favorite for many gamers. But… there’s a problem that afflicts each of us who play: we aren’t where we want to be yet. We die too often, and don’t kill enough. I know, I know. There’s one big struggle in every gamer’s world: wanting to be better. I don’t care if you’re the greatest player or the worst. You always would like to be better at the game, and you can always benefit from some Cold War multiplayer tips.

Now, I’ve heard some people say that some players are just born with “it” and others aren’t. That’s baloney. I used to think it was true, until I got demolished by an Overwatch friend in a 1v1 after giving him a few tips despite being a much higher rank for many years. For many people, small things are holding them back and keeping them from reaching their true potential in any game, and Cold War is no exception. In this article, I’ll take you through some of the top (easy) things that you can do right now to improve! Ready? Let’s go!

What is the Number One Tip?

I’m going to apologize for this in advance, because it’s not like the other tips and kind of corny (though true), but the most important tip is that you have to practice to be good. Think of every streamer, every gamer, every anything that you know. They’ve all been playing a while, and nobody on the planet starts at the same level that they do with practice. Put in that time, and you’ll start seeing results.

What Are the Other Cold War Multiplayer Tips?

Okay, now that we’ve knocked out the obvious one, here are the rest! Instead of prattling on, I’m going to jump straight into it.

  • Adjust your Field of View. I know! For the first time, Call of Duty is allowing players to adjust your Field of View on consoles. Just remember, don’t go crazy. As tempting as it is to see everything, it can be disorienting and the higher you set the bar, the more frames you lose. But, this can give you an immediate advantage.
  • Adjust all your Settings. Yes, go through and nitpick things. Things like the Slowdown and Strafing Aim Assist can boost your accuracy, for instance.  Can’t hear your enemy? Turn your audio to High Boost, which makes footsteps louder. Just play around. Go crazy. Test stuff. I bet you’ll find something that you couldn’t believe you lived without.
  • Play as a Team. I know, it’s no fun. I used to hate playing as a team in video games, but here’s the fun thing: you win a lot more when you actually work together. Plus, bonus points—if you work together properly, your teammates get shot and not you. Not, of course, that I’m advocating that… of course not…
  • Use Those Scorestreaks. So, here’s the fact: if you want to have better stats, you need an advantage. If you have something over the other guys, you’ll have better stats. Scorestreaks are a way to do this. It’s really just that simple. I can’t tell you how many players don’t use them, holding onto them for the “perfect time” and then the round is over and they completely wasted it. Use them! Right now! They’re literally just there to help you. And yes, having a low Scorestreak available is a lot better than shooting for a very difficult Scorestreak and never making it.
  • Use the Default Layouts as Create-A-Class Base. I know, I’ve been there. It’s fun doing something completely random and strange, and it’s tempting to think that the base layouts are boring. But, they aren’t. They’re actually good, balanced, strong layouts. So, go create something insane if you want, but try to fine-tune the default ones and you’ll have a lot of success. The work is already done there—just perfect it for your individual tastes.
  • Know Your Maps. In a game where there are tons of hiding spots, secret areas, and options for a map, you need to know where everything is. This is non-negotiable. If you actually want to improve, you need to get familiar with where everything is. Otherwise, you could easily run into a trap or put yourself at a disadvantage where you end up dying. That can’t happen. Learn your maps, figure out where to watch out for, and you’ll shave off a lot of deaths.

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