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Chimeraland Devour
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Chimeraland is all about taming and evolving all the creatures in your arsenal. While there are a dozen things players can do in this survival game, nothing compares to owning a hybrid creature containing features of at least three animals. Chimeraland’s core mechanics lie in taming, building, and evolving, so it would make sense that gamers would want to learn more about how to transform their companions via the Devour feature. This guide will cover how players can merge two animals. Hopefully, this Chimeraland Devour Guide will help players figure out this mechanic.

What is Devour in Chimeraland?

Chimeraland takes hunting and taming animals further by evolving them into hybrid creatures known as Chimeras. These beings are a mix of several animals that would appear bizarre. They are mainly characterized by having characteristics of different creatures in one body. 

In Chimeraland, the process of making these hybrid creatures is called Devour. This feature allows players’ companions to challenge and subjugate a targeted animal. When the target has been defeated, the Pet will absorb the conquered create and randomly acquire one of its features. This system can result in weird combinations of cool-looking hybrids. 

Why Should Gamers Use Devour?

While the most prominent effect of this process is to change the look of a beast, Devours have other functional results that can benefit players’ gameplay. Aside from appearances, these Chimeras will gain new attributes that will make them even stronger. Certain features from devoured creatures will provide various benefits and abilities. For example, absorbing a White Condor gives the Pet a chance to acquire its wings, granting it the ability to fly.

Whenever a pet Devours another creature, it also gains Experience Points. This process is the primary way of leveling up companions. Gamers must have their pets constantly absorbing other animals to power up.

Devouring Pet / Egg

Before devouring, players need to acquire a temporary pet for their companions to consume. When capturing a beast, gamers have the chance to acquire two drops: a permanent pet egg or a temporary companion. The temp creature is the one used for Devour processes. Here are how adventurers can capture their targets:

  • Locate a Creature that you want to Devour
  • Fight the Beast until its HP drops to a certain level
  • When the Capture Icon appears, use a Mustard-shot Crossbow to acquire the target
  • Check the loot to see if you have obtained a Temporary Pet or an Egg

The process of Devour is pretty simple and only requires a few steps. The only requirement to start the process is to have a Temporary beast and a pet strong enough to Devour it. The catch in this feature is whether the companion challenging the target will be successful in absorbing its prey. Aside from this, the results of successful devours are random, so gamers must not expect that things will frequently go their way. Here is how to start the process:

  • Deploy the Temporary Pet acquired during the last Beast Capture
  • Approach the Creature and select the Devour Option
  • Let the two pets battle each other until the fight is finished
  • Check the Results of the Devour and Decide whether to confirm or not

There is no specific way of determining what attribute will get absorbed during this process. Fortunately for players, they can decide whether the feature being integrated will push through or not. This option allows players to avoid appearances they want their pets to exhibit. 

How to Devous: Tips

While Devour’s process is simple, several ways will help gamers make the most out of it. Since players will be doing this activity most of the time, they should know the several ins and outs to make their playtime more efficient. Here are some tips that will help adventurers in Chimeraland:

  • Devour as Much as You Can – This process is the most reliable way of strengthening creatures and is the most stable source of experience points. While players may not like the features they are getting, they are still encouraged to do the process as much as possible to gain EXP. In addition, attempting to Devour multiple times increases the chances of getting a highly desired feature.
  • Stock Up on Plain Creatures – Players might see other gamers roaming around their land with monstrous-looking creatures, so they aspire to have one of the Chimeras. However, gamers need to have solid Pets and abilities to do so. Adventurers should capture as many Temporary creatures as they can so that they can spam Devour. There is no need to wait for an excellent animal to show up in the early stages since it is more important to get stronger. 
  • Don’t Devour Beasts Ten Levels Higher than the Pet – While players are advised to Devour almost everything, gamers should know which ones to acquire and which ones to leave out for the time being. Attempting to absorb a significantly stronger creature than the Devouring Pet will likely end in failure.
  • Always Capture Strange Beasts – Several creatures like Deers provide stats and attributes with almost every part of their body. Targeting these beasts will ensure gamers can make the most out of each Devour.

Devour Your Way Through Chimeraland

This is one of the essential mechanicsin the game. Whether players want to absorb creatures for their appearance or attributes, this feature will make anything more powerful than their previous form. Make sure to take advantage of Devour to create some of the most powerful creatures seen in Chimeraland.

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