How to Get Necrochasm in Destiny 2

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Crota’s End is returning in Destiny 2 and the Nechrochasm exotic auto-rifle is returning to the game as well, an exciting development for fans of the original weapon. Bungie has made a few changes to the weapon and the method of obtaining it is substantially different than in the original game.

In Destiny 1, to unlock the Nechrochasm, players were forced to upgrade the Husk of the Pit into an Eidolon Ally, which would turn into the exotic auto-rifle upon completion.

This guide goes over how to unlock the Nechrochasm exotic auto-rifle in Destiny 2, in particular focusing on how to get the Necrochasm after contest mode is over for players who missed the opportunity.

Unlock Necrochasm in Contest Mode

Bungie has confirmed that upon completing Crota’s End in Contest Mode, meaning the first 48 hours, the Necrochasm will be a guaranteed drop. For players who want a more roundabout but (relatively) easier method than a rush during content mode, this guide will run players through the full questline, and exotic catalyst guide.

Destiny 2 Nechrochasm Bottomless Pit

To start the Nechrochasm quest-chain, players first need to defeat Crota, which inevitably means finishing Crota’s End. They can then claim the exotic quest “Bottomless Pit” from the Sword of Crota. Players will receive an early form of the Necrochasm called “The Husk of the Pit”

Defeat 100 Hive with the Husk of the Pit

After obtaining the Husk of the Pit, players will need to defeat one hundred Hive enemies. Defeating Hive in Crota’s End grants additional progress but this isn’t necessary to complete this step of the quest.

Players can simply kill Hive anywhere they are found, the highest concentration being Altars of Sorrow on the Moon, where this step can be completed in minutes during high-density events.

Collect Essence of the Oversoul

After defeating 100 Hive, players will receive the Eidolon Ally, which is the legendary version of the exotic Necrochasm. To progress, players will need to collect twenty Essence of the Oversoul.

Players will need to re-enter Crota’s End to complete this step since the only two ways of obtaining Essence of the Oversoul are either by finishing raid encounters or by completing raid Triumphs in Crota’s End.

Triumphs give 2 Essence of the Oversoul per completion, and encounters give one to two, depending on the encounter.

Thankfully, the progress counts Essences received retroactively, meaning this step can be skipped altogether as long as players have made enough progress in Crota’s End prior to this step.

Receive the Necrochasm

Once players have obtained twenty Essence they can unlock the Necrochasm by defeating Crota again. Upon defeating Crota players will receive the Necrochasm.

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