Diablo IV Season 1: Should You Play the Season of the Malignant?

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By | July 26th, 2023 | Categories: Diablo

Following the traditions that previous Diablo games have set, Diablo IV has kickstarted its very own Season of the Malignant as its first season. While devs and some community members have been excited about the update, many players must be convinced that the Malignant will provide that much excitement. People wonder whether it is worth grinding and trying out Diablo IV Season 1.

Diablo IV Season 1 – Season of the Malignant Overview

We must understand how the season mechanic works to judge the whole thing. Significant updates tend to bring few, if not many, new features to the game to reignite players’ interest. Unfortunately, Season of Malignant does not get that much to the table. Gamers did not have that many expectations for Season 1, mainly because it is the first one for Diablo IV.

Diablo IV Season 1 brings the “Season of the Malignant” theme, where the world of Sanctuary faces a dire threat known as “Malignance.” This sinister force corrupts both humans and creatures, spreading chaos and danger. A new character named Cormond plays a pivotal role in combating this corruption. A former priest of the Cathedral of Light, Cormond seeks to halt the spread of Malignance, but he needs the aid of courageous adventurers.

Players join forces with Cormond to confront the challenges posed by this insidious force. As Sanctuary becomes a realm of peril and malevolence, wanderers must unite to stand against the impending darkness. However, they will need to borrow the power of the Malignant to combat the upcoming threat. 

As players should expect, a campaign for the upcoming season will give some context about the current theme. However, the main questline is short and considered as long as a minor sub-campaign. Players can finish the lore of the whole season in a matter of a few hours. 

The main highlight for this Season is the Malignant mechanic. Players can acquire Malignant Hearts, legendary items dropped by defeating Malignant Monsters. These corrupted enemies are unique to this patch and can be found throughout the game. Malignant Hearts provide potent bonuses to your character’s stats and abilities when equipped in the amulet and ring slots.

There are four distinct categories of Malignant Hearts: Vicious, Brutal, Devious, and Wrathful. Each type corresponds to specific Malignant Monsters that drop the corresponding Heart. Players must face these formidable foes to obtain these valuable and potent items to enhance their characters’ capabilities.

The Introduction of Malignant Hearts

The Malignant Hearts mechanic is interesting because it can provide various significant and valuable character boosts. However, the usefulness and effectiveness of these items vary from class to class. Some jobs have mighty Hearts that can be considered game-breaking, while some characters have weaker sets of objects. 

The Necromancer and Rogue are the most notable classes with the best Malignant Hearts. Barbarians and Sorcerers have the shorter end of the stick in their exclusive sets because their Hearts are a bit lackluster. Druids have somewhat okayish drops, but they still have considerably weaker ones compared to Necromancers and Rogues.

However, one notable drawback of this mechanic is how you acquire Hearts. To get a Malignant item, you must use a cage to capture the Heart of a slain enemy. This action is irrelevant and unnecessary because simply dropping the loot would have accomplished the same thing. Being required to undergo an animation to capture a Heart is simply time-consuming. 

The Campaign

As mentioned earlier, there is little to expect from the upcoming quests. They are there to provide context to the current situation in Sanctuary. Diablo IV relies on rich storylines and lore on top of its exquisite gameplay. The lack of an exciting and engaging season campaign dampens the viewers’ enjoyment. If you haven’t started the season yet, get your hopes up for this feature. 

The Seasonal Journey

One of the more exciting content for this update is the Seasonal Journey. This aspect provides players with a list of activities and goals they must accomplish throughout this period. These tasks serve as some tutorial to Wanderers and contribute to your progression of the battle pass. Unfortunately, the Seasonal Journey has little to do with the Malignant Heart mechanic.

Season 1 Battle Pass

The most interesting aspect of this season is the BP. While most Battle Pass content is paid, the remaining free content is still extraordinary in its own right. However, the best available rewards that contain tons of good armor and cosmetics are found in the paid content. 

If you are willing to spend money, it is worth buying the paid content of the battle pass. Unlocking the levels and receiving the corresponding rewards can help players find satisfaction in playing this season. You don’t need to finish the whole pass to satisfy your BP grind, as reaching 75 is enough for most players. If you want to enjoy the current Battle Pass, then it is highly advised to get the paid content.

Overall Review

You will only want to play the season early to finish the battle pass quickly. Otherwise, consider holding off starting your seasonal character. There is a high chance that additional patches will be introduced to improve the power creeping of several classes and fix the game’s balancing. It might be a good idea to wait a few more weeks before you start, but it is okay to start right away.

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