Baldur’s Gate 3 Progression Tips

Baldur's Gate 3 Progression Tips
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Dungeon diving and adventuring can be quite a dangerous ordeal, so it should be your main priority to increase your power and survivability. In Baldur’s Gate 3, players are vulnerable to many threats, from unseen traps to overwhelmingly powerful monsters. To ensure your party’s survival, you must progress them to a state wherein they can take on any dangers. This guide will provide tips on how to power up the game.

Tips for Progressing in Baldur’s Gate 3

Generally, there are two main ways to progress in any game – leveling up and equipping good gear. Increasing your character’s level provides several advantages, such as unlocking new skills and increasing your stats. Meanwhile, your items give a bulk of your power and defense and have a massive impact on your playstyle and progression. Progressing in Baldur’s Gate 3 is straightforward, but there are specific tips that can help gamers reach their full potential more effectively. 

Leveling Up

Explore Thoroughly

  • Explore every area you come across. Look for hidden paths, secret rooms, interactable objects, treasure chests, and containers. They often contain valuable items and equipment.
  • Investigate interactive elements in the environment, such as bookshelves, tables, and paintings. They may provide clues, quests, or rewards.
  • Interact with NPCs and exhaust dialogue options. They can offer quests, valuable information, and even potential allies.

Complete Quests for EXP

  • Take on both main quests and side quests. Main quests advance the main storyline, while side quests provide additional content and rewards.
  • Speak to NPCs and pay attention to their requests or problems. They may offer quests or point you in the direction of new opportunities.
  • Follow quest markers and read descriptions carefully to understand the objectives and requirements.
  • Be thorough in completing quest objectives, including talking to relevant NPCs, exploring specific areas, or retrieving items.

Farm EXP via Combat

  • Prepare for battles by equipping suitable weapons, armor, and consumables.
  • Assess enemy strengths and weaknesses. Use your knowledge to choose the most effective tactics and spells.
  • Utilize your party’s abilities synergistically. Coordinate attacks, provide support, and use crowd control spells.
  • Focus on defeating enemies to earn experience points and loot. Be cautious of enemy abilities and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Make Sure to Upgrade your Character After Gaining A Level

  • When you level up, a notification will appear, and a white plus sign will appear on your character’s portrait.
  • Press the icon that will open up the level-up screen. You can choose new feats, spells, proficiencies, stats, or even a subclass here.
  • Consider your playstyle and desired character progression when selecting new options.
  • Confirm your choices, and enjoy the benefits and new abilities gained through leveling up.

Enhancing Your Gear

Upgrading your item is the best way to increase your power significantly. However, there are certain things to consider before you spend your materials and go on an enhancing spree. Here are some factors to look at before you tap your items:

  • Character Build – Enhance gear that increases your character’s key stat (e.g., strength, dexterity) for improved damage output and effectiveness. Focus on enhancing equipment that aligns with your character’s build and playstyle to maximize their strengths.
  • Playstyle – Consider your playstyle: Enhancing gear can provide a significant combat advantage if you prefer min-maxing and optimizing your character’s stats. Enhancing equipment may be less crucial for your enjoyment if you play more casually and enjoy a less intense experience.
  • Availability of Better Items – Regularly assess the availability of superior gear. If you frequently find better items, prioritize looting over enhancing existing equipment. If better things are scarce, improving your current gear can temporarily boost your character’s power until you acquire superior alternatives.

If you decide that you should enhance your items, then there are several things that you need to know about upgrading your gear. You can gather many ingredients through your adventures, which you can use for enchanting or crafting. Here is the stuff you can do with your equipment materials:

  • Enhancement – You can acquire magical materials by looting chests, defeating enemies, or purchasing them from merchants. Seek out characters with enchanting abilities, such as Gale, Shadowheart, or Lae’zel. Once you have the desired gear and materials, hand them over to the character capable of enchanting, and they will enhance your equipment accordingly.
  • Crafting – Obtain crafting materials by exploring the world or acquiring them through merchants. Locate characters who possess crafting abilities, such as Gale, Shadowheart, or Lae’zel. Deliver the necessary materials to these characters, and they will use their crafting skills to improve your gear.

Enchantment and Crafting Variations

There are certain things that players should take note of when they are either crafting or enchanting. The enchantment or crafting outcomes depend on the materials’ quality, determining the enhancement’s strength. Be mindful of the costs associated with the enchantment or crafting process, which can vary based on the desired enchantment level.

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