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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017: The Return of Witch Mercy

Halloween Terror 2017
By | October 24th, 2017 | Categories: E-Sports

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event has returned! For a limited time only (between 10/10 and 11/1), you’ll start receiving special Halloween themed loot boxes upon leveling, which contains lots of Halloween-themed skins, sprays, highlight intros and more! More importantly, Halloween Terror 2017 marks the return of a lavish and seductive Witch Mercy skin! If you didn’t get yours last year or started if you started playing Overwatch after Halloween 2016, then this is your chance to get a skin.

Halloween Goodies

Fight your way through with the payload by returning to the Halloween Hollywood stage or explore the hallowed halls of the creepy reskinnedEichenwald! Collect your treats from the special Halloween lootboxes that amount to a total of 62 different items. Keep in mind that there are 8 new legendary skins in total for the following:

  1. McCree
  2. Mei
  3. Torbjörn
  4. Ana
  5. Reaper
  6. Symmetra
  7. Zarya
  8. Zenyatta

Although the skins are great, it’s Zenyatta’s Cultist skin that takes home the best skin award for this year. Draped in purple, black, and green raiment, his hooded figure masks a face all too similar to the older gods. It’s so good that you might be spurting out ph’ngluimglw’nafhCthulhuR’lyehwgah’naglfhtagn before you notice! We daresay that it may even rival the amazing Witch Mercy skin! Also, there are other items:

  • 2 new emotes
  • 6 victory poses
  • 28 voice lines
  • 7 sprays
  • 1 Highlight Intro
  • 10 player icons

Compared to last year’s haul, there were better miscellanies when we were first introduced to the graveyard win poses, and more highlight intros available. However, at least the 8 legendary skins available are stellar in comparison to having only two or three good ones last year.

Remember that these items don’t need to be randomized from the event loot boxes. You can buy items with via credits earned since you started playing Overwatch. For a higher than normal fee, you can opt to unlock anything through the Hero Gallery. So, if you’ve been saving up on credits since before the Halloween event, you might have a good number to purchase a couple of fantastic cosmetic upgrades. Either way, even if you don’t bother buying the new event boxes from the shop or if you don’t have any credits to afford anything, playing every day at a casual’s pace until the end of the event should be enough to get credits. Why? Well, to purchase two or three of the legendary skins (unless you’re unlucky and get garbage in every box after every level).

Return of the Brawl Game

Halloween Terror 2017 also features the return of the brawl game, Junkenstein’s Revenge, where 4 players, taking on the roles of the soldier, the gunslinger, the alchemist, and the archer, go against hordes of zomnics and zombardiers. You fight in a last ditch effort to take down Lord Adlersbrunn and Dr. Junkenstein. These enemies get aide by their allies (Junkenstein’s Monster, the Witch, and the newly-added Summoner), who use their various powers to destroy the 4 protagonists. There’s also an endless horde mode added where players have to defend their position for a grueling 12 to 15 rounds of zomnic slaughter to reach sub-bosses and the final boss.

What’s In Store for Next Year?

So far, Halloween Terror 2017 is as fantastic like last year despite only adding a couple of new items and elements. Though, we attribute this mostly to Witch Mercy because that skin is just pure fire!

Even though the event can categorize as a success, Blizzard has an alarming penchant of recycling seasonal events similar to how they do in World of Warcraft (WoW). If anything, this event is an indication of Blizzard heading the same path as their mammoth MMO. This sort of practice is fine, but it can quickly turn an epic event in a great game into something stale after several years. Hopefully, we’re wrong on this and Blizzard opts for newer and better additional content in next year’s Halloween Terror, going past their well-established Junkenstein’s revenge and extra legendary skins.

Until Halloween Terror 2018 comes, we should enjoy the horrific fun of this Halloween, grab our slick skins, kill some zomnics, ogle Witch Mercy, and kick some ass!

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