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RLCS Season 4: The Matches That Took Place

RLCS Season 4
By | October 19th, 2017 | Categories: E-Sports, Rocket League

Rocket League has rightfully earned its place as a household esports title. Whenever you see major esports organizations consistently place at the top of any given esports, that game has surely matured in a competitive sense. We’ll get to RLCS Season 4, but let’s talk about RLRS first.

The most recent, Season 4 Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) results prove the point. FlipSid3 Tactics, an unstoppable force from the early beginnings of European Rocket League competitive scene, is slowly getting pushed back. Bigger esports organizations with better logistics and infrastructure, such as Gale Force eSports, Method and PSG eSports, are gradually taking over the scene.

Over in North America (NA), the esports syndicates have already taken over – G2 Esports, Cloud9, NRG Esports, FlyQuest. These are all names regularly featured in headlines about major esports like LoL, CS:GO and Dota. The smaller teams formed primarily around Rocket League simply can’t compete with the better-established companies. They’re almost destined to be relegated to lower tiers as the time goes by.

Even in the lower tier (RLRS – Rocket League Rivals Series), we’re seeing more of the familiar names pushing through the ranks. Fnatic in Europe and Fibeon in NA have established flawless match scores so far, and are legitimate contenders in the upcoming promotion/relegation tournament. It’s taking place on October 28th and 29th, just in time to keep us warmed up for World Championship later in November.

Let’s not get too far up ahead. Here’s a brief recap of matches that took place this weekend.

What matches took place in RLCS Season 4?

  1. NA Regional Championship
  2. EU Regional Championship
  3. World Championship Lineup

1. NA Regional Championship

The action kicked off with 2 clean sweeps in the quarterfinals. NRG Esports dispatched Rogue and Ghost made quick work of FlyQuest. However, this was the end of road for NRG Esports. In the semifinals, Cloud9, who have had nothing but stellar performances throughout the League Play, handed them a decisive blow, finishing strong at 4-2. Ghost staged an upset against G2 Esports, defeating the Kronovi gang 4-1.

However, that’s as far as Ghost could go. Cloud9’s overhauled roster smashed through them quite convincingly, with 4-1 score in the end. The third-place decider saw NRG Esports teaching G2 Esports another painful 4-1 lesson. Despite this shakeup at the top, it remains to be seen whether NA can finally pose a challenge to the EU monsters from across the pond. We’ll find this out soon enough!

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2. EU Regional Championship

The newly crowned champs Gale Force eSports had a rough League Play season this year. They finished in the third spot, so they had to take the longer road through the quarterfinals. This didn’t seem to bother them too much, as they 4-1ed the legendary Kuxir97Markydooda FlipSid3 Tactics right away. Mockit eSports were too big of a bite for exceL to chew up, so they too made it through the quarterfinals.

In the semis, Method had a very good showing against Mockit, finishing strong at 4-2. PSG eSports, who qualified directly to semifinals, proved to be no match for Gale Force eSports in the Bo7 format. The disappointment was sealed in the third place decider. The soccer-branded alumni made it go the distance, only to come up short against seasoned veterans Mockit eSports.

The finals were a real treat though. The method had 3 match points in hands after going 3-1 in the first 4 games against Gale Force eSports. This probably lulled them a little bit, as all they needed was a single win to lift the trophy, while Gale Force eSports needed 3 in a row. The latter is exactly what happened. In a show of absolute skill, willpower, and determination, Gale Force eSports turned the series upside down, winning the title and the cool $10k prize money. After witnessing such an extraordinary feat, NA teams have one more worry to ponder.

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3. World Championship Lineup

4 best teams from NA (Cloud9, Ghost, NRG Esports and G2 Esports), and 4 from EU (Gale Force Esports, Method, Mockit eSports, and PSG eSports) earned a spot at this year’s World Championship. The remaining two teams will be known soon as the Oceania Regional Championship nears its end too. Everybody is eagerly waiting to see how each one of these top teams stacks up against each other this year. Stay tuned for more news next month, as we take a look at the World Championship and further beyond into 2018!

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