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The Many Flaws of FFXIV that Fans Overlook

By | January 17th, 2022 | Categories: FFXIV

The Underlying Flaws of FFXIV that Fans Overlook

It’s easy to think of Final Fantasy XIV as one of the greatest MMOs of all time when everything that you’ve heard about it was positive. Multiple expansions that are chock full of content, an honest and transparent development team, and a friendly community – what more could you possibly ask for? FFXIV prides itself as the one that has it all – the golden boy of the MMO world. But despite the halcyon glow, FFXIV has many flaws that fans often overlook.

Fetch Quests Galore and a Dull MSQ

Although the Realm Reborn relaunch fixed a lot of the technical issues plaguing the original release, that doesn’t mean the revived version of the game was perfect. One of the largest issues is just how much of the MSQ and base-game content involved fetch quests.

We’re at the point where players are mostly focused on Endwalker, but new players should be aware of this problem before thinking of purchasing a subscription. Most of the tasks in A Realm Reborn consist of mundane fetch quests, and while this is standard fare for MMOs, it’s understandable for a lot of first-time players to feel disappointed in the lack of innovation.

This results in the early game dragging on a lot, and it’s not until you reach a certain threshold way into the MSQ that the game becomes to hit its stride. Until then, you’re going to be stuck doing fetch quests, almost exclusively. If you’re willing to stick with the game, there’s a lot to look forward to, especially since the later expansions such as Heavensward and Stormblood have countless story quests but this is a massive commitment to ask new players to undertake. A single expansion of Final Fantasy XIV can suck up a hundred hours or so of your time, and with the early game filled with just fetch quests, it’s easy to see why other players quit after a while.

Getting Advanced Classes Are A Chore

If you want your character to be a Black Mage in Final Fantasy XIV, you = have to get one class to level 30 and another to 15, and then complete a quest on top of that. I wish I was kidding, but this is the reality. The advanced classes take a while to get to, and they all require one specific class to be level 30, and another specific class to be at least level 15. So, let’s say you want to be Bard. Well, first you’d have to be a level 30 Archer and a level 15 Conjurer. This type of requirement, combined with the fact that the early game is already slow, can turn people away from the MMO as well.

Too. Many. Words.

MMOs can feel overwhelming to any player that’s playing it for the first time, and unfortunately, Final Fantasy XIV does little to diminish that feeling. You’ll have to deal with an ungodly amount of text, and it doesn’t help that there’s no voice acting in that department either (at least for A Realm Reborn). It’s uncanny to me why the developers decided to bombard the beginners with massive boxes of text to explain the mechanics and world of FFXIV. Even if you manage to get past that, you’ll still have to juggle a plethora of textual info at any given time. There’s the option of using the visual cues of your abilities instead, but when you have to tap away at your keyboard like a madman during raids, they essentially become useless.

FFXIV Has A Housing Problem

Much like in other MMOs, getting a plot of land is incredibly desirable. You can decorate the inside and outside of your pad with all sorts of furniture, food, appliances, and many more – it’s like having your special place in an otherwise ever-expanding world. As of October 2021, Final Fantasy XIV has surpassed 24 million active players, and each server only has 5,760 plots. Since Endwalker is already out, the number of those players has drastically increased. Due to this extreme shortage, it’s not unusual to see flocks of people mobbing a plot that’s for sale, and at times, they’d go to great lengths to out-endure their competition during the cooldown timer for the house to be available for purchase. Unless you’re filthy rich and lucky enough, it’s nigh impossible to get a house in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a shame, especially since housing is a big feature of the game. The developers tried to curb this problem by adding a lottery system when Endwalker was released, but that just means getting a house in a neighborhood is more luck-based than ever.


Final Fantasy XIV is a great MMO for sure, but that doesn’t mean it has no flaws to speak of. There’s no such thing as a perfect game, and since we’re on the topic of MMO games, this is especially true. Just like all things in life, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. FFXIV may have a lot that’s going for it, but it still has its fair share of flaws that everyone ought to look at with an open perspective.

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  1. OldManBel March 5, 2022 at 1:58 am - Reply

    Multiple things in this article are straight up not true. Especially where you talk about classes. To get a Thaumaturge to become a Black Mage all you have to do is level THM up to 30 and complete a class quest. Same with bard, you get archer to 30, complete a quest and unlock bard. No idea where you are getting the “you have to level one to 30 and another to 15 crap from. As for the to many words section of the article, I can only assume you havent played a single RPG, let alone a final fantasy game. They are literally all about story telling. On top of that there are so many visual queues when it comes to raids. Literally everything is televised more than the superbowl when it rolls around.
    Do the research first before actually typing an article.

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