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Fortnite: Dungeons Guide

Fortnite Dungeons Guide Blog
By | January 30th, 2020 | Categories: Fortnite

What are Fortnite Dungeons?

Raids have finally been introduced in Fortnite: Save the World, and it seems like they’re here to stay. The event is over and yet the Dungeons pin stays on the main in-game map, allowing you access to four types of Dungeons of different power levels: Crypts, Inferno, Labyrinth, and Grotto. Each of these have their own tilesets with unique advantages, bosses, and their own missions in the Quests tab. This Fortnite: Dungeons Guide will cover everything you need to know about this mode.

Like all other modes, Dungeons requires you to select a loadout that can’t be changed through the mission. You run through four floors of the selected tileset facing a variety of enemies and wall traps, but cannot craft your own weapons like at the start of Frostnite. You run with your team and progress through the level, find a key on each floor, find a key drop from eliminated husks, and find the exit for that floor, which teleports you to the next one. On the fourth and final floor, you encounter a boss.Rewards include:

  • Loading screens
  • Two new heroes (Mermonster Ken and Swamp Knight, both fantastic Commanders)
  • Unique banners
  • Unique lobby music
  • Perk up
  • Gold
  • Tickets

What are the best Strategies for Fortnite Dungeons?

Always play in a group. Organized groups will make it easier as with all missions. Make sure you use your abilities enough. At the beginning, put a turret up and go for the Shadow Key. Eliminate the husks quickly and obtain the Husk Key as well. The purple torch should lead you to the door, where you can find the Shadow Key for that level. Seek the Key instead of clearing trash mobs, and aim for the Shadow Key. Watch out for floor, wall, and ceiling traps, they will damage, trap, or teleport you in annoying ways. Simply building over them will solve the issue.

When you enter a new door, all of your teammates will be teleported to it within a few seconds, so the focus should be on progressing through these doors. If you spot active, purple flames in the dungeon, follow them to discover unexplored areas.

Destroy urns to obtain ammo and gold- the coins you obtain here will be sent to the item shop gold when the level ends. Treasure chests also offer excellent rewards such as high-level, epic or legendary weapons, and plenty of coins.

Types of Dungeons in Fortnite: What makes them Unique?

There are four unique types of Dungeons:

  • Labyrinth: This is by far the easiest Dungeon, with a simple smasher, The Pusher, as the final boss. Take advantage of this boss by building to the ceiling and damaging the boss from there. You can even solo PL 140 Dungeons using this method.
  • Crypts: Trying to jump off buildings will kill you. Be careful around these parts, otherwise your team may have to carry the load until you are respawned. The final boss in the crypts is Vlad, a Taker. Dealing damage to Vlad and taking his health bar down by half will make him vanish for one minute. Use this minute to clear trash mobs, set traps, and campfires.
  • Inferno: Unlike the Twine Storm Shield Defense, jumping in lava will not kill you. However, it will deal damage to you, and it’ll surely be better to build over this area. Singe, a smasher, is the final boss in this zone.
  • Grotto: Watch out for the poison plants! They are extremely annoying and will explode and kill you if you stay in them for too long. The final fight has four (yep, you read that right) blasters: Surge, Murk, Flood, and Sog. The bottom of the Grotto ship has a high chance of spawning a legendary chest.

What happens if you Die in Dungeons?

Dying in Dungeons turns you into a ghost for a while. You can find an altar to revive yourself, or one of your teammates can do it. However, not that using a statue to revive counts as a full squad revive. You might want to save it until you are at a serious disadvantage- your main DPS guy is dead, or if only one to two players are left. If a player is at the statue on your active floor and someone enters the next floor triggering the team teleport timer, use the statue to revive the dead teammates before the timer runs out. This makes it so that you have a fully revived squad at the next floor, along with a fresh revive statue. The most common way for teammates to die is being overwhelmed by husks. Destroy the purple totems to avoid that, otherwise they will keep spawning infinitely as you kill each spawn.

What do Traps do?

Out of the four circles in the dungeon, the first arrow is a trap. The roof arrow indicates that something will fall on you and damage your health. The second one, the one with the eye, teleports you to the beginning (yeah, the absolute beginning of the level). Avoid it like the plague, it’s very annoying. The third one traps you in a place and spawns a troll around you that you have to kill, like you do in regular missions for the BluGlo prize. Except that you can’t move at all, and husks will be trying to swarm over you, so it might be wiser to avoid that too.

How do I dominate Dungeons?

One word: Carbide. A Carbide Lefty & Righty build is so strong right now, with energy damage upgrades and cooldown reduction perks, that it is absolutely insane underground. The beams bounce of walls and demolish the purple totems with such ease that your teammates won’t be able to match your DPS at all. It is insane, and if you have your Mythic pistol with you, you’ll be reducing your cooldown even further.


Raids have been requested in Fortnite for a long time, and introducing them right now makes me wonder if Epic Games is actually trying to push Save the World away from a fort-defense game to an ability-based, run-and-gun game like Warframe. Every run of the Dungeons mode seems to reward perk up (epic or legendary), which makes it a great farming technique. A great thing is that failing a lower level will also reward the respective perkup. Try out Monsoon or one of the explosive weapons that drop easily in-game to clear the trash mobs. Good luck! The tips mentioned in our Fortnite: Dungeons Guide will be enough to get you through the hardest Dungeons with ease. 

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