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How to Build the Best Genshin Impact Team

Genshin Impact Best Team
By | August 10th, 2022 | Categories: Genshin Impact

With 50 (and counting, Traveler excluded) characters in Genshin Impact, it can be challenging to figure out a team where everybody can contribute. It can also be hard to allocate resources to level up characters if you don’t know who to focus on. Fortunately, we’re here to explain how to build a team and a few examples of the best Genshin Impact team compositions.

How to Make an Effective Team in Genshin Impact

Choosing who goes into your party requires some thought. First things first, think about what to do with the party. An ‘exploration’ party focuses more on passive abilities than combat effectiveness. You’ll need to fight sometimes, but these are low-stakes battles that you can take your time with. ‘Combat’ parties require good synergy between the members, and those depend on their abilities in fighting. These also focus on defeating the enemy as fast as possible.

In exploration parties, the following kinds of passive abilities are more critical:

  • Decrease stamina consumption (Kaeya, Kazuha, Razor, Heizou, Xiao, Amber, Venti)
  • Reveal the locations of harvestables (Klee, Qiqi, Yanfei, Ningguang, Gorou)
  • Have some kind of increased mobility (Sayu, Mona, Ayaka, Yelan)

These skills let you travel further and faster while also providing you with needed materials. Sayu’s charged E gives you a quick burst of speed, and Yelan runs faster with hers. Mona’s and Ayaka’s alternate sprints are more efficient than regular sprinting, letting you go further with the same amount of stamina.

Another thing to note is Anemo Resonance, which decreases stamina consumption, adds 10% Movement Speed, and shortens cooldowns by 5%. It makes everything more efficient when adventuring across Teyvat!

For combat parties, there is a different train of thought to follow. It often consists of a ‘main’ DPS, two ‘sub’ DPS, and a support/utility character. Depending on the player’s purposes, there’s some flexibility with the sub DPS and support characters.

Main DPS characters are the ones who are on the field the most. They often use their AAs (auto-attacks, an alternative way to say ‘normal attacks’) to deal damage. Also, their abilities require them to be on the field to be effective. Examples are Klee and Xiao, who will lose their Burst status when switched out.

Sub DPS characters have some mechanic that lets them deal damage even when not on the field. The most common examples are Fischl, Xingqiu, and Xiangling. This can also mean a ‘substitute’ DPS, filling in when your main one is indisposed (ex. Childe/Tartaglia, who can have long cooldowns).

Support or utility characters somehow boost the main DPS’s ability to deal damage through buffs or shields. Healers are also included, as are those who can debuff enemies.

Creating the Best Genshin Impact Team

You start by choosing your main DPS. Choose someone you like using and enjoy the mechanics of their abilities. Remember that this character will need to deal damage with their AA or Charged Attacks, so their kits should also revolve around those.

Then, choose your sub DPSs. These are your Elemental Reaction enablers, so pick one to take advantage of. Here are the most common ones:

  • Overload (Pyro+Electro)
  • Vaporize (Pyro+Hydro)
  • Melt (Pyro+Cryo)
  • Electro-Charged (Electro+Hydro)
  • Superconduct (Electro+Cryo)
  • Freeze (Hydro+Cryo)
  • Swirl (Anemo+any element except for Geo)
  • Crystallize (Geo+any element except for Anemo)

With the release of Dendro in the 3.0 patch, there are additional reactions*:

  • Burning (Dendro+Pyro) (pre-3.0, the only way to create this reaction is through Dendro Slimes or the Dendro Samachurl)
  • Catalyze (Dendro+Electro)
  • Bloom (Dendro+Hydro)

Catalyze and Bloom creates ‘electro particles’ (Catalyze) or ‘seeds’ (Bloom) that can react with another element, dealing increased damage.

  • Spread (Catalyze+Dendro)
  • Aggravate (Catalyze+Electro)
  • Burgeon (Bloom+Pyro)
  • Hyperbloom (Bloom+Electro)

Dendro cannot be Swirled by Anemo nor Crystallized by Geo. It also does not react with Cryo.

Make sure to choose a reaction that involves your main DPS element. In the case of Physical DMG (Eula, Razor, some Kaeya builds), Superconduct is an excellent reaction as it reduces the Physical RES of enemies. It helps that their elements are one part of the reaction already.

Picking one to focus on lets you have resonance in your party. It has different effects depending on which elements are present in the team. They take effect when two characters are of the same element and do not stack when all four are the same.

  • All Unique Elements: Increased Elemental and Physical RES by 15%
  • Fervent Flames (Pyro): Affected by Cryo for -40% duration. Increases ATK by 25%.
  • Soothing Water (Hydro): Affected by Pyro for -40% duration. Increases Incoming Healing Bonus by 30% (pre-3.0). Increases HP by 25% (post-3.0).*
  • High Voltage (Electro): Affected by Hydro for -40% duration. Any Electro-involved reaction will create Electro Energy Particles (with a cooldown of 5s).
  • Shattering Ice (Cryo): Affected by Electro for -40% duration. Increases Crit Rate by 15% if the target is affected by Cryo or Frozen. (It doesn’t stack, the bonus is 15% in either state.)
  • Impetuous Winds (Anemo): Decreases stamina consumption (15%), increases Movement Speed (10%), and shortens ability cooldown (5%).
  • Enduring Rock (Geo): Increases shield strength by 15%. Characters protected by a shield have further boosts:
    • Increases damage dealt by 15%
    • Attacks that deal damage reduce Geo RES by 20%
  • Sprawling Greenery (Dendro): +50 Elemental Mastery. When triggering Burning/Catalyze/Bloom, allies gain +30 EM for 6 seconds. When triggering Spread/Aggravate/Burgeon/ Hyperbloom, allies gain +20 EM for 6 seconds. Durations are counted independently.*

The most valuable resonances in combat are Pyro, Cryo, and Electro. Pyro gives an immediate boost to attack, Cryo increases Crit Rate, and Electro can help charge up Bursts. Still, it’s up to your preference which one to use.

Your last consideration is to pick your support/utility character(s). They would usually have the Noblesse Oblige set equipped, or their Bursts buff the party somehow. Also, they could be healers or shielders, depending on your preference or needs.

Examples of Best Genshin Impact Teams

National Team

  • Main DPS: Raiden Shogun, Childe, Ayato, Hu Tao, etc. (Preferably Hydro or Pyro DPS)
  • Sub DPS: Xingqiu, Xiangling, Yelan
  • Support: Bennett

This used to be done with Chongyun, Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Bennett. Since then, it has evolved to have different main DPS characters. It’s a strong Vaporize team with the Pyro resonance to further boost ATK. Bennett is indispensable as the primary healer and super ATK booster with his Burst and a Noblesse Oblige set. Raiden Shogun adds the Overload and Electro-Charged reactions, but it depends on your preferences (or limited by who you have on your roster).


  • Main DPS: Ganyu
  • Sub DPS: Mona, Venti, Kazuha
  • Support: Diona

A Ganyu-centered team composition, this party aims to keep enemies Frozen for easy targeting. Get them wet with Mona, Swirl Cryo or Hydro with Venti or Kazuha, and freeze with Diona or Ganyu. Diona can also provide shields or healing, while Mona is an excellent Burst damager/buffer. It also has the Cryo resonance for added Crit Rate.

  • Geo Supremacy (Mono-Geo Team)
  • Main DPS: Arataki Itto, Noelle
  • Sub DPS: Albedo, Ningguang
  • Support: Gorou, Zhongli

Geo resonance, shields from Zhongli, and Gorou’s buffs make this a powerful team. They might have some trouble with elemental shields other than Geo ones, but this has all the potential for massive damage numbers. Ningguang with a Prototype Amber can become a healer or use Noelle. Depending on who you have on your roster, there’s some flexibility in who the Main DPS is.

Taser/Electro-Charged Team

  • Main DPS: Childe/Tartaglia, Ayato, Sucrose, Heizou
  • Sub DPS: Beidou, Fischl, Raiden Shogun, Xingqiu
  • Support: Bennett, Kuki Shinobu, Sangonomiya Kokomi

The Anemo catalyst users are here if you’re using Xingqiu + Electro sub, so the elements can be Swirled into a wider area of effect. With some Elemental Mastery, this can deal massive damage to the enemy. Beidou or the Shogun can be an alternate DPS when Childe is on cooldown, and the Electro Resonance can help with charging Bursts. Just take care that Bennett doesn’t mess up your reactions so much.

Create Your Best Genshin Impact Team!

Sometimes, you just need to figure out what works for you. That requires experimentation and a ton of tests. Still, you can also just pick four of your favorite characters and use them without heeding synergy or anything like that. That could also be the ‘best’ team for you.

Note that character effectiveness also relies on their build. The latter might not fit the composition you want to use. It results in reduced efficiency and weaker damage output. You might be building around a Physical Kaeya, but his build is a Blizzard Strayer one, for example. Make sure to check that!

Also, these are only suggestions, and there is so much flexibility in character builds and team compositions. A physical build for Fischl takes advantage of a Superconduct party. I know of a unique Xingqiu freeze build that takes advantage of Chongyun’s Cryo infusion. At C4, Yanfei can be a shielder with her Burst. It depends on how you want to use the character and if you like using their abilities.

Have fun experimenting and finding your own best Genshin Impact team!

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