Arcane’s Mel: League of Legends’ Next Champion?

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Riot generated a lot of buzz when they released their Netflix series Arcane. The popular animated series was based on the world of Runeterra from League of Legends, which is one of the largest MOBA in gaming. Arcane featured several notable champions who are playable in LoL, which made way for multiple speculations about other figures. While many characters are part of the game’s roster, others like Mel Medara are exclusive to the series. Because of this, many are wondering if Arcane-exclusive characters like Mel will appear in League of Legends soon.

Who is Councilor Mel Medara?

Mel is a Noxian Aristocrat and a councilor of Piltover who rose to power after her exile from Noxus. She is one of the many supporting characters in Arcane and is the main love interest of LoL champion Jayce Talis. She is one of the prominent figures and story drivers of the series’ lore and plot. 

As one of the most influential members of the Council of Piltover, Mel has tremendous reach over the political and diplomatic ties of the city. She relies mainly on diplomacy and subterfuge to achieve her goals. Medarda is also instrumental in revolutionizing the use of magic as she enabled Jayce and Viktor to prove their inventions, which allowed them to unlock Hextech. 

In the series, Medara–along with Councilor Talis–are the primary figures heading the Piltover faction against the threat of Zaun. While she does not take any direct action against the Undercity, she has made significant suggestions to Jayce that resulted in various engagements; however, she does advocate peace and diplomacy in resolving the issue instead of going to war with the Zaunites, as her mother suggested. 

Who is Mel in League of Legends?

Unfortunately, while Mel is a significant figure in Arcane’s lore, she is not a champion in the actual game, along with many other characters. Medara being introduced as a unit in either LoL or TFT is possible, the prospect of it is doubtful due to her lack of combat aspects.

Mel’s Connections to Various League of Legends Characters

Councilor Medara has interacted with many identifiable champions in the Arcane series. She frequently socializes with Jayce and Heimerdinger due to the latter being the previous head of the Council and the former her lover and colleague. Mel has also interacted with Viktor and Caitlyn due to her political ties to the city and the families of the Council. 

Aside from her connection to the Piltover elite, Mel also has ties to the Noxus Empire. Plus, she is a member of House Medara, which is headed by the Warlord Ambessa. Mel was exiled from the aristocratic clan after she fell short of the house’s standards. She spent enough time in the Empire to remember and repaint the image of the Immortal Bastion, which is an iconic structure in Noxus. Her ambiguous fate at the end of the series may create a deeper connection between the nation and Piltover.

Arcane Original Characters 

Mel may not be a playable champion in League, but many other original characters from the series have appeared or are speculated to appear in Riot’s games. The Chemtech Baron Silco, the main antagonist of Arcane, has already appeared in Teamfight Tactics. The villain debuted as a Chemtech unit in Patch 6.5 Neon Nights, along with Renata Glasc.

Silco was also added in Teamfight Tactics, but due to TFT’s practice of rotating sets, he has been pulled out of the pool for the time being.

One fan favorite is the center of many speculations from the community. Vander is the father figure of Violet (Vi) and Powder (Jinx), who serves as the de facto leader of the Undercity in Acts 1, 2, and 3. Many fans believed that Vander was Warwick before he was “monsterized”. In the third episode, Vander took a form similar to the League champion when he injected himself with Shimmer. His moniker as The Hound of the Underground also reinforces the belief that he is indeed Warwick.

Arcane’s Viktor is obviously the mechanized champion of the same name in LoL. While he is yet to assume his identity similar to his League appearance, Viktor is already set up to be the Machine Herald. His alias, the Machinist, is close to his moniker as a champion in the fields of Runeterra.

Mel’s Impact on the Series

Councilor Medara might not be a League champion, but she is a pivotal character in the series. She has a hand in various outcomes in Arcane due to her activities and connections. Her status is left unknown due to the cliffhanger at the end of the series where Jinx launches an attack on the Council. The aftermath of this attack and potential fate might catalyze various changes in Arcane’s Season 2.

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