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Arcane is the award-winning animated series based on the League of Legends universe. It presents an amazing story with dazzling visuals while introducing new characters to players familiar with the game.

The new characters shown in Arcane have received a warm welcome from the game’s fans. One of the most popular characters Riot Games introduced in Arcane is a compelling villain, League of Legends’ Silco.

Silco in Arcane

Silco is one of the primary antagonists in Arcane. Although not much has been revealed about his past, viewers know Silco as a revolutionary that fought for the independence of his home–Undercity–against the oppressive and discriminatory nation of Piltover.

Undercity is the underground area of Piltover; it is riddled with crime, drugs, and poverty. Silco was a revolutionary that fought for his home alongside Vander; however, somewhere along the way, the two began drifting apart because of their difference in perspective. Vander is more righteous, while Silco is more morally…questionable.

Vander’s leadership and good nature helped him become the leader of Undercity. He was a prominent figure who most members of the Undercity supported. At the same time, Silco made his play from behind the scenes, slowly recruiting people who were not convinced by Vander’s passive way of dealing with troubles from Piltover.

Eventually, Silco would find the right opportunity to strike back and take over the rule for Undercity. Vander’s adoptive children, Powder, Violet, Mylo, and Claggor, caused an uproar in Piltover, which resulted in them being hunted down by law enforcers. Silco revealed the culprits’ identities to an officer, eventually forcing Vander to surrender himself to the authorities. However, Silco’s true intent was to capture Vander, which led him to betray the officer.

The events eventually ensued in a fight against Silco’s forces against Vander and his adoptive children. Vander and the others were about to escape when a bomb set off by Powder devastated the building, killing Mylo and Claggor. Vander continued to fight off Silco’s men for Violet to escape, which resulted in his death.

In the aftermath of the battle, Violet abandoned Powder due to her rage and sorrow from the death of her adoptive family. Powder became Silco’s adopted daughter when he came across her as Violet abandoned her.

No matter how vile and misaligned Silco’s methods are, he still wants Undercity to succeed through its own means. This personality was what drew people to appreciate his character. He was well-written; he was not a one-dimensional character whose goal was to cause chaos. His actions were morally wrong, but he still had a goal and a heart for his people–especially Powder. Silco’s character reflects the reality of oppressed people who have no choice but to fight to protect the thing they value the most.

Silco in League of Legends

Arcane is based on the League of Legends game. However, there was no League of Legends’ Silco prior to the series’ release. Silco made his debut in Arcane, and since then, fans have wanted to see him represented in the game.

Riot Games answered the clamor of the fans and released Silco in Teamfight Tactics (TFT), the auto-battler spinoff of League of Legends. The game involves players purchasing and upgrading units to place on a board and then battling with other players’ boards.

Silco was introduced during TFT set 6.5 as a 5-cost unit with the Mastermind origin and Scholar class. The Mastermind origin is unique to Silco, and the effect of this origin causes him to grant two units placed in front of him mana at the start of a round. Meanwhile, the Scholar class grants mana to the whole team every two seconds if the player’s board has two or more Scholars on the board.

TFT’s Silco has the Unstable Concoction ability, which lets him will inject the lowest health ally with bonus maximum health, attack speed, and immunity to crowd control whenever his mana bar is filled. However, unstable units explode when the concoction wears off, damaging surrounding enemies.

Silco was a popular unit in board compositions that use a Scholar unit. The bonuses that the Mastermind origin and Unstable Concoction provide other units more power, which makes him useful on any board.

Will We See Silco in the MOBA Game Soon?

Riot Games stated that Silco will be a TFT exclusive. There are currently no plans to put him in League of Legends, but there is still a chance for a League of Legends’ Silco if his popularity rises even more with an upcoming second season. Fans of the mastermind villain will have to wait and see.

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