The Best Chimeraland Pets and How to Capture Them

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Pets are your companions for life. They’re there to give you joy and cheer you up when you’re sad. In-game, they’re still loyal but will also follow and help you in combat, and it’s no different in Chimeraland. Well, it depends on the game, as not all pets will be combat pets. This guide will cover the best Chimeraland pets and how to catch them

In Chimeraland, your pets accompany you into battle and can also aid you in various other ways. There are so many to choose from, and deciding which one to pick can be daunting. Here, we’ll give you a list of the most recommended pets to catch and train. Of course, as the days pass and more pets are added, this could change. Check back later to see what’s new!

How to Catch Pets in Chimeraland

Before choosing a pet, you should know how to catch one first. You’ll need a weapon to weaken the creature, and use the Mustard-Shot Crossbow. Like how Pokemon are captured, it’s best to lower the HP of the target to about 15-20% before attempting to tame it. Your choice of weapon should be strong enough to actually damage the creature but weak enough to avoid killing it.

If you’re successful in lowering the creature’s health, a prompt that says ‘Capture Now’ should appear. That’s your cue to bring out the Mustard-Shot X-bow and fire the Capture Shot. The basic version of the crossbow only has a chance to tame the creature, so you may need to fire a few more times. When you catch it, you’ll know because you can pick up an egg or an item.

If it’s the former, congratulations on your new permanent pet. Otherwise, you got a temporary one you can use to strengthen your permanent companion. The main difference is the word “TEMP” at the end, indicating that it’s temporary.

The Mustard-Shot X-bow is easy to acquire. You only need to craft it in the Workbench with 3 Wood and 7 Stones. This is the most basic crossbow that can tame level 1-35 creatures. As you grow stronger, you’ll create better versions of this weapon to capture higher-level targets. Remember to craft ammo for the crossbow as well! Without it, you won’t be able to catch anything.

Chimeraland Pet Tips

You can upgrade your pets through Devouring other pets, mostly the temporary ones. Different species will grant further improvements and boosts to various stats. For now, if you want to increase damage and attack, Fortuphants are great. The other stats still have no confirmed pets to devour.

Devouring is a process where the pet will battle the selected other pet one-on-one. The winning pet will increase its stats, while the loser will have them reduced. Choose carefully which pets your own will battle.

What we call pets here can also be mounted, putting them in the mounts category. Similar to other games, you can ride on them to get around the world quicker than walking on foot. Hilariously, that includes small pets such as the Blushpuff and Inkdrops. Depending on your character’s race, riding those pets would look ridiculous.

Like real-life pets, they need to be fed. The action can increase the pet’s Max Quality Points and give a bit of EXP. Any activity that makes your pet better is one worth doing. Remember to check ahead what food they like so you can be prepared!

Pets will level up as they travel and battle with you. They’ll learn new skills, and some will eventually be eligible to evolve. You’ll need to make them devour some specific pets (look at the Evolution menu to see which ones), then talk to the Spirit Witch Trahaearn to undergo the process. This makes your pet stronger and breaks its limits on levels and stats.

Chimeraland: Which are the Best Pets


Inkdrops may be more popular than Blushpuff, but the latter has a strong following. They’re small, have a self-healing ability, and can dish out damage like nobody’s business. Their size is good since they’re harder to target and damage.


This little ‘sibling’ of the Blushpuff is the other suggested pet, mainly for its healing ability. It also has some skills for PvP and has a spell vamp-type skill. Like the Blushpuff, it’s small and hard to target, making it an incidental tank.

Minkrat/Pinnapup/Dragon Horse

They’re part of the ‘Evolution’ pets with great kits. They have exceptional abilities that are useful for combat, though they’re not very supportive.

As these things go, it’s still the early days in the game, and there’s not much information about it yet. As people try out more pets and experiment with them, there will be much more to say about them.

Some players note that they couldn’t let go of their Inkdrops because they can heal. However, if you supply yourself with enough potions, you can manage to switch to a different, more effective pet. Many pets out there would be better at tanking or dealing damage, but you let your fear of losing a healing one keep you from discovering them.

Enjoy Catching All the Pets!

Or, at least, just the ones you want. Whether those are the cutest or strongest, we hope this article helps you catch the best Chimeraland pets. Have fun and good luck on your taming adventures!

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