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Riot released K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, a tank and fight-type champion for League of Legends. We collected all the information from his YouTube spotlight and added additional ones from the League of Legends Universe to provide details about his role, ability, and backstory. The proud monster hunter can transform from a defensive tank into a lethal skirmishers. In this article, we’ll provide a preview of K’Sante.

K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah

Class: Warden, Skirmisher

Legacy: Tank, Fighter

Position(S): Top lane

Resource: Mana

Range type: Melee

Store Price: 7800 BE (Battle Essence) or 975 RP (Riot Points)

Difficulty Level: Medium


Ultimate Ability (R): ALL OUT

  • Cast “All Out” by pressing the “R” key against and targeting an enemy. If you cast this ability and collide against a wall, K’Sante will knock an enemy through it. At the end of their path, he’ll pursue his enemy, dealing damage and stunning them.
  • If K’Sante uses his Ultimate ability and his prey does not hit a wall, they will be knocked back a short distance instead while taking less damage.
  • Regardless of hitting a wall or not, K’Sante will shatter his ntofos to turn them into sharp blades and enter his ALL Out form at the end of his charge.
  • While in the All Out form, K’Sante shall gain attack damage scaled with his armor and magic resist. He will also gain Omnivamp, which raises his health. Be careful; all that power will make him prone to damage.
  • In All Out form, K’Sante transforms from a tank. He loses a large chuck of his health bar, armor, and magic resistance.
  • His Ultimate form expires briefly; he is ready to tank once more after the timer is done.
  • Recast his ability to exit the form early.

Passive: Dauntless Instinct

  • K’Sante’s passive ability marks enemies that are damaged by his abilities. His next attack consumes the mark to deal additional damage based on their max health.
  • Paired with his All Out form, attacks against a marked target will deal even more damage to his prey that is scaling with K’Sante’s bonus armor and magic resistance.

Ntfofo Strikes (Q):

  • K’Sante’s Q slams his ntofos in a line to damage and slow enemies within its range.
  • If the Ntfofo Strikes hits an enemy, K’Sante will gain a stack. After the second stack, his next cast of Ntofo Strikes will trigger a shockwave, knocking all enemies within range toward him and briefly stunning them.
  • While in All Out form, Ntofo Strikes will no longer slow enemies; its cooldown timer has been reduced.
  • Ntofo Strikes is your three-hit-combo for activating his passive damage. Attacking between each Q cast, your opponent will crumble and beg for mercy.

Path Maker (W):

  • Path Maker is a skill that charges a dash to go in a straight line at a short distance. K’Sante will dash in your selected direction to knock enemies to the end and stun them. This ability is where he will show off his tanking ability; during the charge, K’Sante becomes almost unstoppable as he takes significantly reduced damage.
  • The knockback duration and damage will increase the longer the charge is held.
  • Path Maker is most effective when entering the All Out form. Path Maker’s cooldown is refreshed, he gains even more damage reduction, and his charge and dash speed increase significantly. Enemies will also take more damage, but they won’t be knocked back in this scenario.

Footwork (E):

  • Use K’Sante’s E, Footwork, to dash to an ally or target location and gain a shield that scales his max health.
  • Sidestep towards your allies as you can dash from a greater distance and apply the shield on them.
  • You can even dash to allies through walls, but if Footwork is not targeted to a partner or enemy, the untargeted dash won’t go the distances unless in All Out form.

K’Sante Tips League of Legends

You must play smarter when up against stronger laners like Fiora or Darius. Use Pathmaker and Footwork to stay out of reach. Once K’Sante is strong enough, his mid-game becomes flexible. Going on a 1v1 match can dominate his opponent as long as he is ahead, allowing him to split push and roam Summoners or the Wild Rift as needed.

In Teamfights, as a tank, your primary job as K’Sante is to protect your teammates, stick with your backline, and peel. Remember to save your ultimate for when your best defense becomes your great offense. That’s your queue to go All Out on your prey.

Casting All Out relies heavily on correct positioning. Since its impact is more significant when used against a wall, it is best to corner your enemies with Pathmaker and Footwork. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and land in a good place to take the weight off, or the hunter becomes the hunted. K’Sante stands apart from other champions, from protecting his allies and tearing through his enemies.

K’Sante Lore League of Legends

He was born in the Shuriman city of Nazumah, a place known for its hunters who regularly slay dangerous beasts. The stories of Nazumah’s history, told by his parents, inspired K’Sante to become his hometown’s greatest warrior-hunter. For twenty years, he trained under the tutelage of several teachers who taught him how to extract materials before crafting them into various weapons and infrastructure that Nazumah used to thrive. During his first years of hunting for monsters, he developed a close friendship with Tope as they fought beasts. All the years they have been working together, K’Sante confesses his feelings towards Tope, and he feels the same before sharing their first kiss.

Later, K’Sante’s hometown, Nasumah, was caught in the crossfire with rival cities Azir and Xerath that ravaged the continent in a war. A creature terrorizes their home, leading K’Sante and Tope to train as the monster is a lion and cobra hybrid. It took a long time for them to defeat the creature, the two formulating plans to kill it, but all the attempts were unsuccessful. K’Sante’s pride now taking over to look down on Tope created arguments, even believing that Tope was holding him back. The two ended their relationship and went their separate ways due to their failure to kill the cobra-lion until K’Sante came to terms with the fact that he could not kill it.

Trying to find the courage to return to Tope, K’Sante arrives at his house, only to find his aunt and Tope’s journal regarding the beast, the cobra-lion, based on his research called Baccai. The monster they both could not defeat was created from the Xerath by forcibly fusing Shuriman fauna using his magic. Remembering his parents’ teachings, K’Sante realizes that he underestimated his partner and learned to accept his mistakes.

A final battle between K’Sante and the Baccai, attacking while its guard is low while dodging every strike that comes his way. Tope’s theories in the journal inspired him to take the Baccai to a waterfall. Now weakened and vulnerable, K’Sante could strike it one last time, ending its life. He celebrated his victory with other Nazumans before donating the Bacca’s body to be studied, as it was in tradition, and even taking two pieces of its armor to craft into his signature ntofos. His weapons were engineered to retain the Baccai’s regenerative properties while continuing sharp blades until the outer skin reforms. To remember Tope, he carves a lion’s head to represent the Baccai in his journal and to honor his partner after their separation. As the Pride of Nazumah, K’Sante promised never to let his ego blind him from his goals again. The war between Azir and Xerath began to grow, he is ready to defend Nazumah against their conflict.

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