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How to Check Mouse DPI

How to Get Superman in Fortnite

Below is a complete list of how to unlock Superman in Fortnite, his two shadow forms, and all Superman cosmetics available. Please note that this particular challenge can no […]

byKane|28 Dec 2022|Fortnite

Best Jax Skins

Diablo Immortal is Better than Diablo 3

You can try to deny it, but Diablo Immortal is better than Diablo 3. It’s only possible to talk about Diablo Immortal by mentioning the moments that have defined […]

byKane|28 Dec 2022|Diablo

Fortnite Unreal

GTA V Treasure Hunt Guide

If you’re thinking of doing the Doomsday Heist Update’s Treasure Hunt mission, it includes a cute Red Dead double-action revolver. Hunts can be overwhelming, so here are all the […]

byKane|25 Dec 2022|GTA V

Diablo vs Lost Ark

Diablo Immortal vs Lost Ark

Since the start of 2022, new AAA titles have been released to the newest player base, and the latest among them is Diablo Immortal and Lost Ark. These are […]

byKane|06 Dec 2022|Diablo


Best Healer in WoW

Each member of a party in World of Warcraft serves a purpose. You had a solid team to get you through raids, dungeons, and intense boss battles. A DPS […]

byKane|05 Dec 2022|World of Warcraft

Fortnite Live Event

Fortnite Chapter 3: Live Event Overview

As the counter reaches zero, the Loopers can finally witness the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 before Chapter 4 sets sail. Epic Games is no stranger to creating the […]

byKane|05 Dec 2022|Fortnite

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters Tier List

Introduction Originally named Pokémon Masters, it is a free-to-play mobile game with Android and iOS as its platforms. Pokémon Masters EX was developed and published by DeNA, and they […]

byKane|27 Nov 2022|Pokemon

Hearthstone Mercenaries

Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List

When thinking of card games, players would think of Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gather, Legends of Runeterra, or Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. We will focus on Hearthstone Mercenaries, a […]

byKane|27 Nov 2022|Others


Best Diablo Immortal Solo Classes

There are a lot of players that want to solo-play Diablo Immortal and do not plan to join any clans. The guide in this article will discuss which classes […]

byKane|27 Nov 2022|Diablo


NBA 2K22 Best Builds

On the rise of NBA 2K2, players should be ready to build their teams and take on other teams in the City, Pro-Am, and the Rec Center. Like previous […]

byKane|24 Nov 2022|Others


ESO Best Skin for Necromancer

Necromancers in The Elder Scrolls Online focus on Magika builds to deal damage and healing properties. They are making Necromancers possibly the most versatile type of character in the […]

byKane|24 Nov 2022|ESO

Fortnite Unreal

G2 Gozen Wins Game Changer’s Championship

Blood, sweat, and tears have been dripping to pursue the trophy for Valorant’s Game Changer Championship! And this year, when history was made as the first-ever female-only Valorant World […]

byKane|22 Nov 2022|Valorant

Pokemon Go Tier List

Pokemon Go Tier List

Pokemon Go has almost 1000 Pokemons added to Pokemon go, with so many creatures to catch, trade, and train. A tier list will help find which Pokemon is best […]

byKane|20 Nov 2022|Pokemon

Spiritbreaker Guide

The Cycle Frontier Brightcap Mushroom Location Guide

The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play PvPvE online Extraction Shooter video game that revolves around suspense and danger. Players would spawn into a map to combat each other while […]

byKane|20 Nov 2022|The Cycle: Frontier

Best Mid

Revived Witch Tier List

Revived Witch is an Android and iOS mobile game developed and published by Yostar. For the Revived Witch Tier List guide, we are showcasing all the characters featured in […]

byKane|16 Nov 2022|Others

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