Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List

Hearthstone Mercenaries
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When thinking of card games, players would think of Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gather, Legends of Runeterra, or Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. We will focus on Hearthstone Mercenaries, a popular title and a spin-off of Blizzard’s popular card game with new and returning characters. The game provides a new Heartstone Mercenaries format that is different from the classic game mode, focusing on individual cards meticulously crafted from decks. Knowing which characters to choose from is complex and can confuse new players with the latest format.

With our Heartstone Mercenaries Tier List, we have ranked all the best battle-hardened contenders, from the champions to unworthy commoners. The knowledge you gain from this list will give you confidence in this alternative game mode, knowing that you have the exemplary character for the right situation. What is going to be more important is that your star card characters can carry you through the most brutal battles, and going through a guide such as this one, will help you choose your champion carefully.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Tier List Rank Meanings:

S-Tier Cards – Cards are the most excellent Heartstone Mercenaries game mode.

A-Tier Cards – Excellent cards that play well in any battle; having them will fight well.

B-Tier Cards – B listers are the average Heartstone Mercenaries mode, they are not the greatest, but you can still use them for moderate success.

C-Tier Cards – These fellas in the list are the least desirable when fighting against another player, we recommend that you avoid them, but they can be used as fodder.

S-Tier Heartstone Mercenaries

The unique cards are placed in this category, making them the best in the Heartstone Mercenaries Game Mode. They are so strong that you can have them in your deck and win every battle effortlessly.

Blade Master SamuroFighterOrcRare

A-Tier Heartstone Mercenaries

A-Tier cards are good cards in this tier for Heartstone Mercenaries. You can take them in your battles with minimal headaches and compete against formidable enemies.

The Lich KingProtectorUndeadLegendary
Warden DawngraspCasterBlood ElfRare
Jaina ProudmooreCasterHumanLegendary
Cairne BloodhoofProtectorTaurenEpic
Sylvanas WindrunnerFighterUndeadLegendary

B-Tier Heartstone Mercenaries

Not the greatest in the game, but valuable enough to win some games. There are only a few expectations for these cards under this tier of the Heartstone Mercenaries list.

Natalie SelineCasterHumanEpic
Blink FoxCasterBeastRare
Malfurion StormrageProtectorNight elfLegendary
Tamsin RoameCasterUndeadRare
Prophet VelenCasterDraeneiEpic
Baron GeddomCasterElementalEpic

C-Tier Heartstone Mercenaries

Any experience Heartstone Mercenaries player, any card under C-Tier, and it is better to skip these characters unless you do not have better cards to deal with. You can find success, even though we ranked these characters far low on the list.

Guff RunetotemCasterTaurenEpic
Kurtus AshfallenProtectorNight ElfRare
War Master VooneFighterTrollEpic
Varian WrynnProtectorHumanEpic
King KrushFighterBeastEpic
King MuklaProtectorBeastEpic
Anduin WrynnCasterHumanLegendary

How We Created This Tier List

When creating tier lists, we gather data from various sources and start playing the game to experience them firsthand. We also check what other players use when they are in-game. Overall this tier list reflects only our opinions, and there may be disagreement on this list. What we know is that we encourage everyone to play the game and have fun with their friends when playing Heartstone Mercenaries.

The game will continue to expand, evolve, and receive updates on the various cards. Blizzard can either nerf or buff certain characters, and the tier list can change.

What Is Heartstone Mercenaries

Mercenaries are the latest game mode available on Heartstone, released on October 12th, 2021. The player will play as a mercenary as the main character and battle in a turn-based fighting system that incorporates RPG elements. Hearthstone Mercenaries offer PvE and PvP content, allowing players to switch around in different game modes as they focus on card battles with constructed decks.

Again, please remember that the selected Heartstone Mercenaries cards on this tier list are for PvP and less for PvE, although some of these cards or most of them can handle a PvE battle well. There is a lot to consider when playing Heartstone, and there may be characters that you may prefer that are lower on this list. The main thing we want you to do is to have fun when playing this game, and we wish you the best of luck as you conquer your foes!

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