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Necromancers in The Elder Scrolls Online focus on Magika builds to deal damage and healing properties. They are making Necromancers possibly the most versatile type of character in the game. They mostly rely on Light Armor sets, but some bonuses are also unique to Medium and Heavy Armor sets. Most armor sets can be looted from enemies or exploring the open world, while others must be crafting using the specialty crafting areas all over Tamriel. This guide will go over the best skins for Necromancer in ESO.

Remember that each armor set affects your character stats and has a focus. Take The Unfathomable Darkness set. It focuses on increasing the DPS stats like Critical Hit Chances and outright Damage with near-constant passive damage ability. Meanwhile, sets like Bahraha’s Curse are more useful with hybrid builds between traditional dungeon roles.

What are the Best Skins for Necromancer?

There are things to check before trying to get each armor set we have listed for this article;

  • Does the armor set require specific DLC to access?
  • What are the set bonuses included?
  • Whether this makes your skills proficient enough to create the Craftable armor set?

Now that we have gotten those out of the way, we have collected the seven best armor best for a Necromancer build.

#7. Unfathomable Darkness: Medium Armor, Jewelry, Weapons

  • Two Armor Pieces: Adds 657 Critical Hit Chance
  • Three Armor Pieces: Boosts Offensive Penetration by 1487
  • Four Armor Pieces: Increases both Weapon and Spell Damage by 129
  • Total Armor Set Bonus: Dealing any Damage summons a Murder of Crows for 12 seconds that will peck enemies for 871 Physical Damage every 3 seconds

The Unfathomable Darkness armor set is tailor-made for DPS players, as the complete gear bonus boosts different offensive stats. Having two pieces equipped boosts Critical Hit Chance by 657, then three pieces boost Offensive Penetration by 1487, and finally, four pieces equipped increase Weapon and Spell Damage by 129. Each is useful in its own right, but the total set bonus makes this Unfathomable Darkness set worth tracking down.

With five pieces of armor equipped, the Unfathomable Darkness set grants the Necromancer player the ability to summon a Murder of Crows from the Nocturnal’s plane of Evergloam. The ability will last 12 seconds, and the crows will peck at nearby enemies for 3-second intervals. Still, because the ability can proc every 15 seconds, Necromancers with this armor set will constantly be surrounded by these ethereal crows.

How To Obtain The Unfathomable Darkness Set

To get The Unfathomable Darkness set, you can find it in the overworld, in The Clockwork City. It is a part of the eponymous Clockwork City DLC. All pieces of armor are dropped from the bosses in the Clockwork City. Fight against various Delves within Public Dungeons, complete Trials, and across the overworld.

#6. False God’s Devotion: Light Armor, Jewelry, Weapons

  • Two Armor Pieces: Adds 657 Spell Critical Chance
  • Three Armor Pieces: Grants a Minor Slayer buff that increases Damage to the dungeon, trial, and arena enemies you combat.
  • Four Armor Pieces: Adds 657 Spell Critical Chance for the Necromancer
  • Total Armor Set Bonus: Reduces the cost of all Magicka skills by 8%, restores 2454 Magicka, and increases player movement speed by 30% after tagged enemies are dead.

The False God’s Devotion set is helpful for many classes, thanks to its colossal reduction in Magicka cost once all five pieces are equipped. False God’s Devotion is one of the game’s best Necromancer armor for those in the DPS role. The abilities and stat boost grants from two to four armor pieces equipped are beneficial to a Magicka-wielding Necromancer, but the set’s true power comes from the total set bonus.

With the Magicka restoration and Major Expedition buff granted by the total set bonus can proc much more than other armor sets. A few sets in The Elder Scrolls Online grant great buffs but can only proc once every few seconds (rarely, once in a fight). However, the False God’s Devotion set total bonus can proc once every second.

How To Obtain The False God’s Devotion Set

Search for the pieces to the False God’s Devotion armor set when you enter the Sunspire Trial, which is a part of the Elsweyr expansion. You receive the pieces to the set as a drop from bosses throughout the trial.

#5. Mother’s Sorrow: Light Armor, Jewelry, Weapons

  • Two Armor Pieces: Adds 1096 Spell Critical Chance
  • Three Armor Pieces: Increases Max Magicka by 1096
  • Four Armor Pieces: Adds 1096 Spell Critical Chance
  • Total Armor Set Bonus: Adds additional 1528 Spell Critical Chance

The Mother’s Sorrow set grants bonuses for Magicka, and Spell Critical statuses will benefit a Necromancer who focuses on their damage output.

Mother’s Sorrow is a simple set with no special abilities or skills. Still, the considerable improvement to the Spell Critical is up to a 2,842 bonus. The player’s Magicka-based attacks will hit harder and deal more Damage. This armor set proves to be the most useful Magicka-Based armor set.

How To Obtain The Mother’s Sorrow Set

To find the pieces to this armor set, you need to travel to Deshaan. Kill the world bosses, complete all quests, and take on other overworld content to find each piece of the Mother’s Sorrow set.

#4. Medusa: Heavy Armor, Jewelry, Weapons

  • Two Armor Pieces: Adds 657 Spell Critical Chance
  • Three Armor Pieces: Adds 657 Spell Critical Chance
  • Four Armor Pieces: Adds 657 Spell Critical Chance
  • Total Armor Set Bonus: Adds 892 Spell Critical Chance and blesses Minor Force, increasing Critical Hit Damage by 10%.

The Medusa set is similar to the Mother’s Sorrow armor set. Both can grant a bonus to Critical Hit Damage in place of a bonus to the Base Magicka. If you plan to tank or DPS as a Necromancer, you can use this set well, though there are other valuable Heavy Armor sets for those who prefer Tank Necromancers.

Once equipping all four pieces of the Medusa armor set will give them a total stat of 1971 Spell Critical, plus Armor Set bonuses.

How To Obtain The Medusa Set

Please search for the pieces to this set by entering the Arx Corinium dungeon located in Shadowfen, where it drops off creatures and monsters throughout the dungeon.

#3. Law of Julianos – Craftable

  • Two Armor Pieces: Adds 657 Spell Critical Chance
  • Three Armor Pieces: Increases Max Magicka by 1096
  • Four Armor Pieces: Adds 657 Spell Critical Chance
  • Total Armor Set Bonus: Increases Spell Damage by 300

The Law of Julianos armor set is an excellent go-to set for players who would instead craft the gear rather than hunt down the monsters and rely on drop chances.

While the Medusa set becomes more impactful with its critical hits, the Mother’s Sorrow set gives a Necromancer a bonus Spell Critical. Meanwhile, the Law of Julianos set helps improve both Spell Critical and Spell Damage. It is considered the best armor for Necromancer players due to these two buffs.

How To Craft The Law of Julianos Set

We’ll go straight ahead and find the Boreal Forge located in Wrothgar. Head South-West portion of the map. Make sure you have the Orsinium DLC to access the Orcish mountainous zone.

#2. Bahraha’s Curse: Light-Medium-Heavy Armor, Jewelry, Weapons

  • Two Armor Pieces: Increases Max Health by 1206
  • Three Armor Pieces: Increases Max Magicka by 1096
  • Four Armor Pieces: Increases a player’s Max Stamina by 1096 and reduces their Trap Damage by 40%
  • Total Armor Set Bonus: Dealing any damage dealt will grant a 25% chance to create a Desecrated Ground for five seconds. The Desecrated Ground reduces enemy movement speed by 60% before pulsing 349 Magic Damage every second while healing the caster for all Damage dealt.

The Bahraha’s Curse set is unique to Hew’s Bane and can only be found if you have the Thieves Guild DLC for Elder Scrolls Online. When two to four pieces are equipped, the armor set increases the player’s Max Health, Stamina, and Magika. The total set bonus is a functional AoE ability that allows players to create Desecrated Ground when dealing Damage.

How To Obtain The Bahraha’s Curse Set

Getting the armor set requires the Thieves Guild DLC, which allows you to explore Hew’s Bane south of mainland Hammerfell. The Bahraha’s Curse armor set can be found in the overworld set. The Bahraha’s Curse armor set pieces to drop from World Bosses, Delve bosses, and other PvE bosses throughout the zone.

#1. Ebon Armory: Heavy Armor, Jewelry, Weapons

  • Two Armor Pieces: Increases Max Health by 1206
  • Three Armor Pieces: Boosts Healing Received by 4%
  • Four Armor Pieces: Increases Max Health by 1206
  • Total Armor Set Bonus: All group members receive an increase to their Max Health by 1000 points, including the wearer.

The Ebon Armory armor set gives excellent health and health regeneration bonuses when equipping three gears, but its real strength comes with the total set bonus. With five items of the Ebon Armory set equipped, every member of the player’s group (including the player) gets a good-size boost to Max Health.

This armor is a fantastic set for Necromancers who sway towards the Tanking side of things, and it’s one of the more valuable sets in the game for doing group content. It pairs well with defense-boosting heavy armor ESO Necromancer sets, and it is still valid when not at its full party-buffing potential in Jewelry or Weapons.

How To Get The Ebon Armory Set

To find this set, run Part One and Part Two of the Crypt of Hearts dungeon. It drops off bosses and enemies throughout the dungeon.

How Did We Choose These Necromancer Armor Sets

When creating this armor list, we gathered data from various sources and started playing the game to experience them firsthand. We also check what other players use when they are in-game. Overall this tier list reflects only our opinions, and there may be disagreement on this list. What we know is that we encourage everyone to play the game and have fun as a Necromancer when playing Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online can be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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