Diablo Immortal vs Lost Ark

Diablo vs Lost Ark
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Since the start of 2022, new AAA titles have been released to the newest player base, and the latest among them is Diablo Immortal and Lost Ark. These are the hottest new games available. Both of these games were released close to each other, and no doubt these two will compete on which game is better. Players worldwide debate the same topic, Diablo Immortal vs. Lost Ark. What do these games have in common? What are their differences? For this guide, we will compare both games, uncovering from the simple to the most complex differences between the two beloved games.


We will first examine the genre; Diablo Immortal is under MMOPRG, with action-filled adventure. Players aim to survive, build teams, and utilize various weapons and gears to defeat the monsters that plague the in-game world. The game does take time to grind and involves players spending hours of their day to progress through the story, but also grind for their gear to power up.

Other aspects to grinding for are experience points to level up their character and items to help upgrade their weapon and armor sets. It depends on your chosen class and the building you aim to create. Although Diablo Immortal was advertised as free-to-play, it is riddled with microtransactions that players cannot keep up with their wallets.

Lost Ark falls under the same category and has the same story-driven content, questline, and the godly grinding of gameplay hours to become the best player in the game. Both games were given solid reviews when they first launched, but the players needed a complete and honest review, as choosing either game will take a lot of time and effort to get started.

Comparing Playstyles Between Lost Ark and Diablo Immortal

Gameplay and playstyles are similar, but each has unique twists that set them apart from most MMORPGs. There is no question both games have players investing a lot of time and effort to level up in the early game. Once they reach mid-game, progress will slow down, especially at the end game. However, the game does not stop there. Players can co-op with friends and enter dungeons crawling with mobs and intimidating bosses.

Lost Ark and Diablo Immortal have the same playstyle and feature the class system, weapons, gear, and equipment. Lost Ark players can go on a friendly fight once they reach level 20 to unlock the PvP combat content, while Diablo Immortal players have the same type of content but are focused on the fight to the death of their character. The PvE content is available for both games. Players shall fight various types of monsters and bosses. With the wide range of classes, players can enjoy melee and ranged combat styles.

Class System

We mentioned earlier that there is a class system in Diablo Immortal and Lost Ark; these classes are diverse, offering a great selection of classes and creating an immersive experience for the player. The classes range from melee DPS, ranged weapons, healer, and sell-casting. Each class serves a different role, fulfilling the players’ preferences. We have collected all the different types of classes for Diablo Immortal and Lost Ark.

There are six different classes in Diablo Immortal that you can play as:

  • Barbarian: The first class on this list, the Barbarian, a melee-based damage dealer that consistently attacks enemies by charging up to them, piercing through them with devastating attacks to take them down. The hits a Barbarian inflicts will render the enemies useless.
  • Crusader: Next is the Crusader, a mighty class known to destroy demons with a strong will in mind. They are determined to help their fellow players achieve victory.
  • Demon Hunter: The Demon Hunter class focuses on using ranged weapons and staying at a safe distance to obliterate any enemy from afar.
  • Monk: Monks consistently depend on their martial arts to strike down foes, and their extreme mobility and agility allow them to make their enemies fear them.
  • Necromancer: A deadly class, Necromancers are pretty strong; they almost always have complete control over “life and death” and wipe out any enemy with their undead army.
  • Wizard: Wizards are ranged spell-casters, the masters of Arcane and magic power to set a distance and murder their enemies.

The classes in Lost Ark, on the other hand, range from 5 main class options with sub-classes:

  • Warrior: The Lost Ark Warriors are a heavy-hitting class. They get in close and personal with their foes to brutally strike down destruction on them. However, their heavy damage output sacrifices their ability to be agile compared to other classes on the battlefield.
  • Martial Artist: A counterpart to the Warrior class, a Martial Artist, is intensely agile, traveling at insane speeds to swiftly take enemies down without letting them know of their moves.
  • Gunners: Gunners use their heavy guns and other ranged weapons to obliterate their foes and take them down.
  • Mage: Looking for a brutal spell-caster? The mage class is the one for you! Essentially, mages are more focused on being supports rather than main DPSes in Lost Ark since they will provide healing and buffs to their party.
  • Assassin: Using the dark arts, the Assassin will continuously unleash deep attacks to render their enemies useless.

Pay to Win for Free-to-Play?

Determining if a game is either P2W or F2P is a massive debate among player bases, especially when discussing Diablo Immortal since its release. With both games having a fantastic storyline, lore, and gameplay experience, there is a clear difference between P2W and F2P.

Lost Ark is a free-to-play game with microtransactions when purchasing loot boxes and other in-game content with real money. However, the game is friendly to those who would rather not spend a single digit of their money. Players of Lost Ark can find the game enjoyable, and buying anything in the games store is unnecessary. Although it takes some time to grind through the levels to get the best advantage, you will feel your character’s progression.

Meanwhile, there is no need to sugar-coat it, but Diablo Immortal is a Pay To Win game. A crystal clear image pops up with so many microtransactions and loot boxes with low chances of getting any 6-Star Gems that you need to level up your gear. Everything in the game is riddled with these, creating a paywall that towers over players. Some players have spent thousands of dollars to get a single gem. The system is greedy and has pushed away players, especially those who are at a disadvantage, against those who have the big bucks to spare in PvP battles.

Comparing Their Stories

Storylines are what make a game immersive. Players obsessed with story-driven quests with beautiful lore behind the world, Lost Ark and Diablo Immortal, have the background story to fulfill that need.

There are two worlds in Lost Ark: Arkesia and Petrania. The representations of peace and chaos under the god known as the “Ark,” a group of seven gods. Arkesia is a peaceful region where Arks strive to keep that peace and tranquility.

Petrainia, however, is the complete opposite. Chaos is led by the Lord of the Abyss, ruling over to bring eternal darkness to both worlds. The war between good and evil drives the story, captivating Lost Ark players.

In Diablo Immortal, you will experience the dark and gloomy world of “Sanctuary,” where players will start their quests in Wortham and gather the Shards of the World Stone to defeat undead monsters, demons, and other foes as they pass through Ashwold Cemetary. Beyond lies the areas of Bilefen, Shassar Sea, and many more locations to explore and enemies for the player to destroy.

Loot Systems

There is a significant issue with the loot system in how Diablo Immortal vs. Lost Ark handles their loot boxes and how players can obtain the gear or weapons they need.

We cannot put the Diablo Immortal loot system into light words, but it is a mess. There are dungeons, boss areas, and enemies all over the Sanctuary, and yes, players can farm as they please, but these are too limited. Getting incredible drops are too low despite spending a ridiculous amount of money. The game is gambling at this point.

We must remember Lost Ark. They rely heavily on RNG-based drops but have one slight advantage over Diablo Immortal. It does not get the player in credit debt to get a solid chance of obtaining gear and weaponry.


The replay valor of games may be factored in, and the points players look for are the story quests, graphics, immersion, and how well the developers have done to improve the game. Lost Ark has captivating lore and farming aspects, and they are willing to reroll accounts to relive the entire experience again. Lost Ark is kind to players and invites them to replay the game as much as they please.

Unfortunately, Diablo Immortal players cannot say the same. Most players have only one run-through of the game, which would be the end. The paywall blocks the player to continue enjoying the end-game content. Even the developers themselves, Blizzard, have said that free-to-play players will only be able to enjoy the game partially.

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