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Like the old days, a battle between clans has always been legendary; Clash of Clans builds upon this idea as players would represent their clans in a fight and lead them to victory. Winning a battle would earn the player plenty of rewards, and the reward we will discuss today would be League Medals, but how can you earn them? The only way to get League Medals is to participate in the Clan War Leagues; exchanging them can get you practical items.

How to Get League Medals?

Attacking on Battle Days rewards you with Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold, and Clan XP, similar to a regular Clan War. Every battle won grants you the chance to receive bonus resources. The War wins bonuses that will be delivered to their Treasury at the end of each War, requiring you to win the Clan War on that day.

Players can also earn League Medals based on which league their Clan is playing in and the Clan’s placement within the Clan at the end of the Season. Ending the Season in the top position will provide the most League Medals, while those at the bottom will be given much less.

Clan Leaders also can reward fellow Clan members with bonus League Medals. Every War the Clan wins increases the number of players qualified for the Bonuses by one League Medal. The Bonuses will be distributed within 21 days until the Clan’s War Week ends. After every War that the Clan Wins, the Clan Leader can now add the person to be given a bonus League Medal.


There are two requirements to get League Medals, and the first is to be in a Clan. The second is to be eligible for the Clan War League, and once you have done both, it is up to the Clan Leader to select you for battle. Then you can participate in the War Leagues, but the Champion Leagues are even better. Although, this depends on how high your Clan’s rank is.

Make sure that your Clan Leader or Co-Leader has signed up for the War Leagues two days before it starts and has at least 15 players that are more than willing to participate. If, in the unfortunate event that, you have not been chosen, you will not earn any League Medals.

Clan War League: Basics

After your Clan Leader or Co-Leader signs up for the War Leagues, you will compete against seven other Clans within the same league. Each Clan will fight for dominance in an all-out war for eight days, allowing all Clans to fight each other once.

For the first day of the War Leagues, a Clan Leader would select their roster and ask the members to prepare for War. Throughout the eight days, all players representing their Clan will have only one chance to attack. Do not worry; the reward per attack holds double the loot to compensate for it.

When the War League ends, the Clans will stay in the same league, be promoted, or be demoted to other leagues. As mentioned, the outcome and the rewards are based on a Clan’s performance and will be compared to the other Clans that participated in the same league.

The more stars earned by a Clan, the higher their rank is by the end of War Week, and this can lead to a promotion to fight against stronger leagues.

League Medal Shop

Once you have earned enough League Medals, you can exchange them at the Home Village shop. You can find a special section there where you can spend them. We have provided the list of available awards:

  • 2,500,000 Gold resource for 25 League Medals.
  • 2,500,000 Elixir resource for 25 League Medals.
  • One Training Potion for 10 League Medals.
  • One Resource Potion for 10 League Medals.
  • One Research Potion for 10 League Medals.
  • One Builder Potion for 10 League Medals.
  • 10 Wall Rings for 50 League Medals
  • One Hammer of Fighting for 120 League Medals
  • One Hammer of Building for 120 League Medals
  • One Hammer of Spells for 120 League Medals
  • One Hammer of Heroes for 120 League Medals
  • A Warrior Statue for 100 League Medals
  • A Challenger Statue for 100 League Medals
  • A Contender Statue for 100 League Medals
  • A Master Statue for 100 League Medals (Master League 1 is Required)
  • A Champion Statue for 100 League Medals (Champion League 1 is Required)

What If I Leave The Clan?

If you leave the Clan but are selected to be a part of the roster, you would instead be eligible for the following:

  • 20% up to 100% of the placement League Medal reward, which still depends on how many War Stars you have collected.
  • Bonus League Medals that were given by the Clan Leader or Co-Leader.

Prove Your Strength

There is only one way to get Clan League Medals, and that is through the War Leagues. It would be a trial by fire to prove your strength and be the best Clan to set foot in Clash of Clans. The battles will be long and challenging, but earning these medals is worth the effort as the resources, hard-to-earn potions, and statues are rewarding after every battle. Now get out there, Chief! Prove your superiority!

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