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lethal company mods
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Lethal Company is terrifying at its core, but it can also be comedic if you add some mods to the table. Many players already enjoy the game’s vanilla settings, but there are a lot of unfurnished features that could use some improvements. Using mods is one way to improve the experience even further. This list will include players with the best downloadable modifications.

12 Best Lethal Company Mods

Hundreds of mods are available, but some are more relevant than others. These include changes to in-game features and more improvements in quality of life. Here are all the best Lethal Company mods:

  1. MoreCompany / BiggerLobby: This mod is trendy because it allows you to increase the number of players within Lethal Company. Enabling this mod increases the number of players who can join a single game session instead of the default four max settings. MoreCompany enables employees to experience more chaotic lobbies and play the game with more friends.
  2. More Suits: More Suits introduces various customizable suit options for players. This allows gamers to wear different clothes, enabling crewmates to differentiate from each other. The variety of options offered significantly improves the aesthetic aspect of the gameplay while also providing each team member with a distinguishable identity. 
  3. ItemQuickSwitch: This mod revolutionizes item management and accessibility during gameplay. ItemQuickSwitch streamlines the process of toggling between different in-game items by integrating hotkeys specifically designed for swift item switching. This function enhances player efficiency and convenience during high-paced encounters or exploration, allowing quick and seamless transitions between essential tools or weapons.
  4. MikesTweaks: This mod is trendy for its versatility in altering various aspects of Lethal Company’s gameplay. MikesTweaks fine-tunes existing mechanics such as item weight, stamina, sprinting abilities, and even the number of item slots available by allowing you to customize these features. This mod enables users to tailor their experience to personal preferences and gameplay styles and improve the QoL of their gameplay.
  5. FOV Adjust: FOV Adjust allows players to personalize their field of view within the game and adjust their visibility. This mod provides the flexibility to widen or narrow the field of vision, allowing for increased awareness and a more dynamic gaming experience. FOV Adjust enhances situational awareness, contributes to a more personalized and immersive gameplay feel, and enables players to be more alert to any signs of danger.
  6. FlashlightToggle: Celebrated for its practicality and convenience, FlashlightToggle introduces a simple yet highly functional feature. The mod enables users to toggle the flashlight with a single keypress, alleviating the hassle of managing the flashlight during gameplay. Whether in hand or inventory, swiftly activating or deactivating the flashlight enhances ease of use, ensuring a smoother and more streamlined gaming experience in dark or low-visibility environments.
  7. WalkieUse: This mod simplifies communication by enabling users to engage in radio chat effortlessly with a single key press, eliminating the need to manage held items for communication purposes. Players can seamlessly interact over the radio by utilizing the “R” key, fostering improved coordination and teamwork within the game without interruptions or item-related constraints.
  8. ShipLoot: ShipLoot significantly improves how players track and assess the value of collected scrap. This mod overcomes the game’s inherent counting limitations by ensuring players precisely understand the importance of their collected scrap materials while eliminating inaccuracies and counting errors. Gamers can maximize their profit by displaying an accurate count of scrap value.
  9. LateCompany:  LateCompany redefines the lobby system by allowing players to join ongoing lobbies post-start. This mod facilitates a more adaptable and inclusive multiplayer experience, accommodating late arrivals and seamlessly integrating additional players into existing sessions.
  10. Brutal Company: This mod transforms the gameplay experience by introducing a hardcore mode, elevating the game’s difficulty through random moon events and additional mechanics. It challenges players seeking a more intense and demanding gameplay style and enchances the overall thrill and survival aspect of Lethal Company.
  11. Helmet Cameras: This mod enables the ship monitor to showcase individual player viewpoints, providing better surveillance and strategic insights for the crew. It allows the crewmates to observe and coordinate based on live feeds from their teammates’ perspectives. This mod enriches the game’s cooperative dynamics and tactical planning, fostering better teamwork and decision-making.
  12. CustomTelevisionVideo: This mod lets players integrate custom videos into the in-game televisions by offering a platform for creativity and entertainment. This mod enhances the immersive experience by enabling players to incorporate their chosen videos into the game environment. 

These are all the best mods that players should integrate into their game. However, tons of other modifications are still available on various 3rd-party apps. Gamers can check them out to see which interests them or would improve their playthrough.

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