Lethal Company Hazard Suits and what they do

lethal company hazard suits
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Hazard suits are one of Lethal Company’s most notable features, as players can customize how they appear on their travels. These clothes can take various appearances as employees buy new variants from the store. Many players wonder whether each type provides different stats or bonuses since these suits serve as protective garments.

All Hazard Suits in Lethal Company

There are only four suits available in the vanilla version of Lethal Company. Each can be obtained via the Ship Store and will cost around varying prices. The suits are presented in various colors and styles. Here are all the Hazards Suits in Lethal Company:

  • Default Suits (available from the start)
  • Green Suit (60 credits)
  • Hazard Suit (90 credits)
  • Pajama Suit (900 credits)

As players have noticed, the Pajama Suit is the most expensive because it has the most unique design among all the available garments. 

What Do Hazard Suits Do in Lethal Company

These clothes are purely cosmetic and do not have any practical functions. They are just options for employees to spend their excess credits once they have obtained all other upgrades and ship decorations. High-skilled players typically want to get the Pajama Suit to show others how efficient they are in scrap collection. 

While suits do not officially have any functions, they can be used to help players identify each other in the dark. Being able to determine who is who can help teams give out more transparent communications and instructions. It might be a minor detail, but it can still help players in the long run. 

How to Get All Hazard Suits

Players can buy these garments by accessing the in-game store via the ship’s terminal. Employees can see their options on the console by inputting “store.” Once they have decided on what they will get, they need to type the name of the suit they are trying to buy (I.e., “pajama suit buy”). Afterward, the garment should be available on the ship’s clothing rack.

How to Get More Suits 

We don’t have any idea whether mods will add more suits later or if they will integrate practical uses for them. These items will remain as purely cosmetic things for the time being. However, there are ways to add more suits to the game via 3rd party applications. Gamers can use mods such as MoreSuits and SomeMoreSuits to access other clothes. Like the default garments, these also don’t serve any function other than for cosmetic reasons. Here are some examples of skins that MoreSuits and SomeMoreSuits provide:

  • Mario Suit
  • Luigi Suit
  • Knuckles Suit
  • Minion Suit
  • Skeleton Suit
  • Pink Suit 
  • Ash Suit
  • Citrus Suit
  • Passion Suit
  • Emerald Suit
  • Sunset Suit
  • Redstone Suit
  • Astro Suit

How Do You Add These Mods to the Game

There are two ways to add mods to the game. The easiest way is to use a mod manager like Thunderstore to download and install mods. Players only need to download the files via the application and integrate them into the game. However, gamers should remember that using mod managers means launching Lethal Company via the 3rd-party app, not Steam.

The second is to download the files manually and paste them into one of the game’s folders. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do this:

  • Download the mods you want from trusted websites
  • Copy the folders or files of the mods that you downloaded and paste them into the BepInEx/Plugins

This is all you need to do to add mods to the game. 

Wait for Further Lethal Company Updates

Players should note that Lethal Company is a new game, so that many developers will add more updates in the future. One of these changes will be suits having practical functions like increased protection or enhanced stats. Until then, players will have to settle for these items being cosmetic garments for the time being.

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