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Battlebit is a first person online shooter focused on all-out combined arms warfare and teamplay on large, open maps. With how its levels are designed, players should expect to fight at different ranges. Fights happen at long, medium, or close ranges, and Battlebit designs its guns to excel at specific ranges. Other times, it also comes down to the damage profile, accuracy, and recoil. Every player has a preference for how they want to play, and it all comes down to what gun fits their chosen playstyle. This guide will discuss each gun’s strengths and weaknesses and what their best use cases are. Note that this guide is made for guns without attachments, as they make small changes to weapon stats.

Assault Rifles

In this category, assault rifles are generalist weapons, decent at all ranges but specializing in none. They are the best weapons for beginners thanks to their ease of use and respectable engagement ranges. Against other weapon archetypes like DMRs, snipers, and LMGs, assault rifles have no apparent strengths or weaknesses against them. Despite their beginner friendliness, they can become potent weapons if placed in the hands of a knowledgeable player.


-Has the most controllable recoil out of all assault rifles.

-Decent damage per shot.

-Well balanced stats.

-An all rounder in medium to close ranges.


-Deals slightly more damage than the M4A1.

-Higher recoil.

-Slower rate of fire.

-A good alternative to the M4A1 if used with proper recoil management.


-High base damage, quick TTK in medium range.

-Slowest handling.

-Difficult recoil management.

-Rewards precision and good positioning with fast kills.


-Low base damage.

-Easy to handle recoil.

-Second highest fastest rate of fire.

-Best used in conjunction with teammates by picking off weakened targets.


-Very high damage per shot.

-Slowest rate of fire.

-Highest recoil out of all ARs.

-Best medium range weapon for TTK, worst at close and long ranges.


-Second lowest damage per shot among ARs.

-Recoil climb is very manageable.

-Good accuracy and muzzle velocity.

-Great for long range engagements, can function as a DMR.


-Slightly lower base damage than the M4A1.

-Laser-like recoil.

-Longer damage dropoff over the M4A1.

-An easy to use gun from medium to long ranges thanks to its superb stability.


-Low damage compared to other ARs.

-Bad accuracy and recoil stats.

-Second fastest fire rate and reload speed.

-Like the F2000, it excels at picking off weakened targets in close range.


-Similar damage SG550.

-Middling magazine size.

-Best movement speed out of all ARs.

-A marginal side grade to the SG550, best suited for a run-and-gun playstyle.


-Same damage profile as the M4A1.

-Better fire rate but worse muzzle velocity than the M4.

-Slightly better reload time with attachments.

-Occupies the same engagement ranges as the M4 and ultimately comes down to personal preference.


-Highest damage per shot in the AR category.

-On the higher end of the recoil scale with other ARs.

-Similar base 20-round capacity magazine to the SCAR.

-Currently considered the best assault rifle in the game with its competitive TTK.


-Slightly fast TTK to the M4.

-Has more recoil than the M4A1.

-Fast fire rate.

-Players that learn how to manage its wild recoil may find this as a solid mid-ranged gun.


Historically, carbines are essentially cut-down assault rifles and are comparable to SMGs. This means their range has been cut relatively short and thus better served in shorter-range engagements.


-Respectable damage per shot.

-Has an integrated suppressor that reduces muzzle flash, unable to place barrel attachments

-Unstable recoil and steep damage fall-off.

-Catered to aggressive players looking for fast TTKs in close quarters.


-Low damage per shot but with the highest fire rate.

-Good magazine size of 35 rounds.

-High recoil values across the board.

-Like the AS VAL, it is an aggressive, run-and-gun-type weapon

Submachine Guns and PDWs

These weapons are CQC powerhouses that harshly fall off the further the target is. Thanks to their short frames and sizes, they provide a substantial movement speed boost for players. They are meant for players who want to attack or flank enemy positions while remaining mobile. If looking for fights is your playstyle, these weapons may be for you. These weapons are exclusive to the Medic and Engineer classes.


-Decent DPS.

-Low muzzle velocity and high recoil.

-Fast rate of fire with steep damage falloff.

-A decent PDW for players just starting to use this category of weapons.


-Highest base damage of all PDWs.

-Manageable recoil values.

-Better damage fall-off compared to other PDWs.

-With its low recoil and high damage, it is a competitive gun that can handle assault rifle ranges.


-Good damage against armored enemies.

-Generous 50-round capacity magazine.

-Manageable recoil along with a fast fire rate.

-A direct upgrade from the Honey Badger with.


-Standard base damage for the SMG class.

-Fast fire rate but slow reload time.

-Decent recoil statistics.

-It is a well-rounded SMG without many weaknesses


-Same base damage as the MP7.

-Low recoil.

-Slower fire rate than the MP7.

-The UMP45 is for players who want to remain accurate from close to medium ranges.


-Lowest base damage per shot.

-Second highest fire rate with a strong vertical kick.

-Highest magazine capacity in class.

-This SMG encourages players to spray and pray their shots, especially in tighter areas.


-Tied with the PP-2000 for lowest base damage.

-Highest fire rate in the SMG category.

-Harshest damage fall-off range.

-The best CQC weapon in the game with its staggering DPS, but is woefully ineffective beyond its intended range.


-Moderate damage profile.

-Highly stable recoil control.

-Slow reload duration.

-A high-performance SMG with good recoil control.

Light Support Weapons

LSWs are one of the weapon types available to the Support class. They function similarly to assault rifles in their performance but are more cumbersome to use. These weapons are generally best used behind pushing teammates, as they are a Support’s only aggressive option compared to the next weapon class.


-Damage profile mirrors assault rifles like the AK74.

-Good recoil stability for its class.

-Prolonged ADS time and weapon handling.

-Good assault rifle alternative for Support players wanting to push objectives.


-Higher damage than the L86A1.

-Extremely low stability.

-Lowest rate of fire out of all Support weapons.

Light Machine Guns

LMGs are the primary weapons for the Support class. They are usually characterized by their high magazine capacities and are meant for holding positions or laying down suppressive fire. Due to their movement penalty and reload speed, they are not suited for big pushes and instead to lock down a position. These are best paired with the class’s ability to build fortification on the fly and create machine gun nests.


-Same base damage as the M4A1.

-High recoil, needs a bipod to stabilize its kick.

-Highest magazine capacity in the game.

-A solid LMG for new Support players.


-Deals more damage against light armor, less against infantry.

-Has the lowest recoil between both LMGs.

-Slower fire rate than the M249.

-This weapon does well against light vehicles, especially since the Support class doesn’t have any anti-vehicle options.

Designated Marksman Rifles

This weapon archetype is a Recon exclusive. These long-range weapons do best in large areas with little to no cover while staying in a defensible position. DMRs do less damage than sniper rifles, but they trade raw damage for ease of use and laying down fast, accurate fire. In cases where an enemy closes in on you, they can do well in a pinch but will often lose out to assault rifles or submachine guns.


-Good base damage per shot.

-Highest magazine capacity but low rate of fire.

-Decent recoil stats with best-in-class muzzle velocity.

-A baseline weapon for Recon players.


-Best damage profile for all DMRs.

-Lowest magazine capacity and rate of fire.

-Very fast muzzle velocity.

-Great for counter-sniping without needing a sniper rifle.


-Middle-of-the-road damage per shot, more similar to ARs.

-One of the few DMRs with a full auto-firing mode.

-Lowest recoil stat out of all DMRs.

-Best treated as a close to medium range assault rifle than as a precision weapon.


-Lowest damage per shot of all DMRs.

-Also has full auto like the MK-14 EBR but fires significantly faster.

-Higher recoil kick than the MK-14.

-Functions more like an AR, best up close, but struggles against further targets.


-Similar to the MK-14 EBR in damage.

-Fastest rate of fire in the category, which requires tapping the trigger for full effect.

-Above average range and muzzle velocity.

-High skill DMR that rewards good players with a fast TTK if precise.

Sniper Rifles

These weapons are the classic choice for any Recon player worth their salt. They demand the utmost precision and patience, as every weapon has a set projectile speed. Not only that, sniper rifles require players to “zero in” on their target, meaning that at a specific distance, shots will go exactly where you aim your scope instead of arcing downwards. For specialized long range weapons, they have the obvious downside of being terrible close range weapons, so expect to use a pistol when enemies get close.

SSG 69

-Decent damage for regular body shots.

-Slowest rate of fire among all sniper rifles.

-Maximum zero distance is 500m.

-A good weapon for practicing the ins and outs of sniping.


-Better damage over the SSG 69.

-Above average range and muzzle velocity.

-Maximum zero distance of 1000m.

-It is a direct upgrade to the SSG69; use it as soon as it’s unlocked.


-Higher damage than the SV-98.

-High rate of fire, ADS speed, and low recoil.

-Maximum zero distance of 1000m.

-It can function as a frontline weapon due to its faster handling and rate of fire compared to other snipers.


-Above average damage.

-Reloads faster than the SV-98 but has a lower magazine size.

-Maximum zero distance of 1000m.

-An overall solid sniper rifle with all above average stats across the board.


-Highest base damage in its category.

-Very high muzzle velocity.

-Does not require much zeroing in part of its high velocity.

-Currently the best sniper rifle in the game and a choice weapon for any Recon main.


-Does the most damage to heavy armor like tanks, but average on infantry.

-Slow ADS speed and reload speed.

-Maximum zero distance of 1200m.

-An average sniper rifle, but compared to the competition, it doesn’t stand out as much.


These handy sidearms are great in a pinch when caught in the middle of a reload or when you run out of ammo for your primary weapons. We’ll cover all pistols for this category, like the full automatics and heavy sidearms.


-Average damage per shot.

-Good accuracy and muzzle velocity.

-Fast reload speed.

-A well-rounded pistol that easily compliments any loadout.


-Highest base damage out of all semi-automatic handguns.

-Slower bullet velocity and fire rate over the MP443.

-Decent reload speed.

-The M9 rewards accurate players with a fast TTK.


-Tied with the MP443 on damage per shot.

-Manageable recoil pattern.

-Lowest fire rate and reload in the category.

-This pistol is for players who prefer not worrying about recoil management.


-Lowest base damage out of all pistols.

-Currently the only pistol to fire on full auto.

-Magazine capacity is small enough to run out of ammo in seconds.

-The Glock 18 can shred enemies at close range and serves as a great emergency option for Recon mains.


-High base damage.

-Slow rate of fire and reload speed.

-Only has a cartridge count of 6.

-Requires some precise aim to dispatch enemies.


-Deals more damage to armor over the Unica.

-Comes attached with a long-range scope.

-Similar cartridge count to the Unica.

-The RsH12 is unique in that it offers a sniper-like experience for players.


-Highest base damage in the category.

-Very high recoil kick.

-Slow rate of fire.

-This weapon is excellent for players looking to challenge themselves with its high-skill requirements and be rewarded with an instant kill.

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