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The Best Class in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has been on many gamers’ minds over the past few weeks. Ever since Smilegate partnered with Amazon to release the Korean ARPG to Western regions, people have been waiting anxiously for the game’s official release so that they can finally play the damn game. With the ARPG and MMO drought, almost everyone is happy to finally see a new ARPG/MMO title coming to stores. More than half a million players already have access to the game via early access, but the majority of gamers are still waiting for the official release. Before players jump into the highly popular Korean ARPG, here are some pieces of information about Lost Ark classes to help gamers decide which to go for. This is the definitive Lost Ark Class Tier.

What is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a Korean ARPG MMO developed by Smilegate which has been locally available to Korea and Japanese markets since 2019. The popularity and success that the game found have prompted its developers to launch the game to Western regions allowing more gamers to create Lost Ark accounts and access it. The game is highly popular due to its gorgeous visuals, outstanding graphics, excellent character designs, and unique gameplay. The ARPG features an isometric view of the field which is similar to other gaming titles of the same genre such as Path of Exiles and Diablo. Unlike the latter two’s dark and grim vibes, Lost Ark features a bright, colorful, and vibrant atmosphere that is more visually pleasing for players.

The game is set in the fictional radiant world of Arkesia centuries after the world’s battle against the Demonic Legion. In the current timeline, the demon lord Kazeros, who led the Legion, is about to break free from his centuries-long imprisonment in his volcanic jail. Once he is free, he will lead his demonic horde once again to take over Arkesia. Players are plunged directly into the fray as they will be the heroes tasked with locating and obtaining the Lost Ark. This ancient relic was used centuries before to defeat Kazeros and imprison him in his current jail. The heroes must explore dangerous lands and fight hordes of demons and other enemies in order to locate the Lost Ark so that they can bind the demon Lord once again to his volcanic prison.

Lost Ark’s Gameplay

To further help players make a decision about their initial class, gamers should have an understanding of the game’s gameplay. The game has an isometric view that makes use of a point-and-click movement system. This means that moving, targeting, and attacking are all controlled by the mouse. Meanwhile, skills are activated by slotting them at the keyboard’s QWERASDF keys. This is currently the most optimal type of system for the game.

Other than the typical PvE and PvP gameplay, players also have the chance to explore more areas by sailing the seas. Gamers will have to obtain a ship and eventually build their own fleet in order to access more dangerous regions. Shipbuilding and item crafting can be done in the player’s stronghold which will serve as their personal base.

What’s the most unique thing about Lost Ark is that it uses a feature called the Tri-Pod system. This system allows players to invest their skill points in different abilities of their class. This feature enables characters to develop varying styles of gameplay depending on the invested skills. This means that players do not need to follow a standard or pre-determined build since they can decide how they will play their characters.

Lost Ark Classes

Smilegate’s ARPG has five starting classes that players can begin with. These classes will narrow down the type of gameplay or style available to players since each class will have its own specialties and perks. Here is a list of beginner classes in the game:

  • Warrior – This class serves as the front liner in any situation. Strong powerhouses that can soak up damage as well as dish out heavy attacks. Warriors can be tanks or bruisers depending on their preferences.
  • Martial Artist – Another melee class that focuses more on agile movements and combo attacks. Though not as tanky as Warrior, Martial Artists are still durable enough to fight in the frontlines while dealing damage over time.
  • Gunner – The dedicated range class of the game. Gunners are experts at mid to long-range combat. They are able to deal significant amounts of damage while staying at a safe distance ready to dash away at a moment’s notice.
  • Mage – The game’s only spellcasting class. Mages can either support their teammates with buffs and heals or deal out huge AoE damage spells that can wipe out mobs with ease.
  • Assassin – Arguably the squishiest melee class in the game. Assassins make up for their lack of defense with their superbly high offense or attack power. These characters rely on speed and swift attacks to take down opponents without giving them a chance to fight back.

Each of these classes will provide different abilities and different combinations that will alter how the game is played. Also, these classes will further progress into advanced classes when characters level up to a certain milestone. All of these classes will have more than one advanced class, and these more complex jobs will unlock different abilities for the players. Here is the list of advanced classes for each job in Lost Ark:


  • Berserker – Warriors who become Berserkers are the ones that deal the most damage in this melee class. Though they lose a small percentage of their defense to gain more power, they are still more durable than the majority of the other classes. Once these warriors enter Burst mode, they become unstoppable killing machines while wielding their greatswords.
  • Paladin – Paladins are balanced warriors who can serve in the frontlines as both shield and sword to their teammates while also acting as a support. Their ability to buff other people paired with high offense and defense makes them great party members to have.
  • Gunlancer – Considered the most durable class in the game. Gunlancers can soak up damage like a sponge in exchange for losing a portion of their offense, making them the best tanks. However, those who prefer to be fighters rather than shields can still become strong attackers due to the class’s versatility.

Martial Artist

  • Striker – Elemental fighters who can also use physical attacks to deal fast combinations of damage. These martial artists fight like a strong wind.
  • Wardancer – Another advanced class that combines elemental and physical attacks. This class focuses on charged-up attacks rather than swift combos to deal huge damage against their enemies.
  • Scrapper – These fighters are considered one of the most versatile characters in the game. Their ability to switch between overpowering offense to overwhelming defense makes them hard opponents to face on the battlefield. With their two inverse forms of attack and mobility, they are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Soulfist – These Fighters who make use of energy called Adamance can switch between ranged and melee. Their offensive power and sustainability ensure that they can stay in battle for as long as they want.


  • Gunslinger – Gunners who have the largest arrays of guns in their arsenal. These units can switch between their guns to adapt to their current situation. Their agility and quick attacks make it hard for enemies to hit them.
  • Artillerist – These gunners bring explosive power and pack quite a punch. What they lack in mobility they make up for high AoE damage and decent defense in order to bomb their way through enemies.
  • Deadeye – Gunners who specialize in using dual pistols, shotguns, and rifles. They are the most versatile in this ranged class being able to support their allies with crowd control as well as dealing tons of damage.
  • Sharpshooter – This class may be one of the squishiest classes in the game, but they are also one of the biggest damage dealers. Using their mechanical bows and agility, Sharpshooters can dish out large damage over time while maintaining their distance away from the center of the battle.


  • Bard – These mages are considered the best support class in the game. They can provide various buffs and white spells in order to keep their teammates alive. Though they are widely support-oriented, Bards can still deal tormenting damage with songs.
  • Sorceress – Powerful mages that use large AoE spells to deal significant damage in just a few hits. Enemies who are unfortunate enough to get hit by these spells are in for a world of pain.


  • Shadowhunter – These assassins tap into the demonic power in order to use the power of the demons against them. Shadowhunters can channel their inner demons to access stronger forms that make them stronger and deadlier.
  • Deathblade – Assassins who wield three blades that can attack swiftly and be deadly. Deathblades can tap into the chaos force allowing them to make quick slash combos that are very hard to avoid.

Best in PvE

Exploration and dungeons raids are the main features of the game since it progresses the storyline. Though every class can progress easily with their own styles, some classes are better suited for PvE than others. Here are the classes that are more efficient in dungeons and raids:

  • Bard – Since this class has the best healers in the game, Bards are very essential to any raiding and dungeon party to make sure that everyone makes it out alive.
  • Berserker – This warrior class is very straightforward and is the easiest DPS class to use. There are not a lot of combos to remember, and Berserkers deal so much damage they are very good for people who just want to focus on PvE.
  • Gunlancer – Since this class is considered the best tank class, having Gunlancers in dungeons and raids ensures the success of these ventures. Their high defense, utility, and decent DPS also make them viable for solo playing.

Best in PvP

For players who are more interested in dominating other players than raiding dungeons and exploring, they would prefer to have classes that are more efficient in player-to-player combat. Though any class can do a decent job in this scene, some are just overwhelmingly more efficient. Here are the best PvP classes:

  • Bard – For the same reason why they are one of the best PvE classes, Bards can ensure the survival of their allies during fights against other players. Their huge heals and buffs ensure the sustainability of their whole team which makes them high-value targets in most clashes.
  • Deathblade – Running into a Deathblade in PvP might just be one of the worst things any player can experience. These assassins can deal so much damage in just a blink of an eye, and their mobility makes them hard to catch and avoid. This makes this class a huge pain to deal with.
  • Deadeye – specializing in mid to long-range combat, Deadeyes are some of the best PvP dueling classes in the game. Their ability to deal loads of damage while providing annoying crowd-controls is what makes this class stand out.

Best DPS in Lost Ark

For those who are wondering what other classes are most efficient as DPS units, here is the list of the most optimal and effective classes for dealing damage:

  • Sharpshooter
  • Gunslinger
  • Scrapper
  • Soulfist

Best Support

Some people may not just want to limit themselves to the playstyle of Bards but still want to play as support. Fortunately for them, there are other classes that are very viable for the support role. Here is the list of classes that can help via different kinds of reinforcing abilities:

  • Paladin
  • Gunlancer
  • Soulfist

Best Tank

Other than Gunlancers, there are still other jobs that can take on the tanking role. Here is the list of other viable tank classes:

  • Paladin
  • Scrapper

First Pick Doesn’t Really Matter

For players who are unsure of what class to take, Lost Ark is very generous and flexible about rerolling into other classes. Once the gamers’ first characters reach certain milestone levels and obtain other abilities, subsequent characters created will level up faster. Progressing classes after the initial character will be far easier than anyone expected, so players will have the opportunity to switch between classes at any time. Any class is viable in the game but we hope this Lost Ark Class Tier List was helpful to players. What’s important is that the players enjoy farming Lost Ark gold with them.

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