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Lost Ark is rapidly becoming one of the top MMOs. With the lack of new games on the market, plenty of players are flocking to the Korean ARPG to try it out. Gamers have a lot of classes to choose from as well as endless features to explore. Some of these mechanics might be a bit confusing, especially for casual and new players. To that end, this article will explain how Lost Ark Stats work, what they do, and what the best stats per class are.

Combat Stats are one of the features in the game that influences the power of the characters the players use. Each combat stat provides different kinds of augmentations or boosts that make gamers stronger and alter their combat styles. Some stats are better for certain Lost Ark classes, so players should make sure that they know which combat stats fit their characters.

List of All Combat Stats in Lost Ark

Crit – This stat refers to the probability or the chance of a critical hit landing. Increasing the percentage of crit increases the likelihood of normal attacks and skill damage turning into critical damage. However, increasing Crit does not increase the damage of the hits.

Specialization – This stat affects the unique abilities and skills of each character in the game. Specialization has different effects depending on the class. Players can see what effects this stat has for their class by hovering over the Specialization stat in their character profile.

Domination – This stat refers to the amount of extra damage that players will deal to enemies who are staggered, pushed, debuffed, or knocked down. Increasing this stat will increase the damage dealt to enemies who are disabled.

Swiftness – Investing in this stat will increase the characters’ movement speed, quicken their attack speed, and reduce the cooldown of active skills.

Endurance – This stat affects players’ health and defense. By increasing this stat, gamers can enhance their physical and magical defense while increasing the effectiveness of healing and shields.

Expertise – This stat affects anything involving debuffs and staggers in the game. Increasing this stat will increase the duration of debuffs applied to enemies and increase the damage of stagger effects. Investing in Expertise will also reduce the duration of debuffs affecting the players’ characters.

Picking which combat stats will depend on the characters’ classes or the gamers’ preferred playstyle. The combat style largely affects how each character can be played, so players who wish to adopt a unique playstyle will have to understand and invest in these stats accordingly. That said, there are several optimized builds existing in the game. Here are the recommended stat builds for each class:

Warrior Class

  • Berserker – The primary recommended stat for this class is Specialization followed by Swiftness. Berserkers rely heavily on their unique skills and their Burst mode to deal huge chunks of damage. Specialization allows players to fill up their berserk meter fast which helps activate the burst mode multiple times. Meanwhile, Swiftness helps increase this class movement speed and reduce skill cooldowns which helps Berserkers active more damage skills.
  • Paladin – The general rule is that Paladins should always focus on Swiftness as their primary stat. This class relies so much on their skills for offense and support that they need to activate their abilities as many times as they can. Since Swiftness reduces the cooldown of skills, this makes this stat the most ideal one for Paladins. This class can choose any stat for their secondary but it is recommended they get Specialization to increase their support capabilities.
  • Gunlancer – Swiftness is also the priority pick for Gunlancers. Since this class is already generally tanky, they need to keep using their skills to deal damage. Any stat will fit as their secondary.

Martial Artist Class

  • Striker – The priority pick for this class is Crit since this class needs to deal out as much damage as they can for each skill. The most recommended secondary skill will be Swiftness instead of Specialization, so Strikers can focus on activating more skills rather than relying on their unique skills.
  • Wardancer – This class would prefer having Specialization as their priority in order to activate Esoteric Skill frequently. Swiftness will be their recommended secondary to increase the frequency of their skills.
  • Scrapper – This class will mostly benefit from Crit as their primary, so they can deal with damage with their Taijutsu. Swiftness is also more preferred over Specialization since the Stamina meter is not affected by the latter.
  • Soulfist – The priority stat for this class is Swiftness since they need it so that they can spam skills while keeping their energy low. Crit will be secondary so that they can deal extra damage due to high crit chance.

Gunner Class

  • Gunslinger – The most recommended priority stat for Gunslingers is Crit since they fire out multiple hits with their skills, so increasing this stat will increase the chances of each hit turning into crit damage. Players can switch between Swiftness or Specialization depending on their preference.
  • Deadeye – Specialization is the main stat for this class since it increases the damage of shotgun skills and pistol skills. Gamers can alternate between Crit or Swiftness for their secondary stat.
  • Artillerist – Due to the class’ crit rate passive from Firepower Enhancement, the most ideal stat for this class is Crit. Adding more Crit stats on top of the passive gives Artillerist a very high crit rate. Swiftness is the best secondary stat for the class since the bonus movement speed makes up for their lack of mobility skills.
  • Sharpshooter – Classes that fire multiple shots per skill always focus on crit, so Sharpshooters will benefit from investing in this combat stat. This class can alternate between Swiftness or Specialization to increase the frequency of their skills or unique skills.

Mage Class

  • Bard – The primary and secondary stats for this class can alternate between Specialization and Swiftness depending on the player’s preference. However, most Bards prefer to focus on Swiftness to increase their movement speed and their casting speed.
  • Sorceress – For Sorceresses that focus on the Ignite skill, they will have to prioritize Specialization then have either Crit or Swiftness. For those that go with the Reflux skill, their main stat should be Crit, and their secondary should be Swiftness.

Assassin Class

  • Shadowhunter – Shadowhunters will always prioritize Crit as their main combat stats. However, depending on their class engraving, their secondary will vary between Swiftness and Specialization. For those who are going for the Demonic Impulse, Specialization is the best secondary stat while those who took the Perfect Suppression route should make Swiftness their secondary.
  • Deathblade – Deathblades will always benefit from high specialization since their unique skills scale with this combat stat. Crit is the preference secondary since they are one of the classes that dish out multiple hits with their abilities.

Combats stats are generally acquired via the players’ accessories and ability stones. This makes acquiring the ideal items hard since finding the best accessories with the best stats largely relies on luck and effort. However, knowing which combat stats are perfect for specific Lost Ark classes will help gamers understand their characters better and help them optimize their build.

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