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Lost Ark X Witcher
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Crossover between online games has been frequent as game developers provide the joy of meeting and playing with your favorite characters from separate titles. The Witcher 3 has gotten multiple collaborations over the years due to its popularity in the RPG genre. The game will now enter the world of Arkesia as a collaboration event with Lost Ark. What can players expect from the upcoming and highly anticipated crossover?

Lost Ark x Witcher

The crossover was teased as early as November, which excited many fans. Witcher 3 has been a staple for many hardcore and casual RPG players, so having a partner event with one of the largest MMOs in recent years is something gamers can get behind with. Fortunately for adventurers, this collaboration is more than just releasing a few Witcher-inspired skins to the store.

A New Island, New Quests, and Some Familiar Faces

Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, Yennefer, and several other iconic characters have made their way into Arkesia after a dimensional rift rips them from the Continent. Their arrival has caused a new island called “White Wolf’s Rest” in the Sea of Gienah. The time-limited area will host various activities and quests for adventurers. 

The island can be accessed after completing the [Event] Unidentified Vortex from Guild Investigator NPCs found in all the major cities. The area is event-exclusive and will not persist beyond the collaboration period. Gamers are advised to make the most out of the services and benefits gained from the island. 

Aside from additional missions, players can also send their characters on expeditions for the [Event] Unidentified Whirpool. Adventurers who are sent on this voyage can earn various rewards. Aside from this activity, gamers can also engage in different types of special quests, which will reward unique prizes such as potions from the Witcher. Here are some examples of what players can expect from the event:

  • Excellent Thunderbolt Potion
  • Excellent Lot Potion
  • Excellent Blizzard Potion
  • 5 Witcher-related Cards (2022 The Witcher Collaboration Card Set)
  • 10 The Witcher-inspired emoticons
  • The Trail Jukebox Music
  • Geralt of Rivia Jukebox Music
  • Kaer Morhen Jukebox Music
  • The Witcher-inspired Character Customization Pattern Options
  • Witcher-themed Wallpaper for Character Selection

The consumables will only be available during the event period and will be removed from character inventories once the crossover ends. However, other items, such as skins, wallpapers, cards, and music, will persist even after the collaboration.

Witcher 3 Skins

Alongside these new quests and rewards, event skins will also be available from the in-game store. The character outfits allow players to appear similar to their favorite Witchers. Female classes gain access to a cosmetic line that is based on Ciri. At the same time, male characters can don armor and appearance similar to Geralt of Rivia. Weapon event skins inspired by the Continent’s arsenal will also be released to the community.

Free-to-play adventurers will also be able to celebrate the event with freebie cosmetics. A new Mokoko Skin-set based on the Witcher is being given out during the collab. The outfit has four variants: White, Black, Brown, and Green.

The First Collaboration in Lost Ark

Lost Ark’s hosting of several characters and Witcher-inspired skins will be the first collaboration in the game. While it’s not uncommon for online games to do collabs, MMOs rarely do these types of events due to the chance of ruining the players’ immersion. World of Warcraft has yet to make any collaborations, while FFXIV’s crossover with NieR was expected since they came from the same company. Lost Ark will be one of the MMOs in a while to make such a move in recent years, which includes Destiny 2.

When Will the Event Happen?

The Lost Ark x The Witcher collab is already live on KR servers, which will run until December 18. Players from Lost Ark West will have to wait for one more month because the crossover for those regions is set to happen in January. There has yet to be a specific date on when it will go live, but it can be assumed that it will happen in the second or third week. However, there are a ton of new things that players can experience as they wait for the collab to be released.

Players in the West will have their hands full on progging the latest Legion Raid. Brelzasha, the commander of the Phantom Legion, is set to appear as the fourth end-game raid boss. While she has been available on other servers for a long time, this will be her first appearance as a Legion Raid boss in Lost Ark West.

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