How to Get Commendations In Monster Hunter World

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There are a plethora of resources to gather for Monster Hunter World, with some being more challenging to obtain than others. Those materials are often needed to get some of the most vital equipment in the game, so you most likely won’t have a choice if you plan on doing the endgame content for MHW. Among those rare resources are Commendations. Sadly, you can’t gather them through a map’s environments, nor can you get them by simply defeating small monsters. This guide will teach you how to get Commendations in Monster Hunter World.

What Are Commendations in Monster Hunter World?

Commendations are rare materials in Monster Hunter World that craft armor, weapons, and charms. They never appear in specific locations or drop from monsters—the only way to acquire them is to accomplish specific quests that will reward you Commendations as quest rewards. Essentially, this resource can help you become an even better hunter.

What Quests You Should Do to Get Commendations

There are several missions in Monster Hunter World that reward Commendations. Some of them are limited quests, while others are repeatable. On top of the guaranteed Commendation you’ll be getting, there’s also a 1% chance for you to get another.

  1. A Colossal Task/Left Quite the Impression

“A Colossal Task” is an excellent quest in that it rewards more Commendations than what’s typically given out. To unlock this quest, you must have a Hunter Rank of 10 or higher. Moreover, the quest is also assigned—you’re required to accomplish it if you want to move up to a higher HR. You have a time limit of 50 minutes, and you can only faint three times before failing the quest. What’s more, failing to lead Zorah Magdaros in the correct spot or position can count as a failure.

If you ever want to experience tussling with Zorah Magdaros by using a Dragonator again, you can have it with the “Left Quite the Impression” quest. This optional quest unlocks after you complete “A Colossal Task”. There’s not much difference between the two quests besides having to be at least HR 11 to do “Left Quite the Impression.” What’s great about it is that you can fool around a bit more since the quest is replayable.

“Left Quite the Impression” appears randomly, so you can only play it for two weeks when it returns as a Special Event Quest. If it’s unavailable, you’ll have to bide your time with other high rank investigations or quests until it returns.

  1. Redefining the “Power Couple”

Step aside, Teostra and Lunastra. There’s a new power couple in town. In this quest, you’re tasked to hunt the flying, fire-breathing duo: Rathalos and Rathian. You can access it via the Assignments tab.

Thankfully, there’s no HR requirement to take note of, but you do have to complete the following quests first:

  • Horned Tyrant Below the Sands
  • A Fiery Throne Atop the Forest

Like clockwork, “Redefining the “Power Couple” has a 50-minute time limit and three carts before you fail. Besides getting a Commendation, you can also get the Bandit Mantle through this quest.

  1. Gone In A Flash/Kirin the Myth

“Gone in a Flash” is an Optional/Repeatable Quest, making it an excellent choice for low-level players that need Commendations and the Thunderproof Mantle, which should help craft Kirin’s gear. You need to have an HR of 8 or higher and complete the following quests beforehand:

  • White Monster for a White Coat
  • Man’s Best Friend
  • Snatch the Snatcher
  • Landing the Landside Wyvern

After you’ve completed “Gone in a Flash,” you can do the “Kirin the Myth” quest. “Kirin the Myth” is considered the second part of the first low-level Kirin quest we just talked about. In it, you’re tasked with slaying two Kirin. The conditions for it are also the same, except that “Kirin the Myth” is an Event Quest—making its replayability more limited.

  1. The Poison Posse

“The Poison Posse” quest is an upgraded version of “Redefining the “Power Couple”; the only difference is that a Pukei-Pukei gets thrown into the already chaotic mix, making the fight more challenging. Thankfully, they tend to have a triple-threat match anyway (should they meet up in one of the map’s spots), so it’s easy to sneak in some juicy hits.

Since “The Poison Posse” is an Event Quest, it won’t be available to do every time you log into Monster Hunter World. The rewards aren’t all that exciting compared to the other quests we’ve discussed, but you’re guaranteed a Commendation for your efforts.

Some HR Quests Drop Commendations Too

Besides the Optional/Special/Event Quests we’ve talked about that give Commendations, some High Rank quests (6* and above) give the resource as a random reward. The drop rates are unreliable and extremely low, though. If you want to be sure you’re getting a Commendation, then it’s best to do the quests mentioned above.

It’s worth noting that Commendations shouldn’t be confused with High Commendations, a similar item obtained as a reward for much higher ranks.

Are Commendations Worth Getting?

Commendations are hard to come by since you have to complete specific quests. Then there’s also the fact that you only get one Commendation per quest, making the grind even more grueling. But don’t worry—the equipment you can craft with them, such as the Defender series weapons and Brigade armor set, are great additions to your arsenal. The grind for Commendations may be long, but they’re worth it.

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