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Minigames are a great way to spend your time in Old School RuneScape, and there’s a great variety of minigames you can try, from PvP to PvM minigames to skilling or pure entertainment. Some minigames are solo, while some require you to group up and teamwork with other players to succeed. Some of you can choose whether to tackle solo or with a group. In 2023, you need to try these minigames, as they can take your Old School experience to the next level.

  1. Barbarian Assault

Barbarian Assault is one of the hardest-to-master minigames in OSRS. However, once you learn to play your role, it will become a great money-making technique, not only because the Barbarian Assault rewards themselves but because other players could pay you and your team to boost their progress. BA will reward you with the fighter torso, a non-tradeable with similarly strong stats as the tradeable Bandos chestplate. The BA minigame is also required for the Kandarin Diary, making it a great deal for many players hunting down the completion of their Achievement diaries.

  1. Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is a minigame that will return to OSRS in 2023, as Jagex confirmed during the 2022 Winter Summit. It is a fast-paced PvP dangerous minigame that you need to try as it is a rewarding PvP activity. You’ll get proper warnings and a target once you enter the Bounty Hunter crate, and besides getting the loot from your victim, you’ll also receive their bounty. However, this minigame won’t be available for the first part of the year, and it doesn’t have an official launch date.

  1. Inferno

The inferno is another must-do minigame, which will reward you the best in slot melee cape: the Infernal Cape. This is an extreme minigame for which you’ll need max or close to max combat level and great gear, besides a lot of patience and technical skill. You’ll need to face 69 waves of mobs, including 3 Jads, before facing the final boss. You can give it a try once your combat skills are in their 90s, but the higher level you are, the more likely you are to struggle less. This is the most challenging piece of solo PvM in OSRS, but if you are successful, you will be the owner of one of the most desired yet rare non-tradeable rewards.

  1. Fight Caves

Since getting ready for the inferno could take months, if not years, depending on how much you play OSRS, a more mid-level friendly solo challenge you can try is the Fight Caves, where you’ll face Jad for the first time. By defeating all of the 63 waves and then Jad himself, you’ll be able to obtain the second-best in slot melee cape, the Fire Cape, that you’ll proudly use until late game when you get your Infernal Cape.

  1. Soulwars

In 2023, you should also try the current version of Soulwars, a very laid-back PvP minigame, which might get a rework, according to unofficial sources. This year might be your last chance to play this minigame in its current form. Here you’ll be able to AFK your way through the minigame but obtain pretty cool rewards, such as the best in-slot Prayer cape and the Ectoplasmator, a passive Prayer XP device that will soon start working on the new Phantom boss. Other rewards are imbues that you’d typically get from the Nightmare Zone.

  1. Tombs of Amascut

Tombs of Amascut or Raids 3 was introduced in mid-2022 and is also considered a safe combat minigame. You can do it solo or with a group of players, and you can get many awesome rewards from it. You will need to face four bosses before entering the final room, where two wardens will challenge you. A very desired untradeable reward from it is the Rune Pouch upgrade that will allow you to store four varieties of runes instead of three. From the tradeable rewards, some precious ones are Osmumten’s Fang and the Shadows of Tumeken, an item worth over 1.5 bil GP, and the BIS magic weapon.

  1. Giants’ Foundry

When it comes to skilling, you must try the new (2022) Smithing minigame, which is the most cost-efficient way to train Smithing: the Giants’ Foundry. This is the only way to obtain the 8-cannonball mould and the only place to recycle your metal items, for example, an Adamant Platebody.

  1. Volcanic Mine

Lastly, you should make the most of the mining minigame, the Volcanic Mine, this year. Jagex has decided that starting on January 25th, you’ll be able to obtain the Dragon Pickaxe from the Volcanic Mine in the form of a broken pickaxe which you can repair for a hefty fee of 2.5 mil GP.

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