list All Hades 2 Romance Options and How to Max Them Out

All Hades 2 Romance Options and How to Max Them Out

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Hades 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and allows our main female protagonist, Melinoe, to deepen her friendship with certain characters, which could blossom into romance. If you want to see some spicy or intimate moments, you gotta start stocking up on Nectar to help deepen your bond with these characters. This guide will show you all the available Hades 2 Romance Options and how to win them over.

Every Hades 2 Romance Option

 While you can gift Nectar to almost everyone you interact with in the game, you can only strike up potential romance options with a select few. You can romance only six individuals  as you progress through the storyline. Here are all the potential Hades 2 Romance Options:

  • Hecate
  • Dora
  • Nemesis
  • Moros
  • Odysseus
  • Eris

These characters won’t be available from the get-go but will eventually appear in The Crossroads as the story develops. Gifting them the first Ambrosia will reward you with their Keepsake, but you can take it even further by engaging in various activities with them, like trips to the Hot Springs, Taverna, and Fishing Pier. 

How to Romance in Hades 2

Unlike the first game, you can develop your bond with romanceable characters through several means. Aside from gift bombing them with Nectar, taking them to other places can cause more unique interactions. However, these different activities still require you to give them specific items  obtained from The Wretched Broker. Here is how you can get each of the romance gifts for these characters:


Nectar is the most common thing you can give to NPCs. It is also the first type of item you can gift them to obtain their Keepsake. Nectar can be bought from the Wretched Broker after you complete the incantation Kinship Fortune, which requires 60 Bones. Once you complete this ritual, the merchant will open up shop and sell you one Nectar in exchange for 30 Bones.

You can also obtain Nectar during your runs, as some stages offer it as a reward. You can even buy them from Charon’s shop if you encounter him during one of your trials. If you defeat the final boss, you also gain a recipe for the Sweet Nectar alchemy, allowing you to brew three Nectar vials in one go. 

Bath Salts (Hot Spring Excursion)

Eventually, you’ll be able to accessthe incantation Rite of Vapor Cleansing, which will unlock the Hot Springs. Before you carry out the ritual, you need to gather a couple of different materials to activate it. Here is everything you need for the rite:

  • 2 Moly (yellow flowers in Erebus)
  • 2 Lotus (pink flowers in Oceanus)
  • 2 Nightshade (flowers you grow at the Crossroads garden using Nightshade Seeds)

Note: Using the Silver Spade, you can get Nightshade Seeds by digging up curious-looking mounds of soil in Erebus. 

Once you’ve completed the ritual, the Hot Springs open up, and you’ll be able to buy Bath Salts from The Wretched Broker. You can use this item to invite the character you plan to romance on a trip to the newly opened springs. It will result in a unique interaction and dialogue, which can occur on multiple occasions. 

Ambrosia (The Tavern Excursion)

You can give Ambrosia to NPCs to take them on an excursion. This gift can invite your potential partner to the Crossroads Taverna. However, it would help if you enacted the Rite of Social Solidarity to open this location. Here is what you need to do this ritual:

  • 2 Nectar (Chamber Rewards or from the Wretched Broker)
  • 2 Garlic (dug out from Ephyra on the surface using the Silver Spade)

Once you finish this ritual, the Taverna becomes available. Afterward, the Ambrosia becomes a purchasable item in the Wretched Brokers’ wares. If you give this to one of your prospective partners, they will proceed to bond with you over a drink inside the Taverna. 

Twin Lure (Fishing Excursion)

The last item you can purchase to bring NPCs on a date is the Twin Lure. Gifting this item to someone is an invitation to the Fishing Pier, which you can unlock by completing the Rite of River-Fording. Here is what you need to finish the ritual:

  • 4 Driftwood (obtained from the Rift of Thessaly on warships)
  • 2 Cattails (dug out from curious-looking mounds of soil in Oceanus’ domain using the Silver Spade)

Once the Fishing Pier is unlocked, the Wretched Broker will start selling you Twin Lures from his shop. Afterward, you can begin gifting this item to your romantic prospects and bring them on a fishing trip. 

When Should You Give These Items to the Romance Option NPCs

The trick with romancing in Hades is to refrain from repeatedly spamming the same gifts. Your romance options require different items during different stages, which you can monitor via The Book of Shadows. In this feature, you can enact the incantation Empath’s Intuition , which allows you to monitor your relationships. It tells you your current bond level with them and what you need to do next. Here is what you need to do the rite:

  • Fate Fabric (from the Wretched Broker)
  • Myrtle (from the Fields of Mourning)

Once this feature opens, you can check your relationship levels with each NPC. The hearts below their portrait will tell you how deep your bond is with a particular character. Sometimes, this figure will have additional designs, telling you what will happen or what you need to do. Here are the symbols in the relationship progression with NPCs:

  • Heart with Ribbon: The NPC will give you a gift upon reaching this stage.
  • Heart with Bath Salts: The NPC needs a Bath Salts gift to progress the relationship.
  • Heart with Ambrosia: The NPC needs Ambrosia gift to progress the relationship.
  • Heart with Twin Lures: The NPC needs Twin Lures to progress the relationship.
  • Heart with a Clock Symbol: The NPC requires you to give them some downtime to progress the relationship. 

The Heart with a Clock Symbol means you have to wait for them to be ready for the next stage. Check your relationship status with them to see if you are already past this mark.

Note: If you try gifting NPCs with items they don’t need, they will politely decline and return them to you. This ensures you won’t waste and use the item with another character. Look at their progression chart to see what items they need, so you won’t waste resources buying the wrong items.

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