list All V Rising Passive and Which Are the Best Ones

All V Rising Passive and Which Are the Best Ones

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The Ruins of Mortis update introduced several new things to V Rising after the 1.0 release helping make substantial improvements in specific structures and in the ability systems. One of the most significant additions to the game was the Passive system that lets Vampires gain more perks. However, these bonuses can be hard to get since they require a ton of Stygian Shards to unlock. Since you’ll want to maximize your time and resources, it’s best to figure out which Passives to focus on first.

List of All V Rising Passives

There are 18 Passive Skills in V Rising, spread across three categories. Each of the six perks per section is related to one Spell School, so pick ones that cater toyour build. Here are all the V Rising Passive skills in the game:

Tier 1

  • Blood Spray: Leech 5% HP for each Critical Strike. Blood Orbs have a chance of dropping from enemies affected by Leech. 
  • Chaos Kindling: Chaos Explosion has a 50% chance of igniting enemies, and ignite deals an additional 20% bonus damage. 
  • Arcane Animator: Killing a Condemned enemy has a 15% chance of summoning a Skeleton Mage. All minions gain 10% bonus damage.
  • Spiritual Infusion: Spell Damage against Weakened enemies is increased by 10%. Weaken status extends one second longer.
  • Chill Weave: Shields absorb 10% more damage and gain bonus damage against Chilled or Frozen enemies. 
  • Lightning Fast Strikes: The primary attack speed becomes faster, making static  20% more damaging.

Tier 2

  • Hunger for Blood: Damage against V-Blood Units increases by 10%.
  • Turbulent Velocity: Dealing damage against enemies provides a 6% bonus movement speed for a few seconds. 
  • Soul Drinker: Gain a 20% chance to summon a Skeleton Warrior upon biting and reduce feed cooldown by several seconds.
  • Skin Walker: Shapeshifting grants you increased movement speed.
  • Lingering Frost: Gain a 30% chance to apply Chill after the Freeze has been cleansed.
  • Elemental Resistance: Raise all resistances by 10. 

Tier 3 

  • Sanguine Mastery: Current Blood Type increases efficiency by 8%. 
  • Embrace Mayhem: Ramps up your Ultimate Cooldown Rates.
  • Dark Enchantment: Gain 20% damage resistance buff when below 15% health.
  • Flowing Society: Spell cooldown recovery rate goes up by 5% and grants a 25% chance of not consuming Phantasm during a cooldown reset.
  • Cold Soul: Inflict Chill to targets immune to freeze and trigger an Ice Nova after killing a frozen enemy.
  • Enhanced Conductivity: Gain a 50% chance to let Chain Lightning bounce an extra time.

How to Get These Passives

The only way to acquire Passives is to use Stygian Shards on the Altar of Stygian Awakening , which then allows you to buy the perks. Each one will require a certain number of shards, which you can farm by doing incursion events. Here is the cost of each Passive in each category:

  • Tier 1 Cost per Passive: 400 Stygian Shards
  • Tier 2 Cost per Passive: 600 Greater Stygian Shards
  • Tier 3 Cost per Passive: 1,000 Greater Stygian Shards

Stygian Shards can be obtained during Rift incursion events in the Ruins of Mortium. However, you can only get these materials when the event is active. If it’s  not ongoing, you won’t get any Stygian Shards even if you farm the Draculins in that area. You need the Eye of Mortium to unlock the region and the incursions. 

There are two types of shards: the base ones and the more excellent versions. You can quickly get Stygian Shards by doing the Tier 1 incursions with a level 60 recommendation. However, to farm Greater versions, you must do the Tier 2 events, level 80+. You can craft the Greater Stygian Shards using 12 Stygian Shards on the Gem Cutting Table.

Which Passives Should You Get First

You’ll eventually unlock all Passive skills as you progress through the game, but the real trick here is to learn which perks to prioritize first. While Stygian Shards are farmable, they’re used for so many things in the game that you’ll run out of stock fast, forcing you to run through the incursion events. Prioritizing specific bonuses first will help you become more robust and efficient in fights to unlock other Passives more quickly. Here are the best V Rising Passive skills to go for first:

Tier 1

  • Lightning Fast Strikes: Among the Tier 1 Perks, this should be the first one you get. This Passive beefs up your attack speed regardless of your build, which would benefit any weapon. The Static bonus helps if you are in that specific School of Magic, but the attack speed is the main reason you’ll want to take it.
  • Chill Weave: Chill Weave’s bonus on shields takes effect on all barriers regardless of the School of Magic that spawned them. It’s a great pick if you have spells that create shields. 
  • Chaos Kindling: Of all the Magic-specific Passives, Chaos Kindling deals the most damage. Ignite’s 20% bonus damage is beneficial against V-Blood bosses if you have Chaos-oriented Magic. In addition, the 50% chance to activate a Chaos Explosion by attacking ignited enemies is excellent when fighting mobs. 

Tier 2

  • Hunger for Blood:  This passive is pretty beneficial, considering you’ll be fighting V-Bloods until the very end of the game. Thus, you’llsignificantly benefit from this bonus even in your showdown against the final boss.
  • Turbulent Velocity: As you progress into the V-Blood tree, bosses become more powerful and agile, so you need more maneuverability and speed. This passive provides a much-needed boost to your movement speed, increasing your agility. This perk is even more helpful while playing a ranged build or for dodging attacks. 
  • Elemental Resistance: At this point in the game, you will be vulnerable to elements such as Silver, Holy Damage, Garlic, etc. The additional resistance will provide huge defensive benefits in many situations. It becomes even more helpful in battles where you can’t use potions to build resistance against Boss skills with elemental tags, like Ignite and Chills.
  • Skin Walker: The additional movement speed while shapeshifting is unnecessary, but it’s a huge  improvement when farming resources. Even though you’ll have the Dominate Horse ability, you’ll still use your Wolf form in many instances, especially in enemy-dominated regions that would knock us off our steeds.

Tier 3

  • Sanguine Mastery: You should have already captured prisoners with 100% blood type by this point. You’ll be able to enjoy your prisoners’ perks for much longer with this passive  since your blood pool drains slower. It’s one of the better Tier 3 perks if you have a 100% Blood type. 
  • Embrace Mayhem: This is arguably the best to cast multiple times during boss fights. It is also beneficial when running spell-oriented builds.
  • Flowing Sorcery: Even if you are not running spellcasting builds, the increased spell cooldown rates will help tremendously. Using support, utility, or damage skills at higher frequencies can increase your effectiveness in battle.

Due to the limited amount of shards obtained from farming events per run, focusing on these passives will optimize your builds and make you more efficient at grinding. Once you unlock these priority perks, you can start unlocking other bonuses. It’s still a good idea to obtain these passive skills, even if they provide minimal advantages to your build because they can help you minimize your setup. 

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