list V Rising Best Horse Stats

V Rising Best Horse Stats

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Getting around Vardoran can be quite a hassle, especially when having to transport a lot of goods. Teleporters can be handy when going to places before farming, but you need to find alternate means of travel when you can’t use them because of certain items. Horses serve as the primary mode of transportation on the map, and tons of them are available in several regions. These animals can have varying stats that help determine their speed. If you are looking for a horse to turn into your Vampire Steed, knowing their max stats can help you decide which one to dominate.

Where Can You Find Horses

Horses become available as soon as you enter the Dunley Farmland region. Most of them can be found here in various locations. However, you can also spot some of them in the Silverlight Hills in specific locations.  Here are the typical locations you can find and hitch a ride:

  • Army Outposts
  • Cotton Farms
  • Militia Camp
  • Dawnbreak Village
  • Mosswick Village
  • Dunley Lumber Mill
  • Horse Track
  • Bastion of Dunley

You can mount horses at anytimewithout any need for a spell or action to make them friendly towards you. However, regular mounts must be taken care of, and waterskins must be regularly given. Otherwise, they will deteriorate and die. On the other hand, if you use Dominate a Mount, you can turn one a horse into your very own Vampire Steed,which won’t need any type of maintenance to keep alive. If you plan to make a permanent Horse, it’s best to determine whether the ones you’ve picked have good stats.

What are the Best V Rising Horse Stats

V Rising horses have three attributes that determine their quality. However, these three stats will have randomized values. . Here are all the stats for the horses, along with their min and max values:

AttributeMin ValueMax Value
Max Speed8.011.0
Rotation Speed12.014.0

In general, you want to obtain Horses that have the maximum value in each stat. However, finding one with all three maxed out is rare, so you should focus more on Max Speed and Acceleration first. These stats will determine how fast you can get from one place to another. However, if you constantly get knocked off your steed, Rotation Speed will become more critical since it helps you maneuver out of harm’s way. 

The best range for Max Speed is 10.0 to 11.0; for Acceleration, it’s 5.0 to 7.0; and for Rotation Speed, any values between 12.0 and 14.0 would suffice. You want to play around with these stats, so that traveling from Gloomrot to Farbane will feel a lot smoother. 

Raising the Horse’s Stats

What might not be known to newer players is that you can raise the value of the first two stats by one, surpassing the maximum number. However, it would help if you had the Vampire Horse Saddle for this, which you can unlock after subduing a Steed. First, you must raise your Castle Heart Level to 4, giving you the Dominate Horse ability.

To unlock the Vampire Horse Saddle, you need to finish the “Nightfall Steed” task, which you can complete simply by subduing your first Horse. Afterward, the saddle will be available for crafting at the leatherworking station. Here is the recipe for this item:

  • Vampire Horse Saddle
  • 8 Thick Leather
  • 4 Iron Ingot

The best thing about subduing Horses is that they also gain an ability. Unlike regular Horses, Vampire horses can jump, which helps you hop over obstacles and avoid projectiles. In addition, Vampire Horses can be resurrected if they die and can be summoned to you wherever you are. This is why it’s essential to find the best stats so your trusty steed will be in its fastest and at its best form after becoming your ethereal companion.

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