list Unlocking All Spells in V Rising

Unlocking All Spells in V Rising

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On your journey to become a powerful vampire lord/lady in V Rising, you’ll need to unlock every spell in your spellbook to cast some powerful magic against your enemies. The game has many abilities and spells that require defeating certain targets called Blood Carriers in order to progress. This guide will list down each ability and who you must slay in order to receive them.

Act 1 Spells

V Rising does have a questline that will guide you through crafting progression so that you are eased into improving your technology level. Many of the abilities listed below will be found in the Farbane Woods region.

Wolf Form

This ability will allow you to shapeshift into a wolf, giving you extra movement speed and better terrain traversal. You can unlock this form by defeating Alpha, The White Wolf, and draining its blood.

Tier 1 Ice Spell Point

These Ice spells can be unlocked by defeating Keely, the Frost Archer. She is located at the Bandit Trapper Camp. She will be the first human Carrier boss in the game.

Tier 1 Chaos Spell Point

These Chaos spells are unlocked after slaying Errol the Stonebreaker. He will frequently spawn at the Bandit Copper Mine. You can obtain another point in the Chaos spellbook after defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer. She does not have a specific spawn point, but she will always be in the Farbane Woods region. Another source would be from Clive the Firestarter, located in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry.

Blood Rage

The spell is unlocked after slaying Rufus the Foreman, who is on patrol around the Bandit Logging Camp.

Tier 1 Illusion Spell Point

The first Illusion spell tree can be unlocked after beating Grayson the Armourer in the Bandit Armory. Another spell point can be found by defeating Polora the Feywalker, who will always spawn in the Gleaming Meadows. You can find two others in the Dunley Farmlands by taking on the Act 2 bosses, Christina the Sun Priestess and Maja the Dark Savant. You’ll find Christina wandering between Dawnbreak Village and Mosswick Village and Maja in the Forbidden Tower.

Tier 1 Unholy Spell Point

Goreswine the Ravager will provide one point for the Unholy spell tree after beating him. He will patrol between the Desecrated Graveyard and the Infested Graveyard.

Rat Form

This animal form allows you to slip past enemies unseen due to your small size. Nibbles the Putrid Rat will drop this, but it will only appear after you assemble a Vermin Nest in your camp. You will need 4 Grave Dust and 1 Unsullied Heart to summon Nibbles.

Bear Form

This animal form is required to progress into Act 2 of V Rising, as reaching the Act boss requires the Crush weapon skill obtained from this form. You will need to defeat Kodia the Ferocious Bear, located in the aptly named Bear Cave.

Corrupted Skull

This spell is unlocked after defeating Nicholaus the Fallen in the Forgotten Cemetery.

Merciless Charge

The boss that unlocked this spell, Quincey the Bandit King, requires the use of the Crush skill in Bear form at the Bandit Stronghold gate to enter the encampment and fight him. He is the final boss for Act 1.

Act 2

All of the Act 2 bosses are located in the Dunley Farmlands region on the map.

Frost Barrier

You can obtain one of the best defensive spells in V Rising by defeating Vincent the Frostbringer. He can be found wandering the roads south of Dunley Farmlands.

Blood Hunger, Veil of Frost

These two abilities are earned upon defeating Tristan, the Vampire Hunter, who can be found on the roads between Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands.

Ward of the Damned

Kriig, the Undead General, will unlock this spell upon defeat. He can be found at the Haunted Iron Mine.

Death Knight

Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, will unlock the Death Knight skill. You can find her at the Church of the Damned.

Veil of Bones, Human Form

The Human Form allows you to walk into any settlement without drawing aggro from human enemies. It drops from Bane the Shadowblade, who wanders the roads of Dunley Farmlands.


This spell drops from Grethel the Glassblower in the Quartz Quarry.

Veil of Storm

Meredith the Bright Archer will provide this spell, and she can be found at the Haunted Iron Mine.

Spectral Guardian

This spell drops from Terah the Geomancer in Bedrock Pass plateau, northwest of Dunley Farmlands.

Ice Nova

Drops from Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror, who patrols the roads of the Hallowed Mountains region.

Chaos Barrage

Jade the Vampire Hunter drops this spell after defeating her. She can be found on the roads of Dunley Farmlands.

Crimson Beam

Raziel the Shepherd will drop this spell on defeat. He spawns at the Dunley Monastery.

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