list V Rising Best Weapons for PvE and PvP

V Rising Best Weapons for PvE and PvP

By | May 16th, 2024 | Categories: Others

Since its first launch, V Rising has introduced a lot of good weapons, and we’ve obtained tons of new ones to use against Humans and Vampire enemies alike. And, with the most recent update, we’ve got even more weapons to use for different combinations and builds. If you aren’t sure which one to run or which to use for your character, this guide will help you decide which will suit your PvE or PvP build needs.  

All Weapon Types and Abilities

We have 11 weapons in V Rising, which can be unlocked as you progress through your V-blood. These items offer various skills and proficiencies. Once you’ve unlocked Iron Tech, all these weapons become available, allowing you to finally lock in on which ones to go with for your build. Here are all the V Rising Weapons and their abilities:

  • Sword
    • Whirlwind
    • Shockwave
  • Axes
    • Frenzy
    • X-Strike
  • Mace
    • Crushing Blow
    • Smack
  • Spear
    • A Thousand Spears
    • Harpoon
  • Slashers
    • Elusive Strike
    • Camouflage
  • Reaper
    • Tendon Swing
    • Howling Reaper
  • Whip
    • Aerial Whip Twirl
    • Entangling Whip
  • Greatsword
    • Great Cleaver
    • Death from Above
  • Crossbow
    • Rain of Bolts
    • Snapshot
  • Longbow
    • Multishot
    • Guided Arrow
  • Pistol
    • Fan the Hammer
    • Explosive Bullet

PvP and PvE are the lifeblood of V Rising, so knowing which weapons would be best for either one can help you create the most powerful Vampire in the land.

Best V Rising Overall Weapons

These weapons perform great in both PvP and PvE, as their kits are versatile in both types of battle. However, you may need to alter your playstyle for each since PvP requires more mobile moves while PvE prefers greater DPS. Here are the best overall weapons in V Rising:

  • Slashers — While Slashers don’t deal as much damage as other weapons, they still dole out a proficient amount of DPS while maintaining good mobility. For PvE, Slashers allow for excellent survivability skills and average DPS. The first skill can help you dodge particular abilities, while the second will enable you to lose aggro to find a short rest period when fighting bosses. For PvP, you benefit significantly from Elusive Strike’s Slow and Camouflage’s first strike hit.
  • Spear — Although the Spear may seem like an unpopular choice for many reasons, it’s hands-down one of the highest DPS dealers in the game. The only caveat is that you’re left extremely vulnerable while using the primary damage dealer, A Thousand Spears. However, the Spear is still an excellent choice in both PvP and PvE because of its first skill, which has a useful Stun and Stagger ability. Besides that, you also have Harpoon, which is useful when battling players from afar.
  • Axes — Due to their versatile kit, Axes feel like one of the most comfortable weapons. While mainly a melee item, X-Strike allows you to hit enemies from afar while also incapacitating them. This skill is excellent for fights against players or during boss sequences where you can’t get up close. In addition, Frenzy is a significant gap closer, providing increased movement and attack speed. Increased mobility with decent damage makes Axes an excellent choice for PvP or PvE.

Best V Rising PvE Weapons

Regarding PvE, we prefer weapons with good sustained DPS or excellent burst damage. Most bosses in V Rising have several dodge abilities and counters, so it’s good to use weapons that can keep doing uninterrupted attacks or deal significant burst damage before the enemies can dodge. Here are the best ones for PvE:

  • Longbow —The Longbow is one of the best PvE weapons due to its range and great clearing speed. The focus mechanic, which ramps up your skills and DPS, allows you to deal significant damage against bosses. Multishot is excellent for clearing mobs or adds during boss fights, while Guided Arrow will be your best friend when slaying elites. The only catch with the Longbow is that good aim is required to get the most out of it. 
  • Greatsword —The Greatsword is good against bosses, especially those who summon adds. Both Great Cleaver and Death from Above deal significant AoE damage and some crowd control. In addition, you can deal so much damage in a short burst, which is excellent when fighting mobile bosses. However, due to the slow attack speed and reasonable aim requirement, you’ll have difficulty playing this in PvP.
  • Reaper — The Reaper might feel like a lackluster weapon due to its robust kit, but it’s excellent when used purely for PvE. Tendon Swing and Howling Reaper are good at dealing AoE damage and certain degrees of crowd control. Using its skills against bosses will require good timing but will reward significant DPS on a successful hit. 

Best V Rising PvP Weapons

The focus of PvP weapons is being able to deal sustained damage, even to the most mobile of enemies, or being able to deal colossal amounts of burst damage with little input. Having good crowd control also boosts their kit to pin down mobile players. Here are the best weapons we like to use for PvP:

  • Sword — While Sword is great at mob clearing, its kit makes it too susceptible to damage due to its lack of mobility when fighting bosses. However, it shines intensely when fighting other players due to its Shockwave ability, which lets you blink at a target. You can use this to pin down players after they exhaust their movement skills and then follow up with Whirlwind to deal unmitigated damage.
  • Mace — Mace is great in a PvP setting due to its high damage and reliable stun. Crushing Blow can be a significant gap closer, mobility skill, and crowd control. In addition, Smack can also incapacitate enemies while knocking them back. With both abilities having CC, it’s easy to pin down enemy players while dealing colossal damage. Mace isn’t great in PvP because it lacks sustained damage against bosses. 
  • Whip — While the Whip has excellent mobility and crowd control, it deals pretty mediocre damage, which isn’t great in boss fights. However, its excellent maneuverability lets you dodge most attacks from enemies while keeping enemies at bay with CC — making it ideal in a PvP scenario. While you won’t beat others quickly, you will win a prolonged fight. 
  • Pistol — This weapon is considered one of the best for PvP. It has excellent movement skills paired with knockback attacks to maintain distance between enemies. It also has great single-target DPS with its Primary and good AoE with Fan the Hammer. We prefer to mainly use this for PvP rather than PvE because you won’t benefit from the knockbacks when fighting bosses, an essential aspect of the Pistol.

Note: Crossbow is not feasible either because it’s underwhelming and deals very little DPS due to its slow attack speed. In addition, its primary damage-dealing skill, Rain of Bolts, has very little AoE, which makes it pretty unreliable.

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