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V Rising Charged Battery Where to Get It

By | May 16th, 2024 | Categories: Others

The farther you progress into the game, you have to farm higher-quality and complex materials to craft more powerful items. Charged Batteries are one of the end-game components that you need to create Power Cores, which you will need for various top-tier equipment. Typically, you can find Depleted ones as drops, but it’s unclear where you can find the Charged ones. This guide will help you figure out how to farm Charged Batteries. 

Where to Get Charged Batteries

Players need clarification about obtaining Charged Batteries because no recipes are available. In addition, none of the production stations feature instructions on how to craft one, and it’s because you’re not supposed to obtain them through normal means. You can obtain Charged Batteries in the Gloomrot region, but you must do a hazardous task to get them. 

The first thing you need to do is to obtain stacks of Depleted Batteries. You can get these items from Tech Scrap Piles scattered throughout Gloomrot or by slaying machine enemies like Drillers, Gattlers, Zappers, and Lightning Protectors. Tech Scrap Piles are machine parts clumps forming an Ore or Mining Deposit. You need them multiple times to break them, and they will drop Tech Scrap materials with each hit. 

We advise you to obtain at least five stacks of these, each with ten pieces of Depleted Batteries. Once you’ve gathered enough, head towards Thunderstrike Peak or Stormdrain Hills. You can find these zones in the middle and western portions of Gloomrot, respectively. However, we must warn you that Lightning Strikes in these hills are more frequent, so you must stay active for a while.

Once you’ve reached these zones, you must look for Lightning Harvesters, which are large terminals that siphon electricity. You can interact with these contraptions and choose to charge the batteries. Once you do, deposit ten pieces of Depleted Batteries, and the terminal will take several seconds to charge them up. Once you collect the deposited batteries, the Lightning Harvesters will overload, so you can’t use them for several minutes until they are back online, which can take up to five minutes. 

Tips When Charging Batteries

  • Lightning Harvesters act as conductors on hilltops, lessening the number of lightning strikes that might hit you. However, once they become overloaded, they no longer attract electricity so strikes will occur more often. Lightning becomes more erratic and destructive, so make sure you are always on the move after collecting the batteries.
  • It’s better to clear nearby mobs before collecting the Charged Batteries. These enemies will be a nuisance when the Lightning Strikes become more frequent, so it’s best to remove them from the area rather than trying to dodge too many things at once.
  • There will be multiple Lightning Harvesters in Thunderstrike Peak and Stormdrain Hills. We advise depositing all Charged Batteries into all of them so that the terminals will cool down simultaneously after overloading. Aside from being more efficient, this ensures that the Lightning rampage due to these machines being unavailable occurs simultaneously.

What to Do with Charged Batteries

Charged batteries are mainly used to create power cores, which can then be used to create a number of things, including different structures and jewelry. Here is everything you can craft once you’ve collected Charged Batteries:

  • Onyx Tear (crafted via Anvil)
    • 4 Gold Ingots
    • 4 Power Cores
    • 120 Blood Crystals
  • Amulet of the Arch-Warlock (crafted via Artisan Table)
    • 1 Blood Merlot Amulet
    • 4 Flawless Sapphire
    • 12 Power Cores
  • Amulet of the Wicked Prophet (crafted via Artisan Table)
    • 1 Blood Merlot Amulet
    • 4 Flawless Amethyst
    • 12 Power Cores
  • Amulet of the Crimson Commander (crafted via Artisan Table)
    • 1 Blood Merlot Amulet
    • 4 Flawless Ruby
    • 12 Power Cores
  • Amulet of the Blademaster (crafted via Artisan Table)
    • 1 Blood Merlot Amulet
    • 4 Flawless Topaz
    • 12 Power Cores
  • Amulet of the Unyielding Charger (crafted via Artisan Table)
    • 1 Blood Merlot Amulet
    • 4 Flawless Emerald
    • 12 Power Cores
  • Amulet of the Master Spellweaver (crafted via Artisan Table)
    • 1 Blood Merlot Amulet
    • 4 Flawless Miststone
    • 12 Power Cores
  • Castle Heart Level 5
    • 12 Dark Silver Ingot
    • 4 Power Core
    • 1 Primal Blood Essence
  • The Eye of Twilight
    • 4 Gold Ingot
    • 4 Power Core
    • 20 Schematic
  • Blue Castle Teleporter
    • 4 Power Core
    • 8 Stone Brick

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