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Dragon's Dogma 2 mods
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a modding scene with plenty of visual, gameplay, and other quality-of-life alterations that make the game fun and more accessible. The article will list some of the best mods you can download and install in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to improve your overall experience. All of the mods listed are found in Nexus Mods.


REFramework is the main modding requirement for Dragon’s Dogma, as some mods require this framework to function when changing up in-game values. Prioritize downloading this mod.

Fluffy Mod Manager

This mod is a versatile and easy-to-use mod manager that lets you install other mods easily. Get this mod first before modding Dragon’s Dogma 2

Infinite Stamina Out of Combat

Stamina management is the primary resource for all your combat skills in the game, and its management is crucial to winning more prolonged battles against bosses. However, when running around in the open world, you will still consume stamina when sprinting from one area to the next. This can be frustrating for some players, so this mod aims to provide quality of life while traveling the open world without being unfair in combat.

Crazy’s Shop

This mod adds new stock in the shops of Vernworth, with rarer items available for sale, like Elite Camping Sets, Eternal Wakestone, Ferrystones, Golden Trove Beetles, and even Riftcrystals. There will be 255 of each item available, but note that these items will still retain their expensive prices.

Seeker’s Token Markers

These items are scattered and hidden all around the open world. Overall, there are 250 Seeker’s Tokens that can only be found in secret locations. However, with this map mod, finding all tokens will be easier to pull off as it reveals every Seeker’s Token in the world map while removing the icon once it has been found.

Material Shop and Armory

Many weapons can be upgraded in a blacksmith, but certain monster parts are required to upgrade them. Some monsters only spawn in certain areas, making searching for materials tedious for some. This mod will change the stock of the Philbert’s Sundries shop in Vernworth to sell every possible monster drop in the game to make weapon upgrading manageable. Be aware that this mod is incompatible with the Crazy’s Shop mod.

Don’t Be Afraid of Excess Weight

Inventory weight is an aspect of Dragon’s Dogma gameplay that dictates your stamina regeneration and consumption. Having heavy encumbrance can be annoying as you drain stamina quicker while also leaving little room for other loot that you can find. There are many ways to increase your carry weight, like Golden Trove Beetles and the Ring of Accrual. This mod will change the maximum carry weight of the Ring to 20 million kilograms, letting you carry everything without worry.

Early and Cheap Art of Metamorphosis

If you are unsatisfied with your Arisen or Pawn’s look, you can use the tome called Art of Metamorphosis to change your character’s appearance. This item is rare and sold as a microtransaction item in the store. However, this mod will make the merchant in Melve sell 98 copies of this item, so you can change your character’s looks whenever you want.

Lock-On Combat with Dodge

Only the Fighter class in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can initiate a dodge roll maneuver, while other classes have to make do with keeping a safe distance from a fight. Also, some players can be dissuaded by the lack of a camera lock-on system, making landing hits difficult for some players. This mod aims to give the game a more Souls-like feel, with all classes having this movement option for free and a lock-on for easier targeting.

Custom Difficulty Tweaks

If the game becomes too easy because of your build, the Custom Difficulty Tweaks mod increases enemy health, damage, and staggers values to make monsters last longer. This also makes enemies continuously scale to your level so that even easier monsters will still be challenging to fight, even when going through New Game Plus.


Some armor sets look cooler than others, but item stat values are too important ever to consider fashion. The game has no official transmog system, meaning that you must use the best possible equipment whether or not it suits your character idea. This mod provides that service, letting you hide armor pieces or replace the current armor model with the one you want. This also works for your Pawn, letting you fully customize how you want them to look.

Clear Effect Description

The stat buffs, Augments, and items in Dragon’s Dogma do not show any numerical values, making their effects vague and difficult to understand. This mod replaces the descriptive text for all stat increases to include their respective percentage and flat stat values so players can buildcraft easier.

Better UI – Colorful Map Icons

The current map icons for the UI are challenging to read due to their duller color, making them especially difficult to see while in cities. This mod makes the map icons contrast in color more for better accessibility and readability.

Better Beetles

Golden Trove Beatles are a rare find and should be a rewarding item to obtain with its bonus to carry weight, but the bonus is too minuscule to see any tangible effect on your character. The Better Beetles mod buffs the carry weight bonus of the Golde Trove Beetle so that it can add either 1kg, 10kg, or 100kg of extra weight to your character, depending on your settings.

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