Fallout 76: What’s New With The Upcoming Skyline Valley Update

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Fallout 76 is seeing a completely new region arrive in the public test server, with new points interests, enemy factions, weapons, armor, and all other bits of content for players to enjoy once the update hits. Skyline Valley will be located at the southernmost tip of the Savage Divide, near Vault 96. After years of Appalachia staying much of the same, the brand-new region will be a breath of fresh air, with more places to explore and dangers to brave.

How To Access Skyline Valley

If you are reading this before the update goes live and you want to try  it out, you can download the Public Test Server version of Fallout 76, which is where all upcoming content is released for players to test and see if any bugs remain before the update goes live on regular servers. As for getting started on the questline for Skyline Valley, tune in to the Vault-Tec broadcast on the radio to receive the quest “An Unlikely Invitation” which will set you on the road to this region.

Points of Interest in Skyline Valley

No Fallout game is complete without the many locations that can be explored and fast-travelled to after discovering it. This update adds in new Pre-War buildings to delve into, as well as open areas with lots of interesting lore and story info waiting to be discovered. The following locations will be added as soon as the update goes live:

  • Abandoned convoy
  • Big Meadows Gas Well
  • Camp Liberty
  • Crossroad
  • Dark Hollow Manor
  • Grindstone Arch
  • Hawksbill Weather Station
  • Robot testing waiting area
  • Hemlock Springs Dump
  • High Knob Lookout
  • Makeout Point
  • Manor Foyer
  • Mary’s Rock Tunnel
  • Naked Creek
  • Old Crimora Mines
  • Old Rag Lookout
  • Park ranger radio bunker
  • Ranger monitoring bunker
  • Rapidan Camp
  • The Brown House
  • Research Site Bavaria
  • Research Site Rhineland
  • Research Site Saxony
  • Shenandoah National Park
  • Shenandoah Visitor Center
  • Shining Creek Cavern
  • Skyline Drive: Entrance
  • Slumber Mill Motel
  • South River Bridge
  • Stony Man Lookout
  • The Presidential Bunker
  • The Trading Post
  • Three Ponds
  • Thunder Mountain substation TM-03
  • Treetop lookout

New Enemy Faction: The Lost

Former residents of Vault 63, these Vault Dwellers have emerged in Appalachia as ghoulified enemies that roam the Skyline Valley. As a result of their tampering with their weather machine, they can harness the power of the storm to their advantage. Much like the Scorched found all throughout Appalachia, the Lost can also utilize guns and melee weapons. But that’s not all, there are also Feral Lost among their ranks and theycome equipped with exclusive equipment from Vault 63, which can be used by players. One thing that players will notice is that the Lost emit electrical static, making them especially vulnerable to pulse grenades. Part of the new wildlife in this region are the Thrashers, giant mutated turkeys that attack with their talons and beaks, and the long-lost Wanamingo enemy, a previously cut enemy from the original Fallout games that may potentially return in this update.

New Public Events

There are two new public events that are exclusive to the Skyline Valley are “Dangerous Pastimes” and the nuclear strike event “Neurological Warfare” which only occurs if a player strikes the Skyline Valley region with a nuke. These events will primarily feature The Lost as the main enemy horde and will have the chance to drop new gear and plans for players to earn.

In ‘Dangerous Pastimes, players will be hunting down Lightning Harvester parts around the event zone. Once 40 of these parts are found, players must then kill the Lost swarming the area to charge up the Lightning Harvester. Once enough energy has been harvested, the Thunder Crab boss will spawn and players must work together to bring down the boss. Killing it will complete the event.

In “Neurological Warfare”, a player must first land a nuclear missile on the Hawksbill Weather Station, much like the Scorchbeast Queen and Earle event. Players must fight three Storm Goliaths: Morta, Decima and Nona. Destroying one of the Storm Goliaths will empower the surviving Goliaths. This event will reward participants with stable flux and unique plans.

New Weapons and Armor

There will be more firepower for players to make use of in Appalachia, as the Lost have their own advanced weaponry. These weapons are included for the new update:

  • Shattered Grounds: A handmade rifle given after completing “Double Crossed Wires”
  • Ticket to Revenge: A railway rifle given as a quest reward for ‘Seeking Shelter”
  • V63-OLGA
  • V63 Shock Baton
  • V63 Zweihaender: A unique variant of the V63 Shock Baton, rewarded upon completing “The Eye of the Storm” quest
  • Vault 63 armor

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