Hades 2: All Weapon Tier list and How To Unlock Them

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In Hades 2, Melinoe can change up her combat approach by using different weapons to make encounters more manageable. There are currently 5 weapons in the game, but more will be added in the final version . For now, we will rank these weapons based on viability and power. We will also talk about how you can unlock each weapon for future runs.

#5 Umbral Flames

This Nocturnal Arm is tricky to use, often requiring Melinoe to keep spacing in mind when dealing her attacks. The standard attack for this weapon launches homing projectiles while its special creates two orbiting balls that spiral outward. Its Omega attack will create the same projectiles but will constantly orbit around Melinoe the entire time. Being able to get in range with an enemy while also handling those orbiting projectiles can be difficult for many players. And, since the Hades games are very fast-paced and require quickreaction times, using Umbral Flames will slow you down to a crawl.

The weapon can be unlocked by spending 3 silver and 3 cinder, which requires the Crescent Pick to mine for it. Meanwhile cinders require beating Hecate to obtain one per run.

It can be affixed with either the Aspect of Moros or the Aspect of Eos. The Aspect of Moros costs 2 Bronze and 2 Tears, making attacks linger for 6 seconds after firing them and will explode in a blast if hit by a special attack.

The Aspect of Eos costs 2 Driftwood and 2 Golden Apples and will cause attacks to grow larger over 4 seconds and will return to Melinoe when you sprint.

#4 Moonstone Axe

Although this weapon is slow and sluggish, it can hit really hard and be made lethal with the right boons. Its standard attack is a three-hit combo, with the last strike doing AoE damage. Its special attack is a block that negates damage while also dealing slight damage to enemies caught in the radius. Its Omega attack is a spin attack that hits enemies in a large radius. When it comes to clearing out rooms of minions, the Moonstone Axe is a true powerhouse, but once you start reaching boss rooms, it can be a tough weapon to use due to the aggressive move sets of bosses like Scylla, Cerberus, and Chronos.

Unlocking this weapon costs 15 Silver, meaning this weapon will take multiple runs with the Crescent Pick to mine every silver deposit you find.

The Aspects available for the Moonstone Axe are the Aspect of Charon and Aspect of Thanatos.

The Aspect of Charon costs 5 Pearls and 1 Obol. The cast attack takes 3 seconds longer to cast but can be detonated by following up with an Omega special attack.

The Aspect of Thanatos costs 3 Glassrock and one Dark. This Aspect increases the critical chance of Melinoe’s attacks by 1% up to 4% max. This buff resets after taking a hit.

#3 Argent Skull

The Argent Skull is a ranged weapon that has 3 shots  as its standard attack. The special attack will make Melinoe dash while dealing slight damage, but this is best used for retrieving the skull after firing it. Its Omega attack allows the fired skull to detonate with a larger radius,dealing even more damage. The Argent Skull is far easier to use than the Umbral Flames and deals just as much damage.

The weapon costs 1 Bronze and 2 Glassrock to unlock. Bronze can only be found in Olympus, but it can be mined by the Crescent Pick.

This weapon can be enhanced by the Aspect of Medea and the Aspect of Persephone.

The Aspect of Medea costs 4 Iron and 1 Nightshade. Attacks explode in a larger area upon impact and will always stay at melee range to you. Standard and special attack damage are increased by 20%.

The Aspect of Persephone costs 5 Poppy and 1 Moss. Damage dealt by Argent Skull generates Glory stacks, which increases the damage of Omega attacks per stack.

#2 Witch’s Staff

Despite being Melinoe’s starter weapon, the Witch’s Staff is the most reliable and well-rounded weapon in her arsenal since it can do both melee and ranged damage. Its standard attacks are quick jabs with decent reach, its special attacks are basic projectiles, and its Omega attack is a charged-up beam that strikes enemies at Melinoe’s front and back. The Witch’s Staff is a solid weapon that can be used even when facing off against Chronos due to its diverse move set.

The Witch’s Staff can be enhanced with either the Aspect of Circe or the Aspect of Momus.

The Aspect of Circe costs 5 Silver and 5 Lotus. Melinoe will gain the Serenity buff after landing 21 hits. Serenity grants a 15% speed bonus to Omega attacks and restores your Magick.

The Aspect of Momus costs  2 Lime and 1 Pearl. When you reach below 50% life, Melinoe can absorb her Omega Special to restore 5 health. Her special attacks will also deal increased damage.

#1 Sister Blades

These twin blades are perfect for the fast and chaotic gameplay of Hades 2, as they can output some fast DPS. Its standard attacks are two short-ranged slashes, its special attack is a long-ranged knife throw, and its Omega attack causes Melinoe to dash towards an enemy and backstab them. The Sister Blades can boost Melinoe’sagility, which is vital to surviving any encounter in Hades 2, especially in boss fights.

The weapon is really cheap, only costing 1 Silver to unlock.

The blades can be enhanced with either the Aspect of Artemis or the Aspect of Pan.

The Aspect of Artemis costs 15 Silver and 1 Glassrock. Channeling the Omega track will allow Melinoe to Parry an attack every 15 seconds and add a 50% crit chance bonus for a short duration. Omega attack channeling is faster.

The Aspect of Pan costs 1 Wool and 2 Shaderock. This weapon’s special attacks will track enemies caught in the weapon’s cast attack and fire more blades after channeling.

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