FFBE Tier List

FFBE Tier List
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Final Fantasy Braves Exvius has spawned a lot of units throughout its history. Most of these characters are based on other Final Fantasy titles, while others are from crossovers or are FFBE originals. The highly successful FF game has tons of content available with as many events happening in the game. With so many things to do in this fun and story-rich gacha title, players must assemble their teams that would be appropriate for specific challenges. This FFBE tier list will help gamers form the group of their dreams.

Why Would You Need An FFBE Tier List?

Aside from forming the strongest team, using a tier list will help players formulate their own team compositions that would work for specific content. FFBE has many features, dungeons, and battles that gamers can engage in, and not every unit will fare well in these challenges. The best way to optimize your damage and your chances of winning is to make a group for each instance with a high probability of success. Here are all the features that people will most likely encounter in FFBE:

  • World
  • Dungeons
  • Arena
  • Colosseum
  • Expedition
  • Vortex
  • Event Challenges
  • Side Stories

A tier list can help gamers create a team that can compete well in almost every challenge or excels greatly in specific content. 

FFBE Tier List

S Tier

Units in this tier are excellent all-around and require little investment to make them extremely powerful. They are very flexible and can be used in most features, so their effectiveness depends on the users. For these units, you only have to worry about team synergy.

  • Paladin Cecil (Debuffer and Support)
  • FF XIII-2 Lightning (Magical Tank and Support)
  • Rena (Healer and Magical Attacker)
  • Alphonse Elric (Physical Tank)
  • Angel of Death Kuja (Magical Attacker)
  • Sacred Shield Charlotte (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • Seeker of Freedom Vaan (Debuffer and Physical Attacker)
  • Warrior of Dawn Galuf (Physical Attacker and Support) 
  • Hallowed Aegis Charlotte (Physical Tank and Magical Tank)
  • Lucas (Magical Tank and Healer)
  • Lunefreya (Support)
  • Awakened Warrior of Light (Physical Tank and Support)
  • Healing Avatar Lid (Debuffer)
  • White Knight Noel (Magical Attacker and Physical Tank)
  • Nichol of the Epsilon Star (Support and Debuffer)
  • FF X-2 Rikku (Debuffer and Support)
  • Warrior of Light Lenna (Healer and Support)

A Tier

While they may not be at the top of the tier list, these units are no less extremely viable. They require minor to no investments to compete with the S tier, but they may lack in certain aspects compared to the top-ranked characters. However, when they are placed in a team that synergizes well with their kit, they become very dependable and sometimes worth more than S Tiers.

  • A.I. Katty (All Rounder)
  • Doctor Aiden (Healer and Physical Tank)
  • Emperor Foo (Support and Debuffer)
  • Daughter of Destiny Vanille (Debuffer and Magical Attacker)
  • Benevolent Beauty Rem (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Elephim (Debuffer and Support)
  • Ignis (Healer and Support)
  • Kryla (Support)
  • Folka (Healer and Support)
  • Myra (Healer and Support)
  • Qin (Magical Attacker and Support)
  • Regis (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • Sakura & Ayaka (Healer and Magical Attacker)
  • Sylvie (Support and Debuffer)
  • Wildcard Ace (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Sweet Luka (Support and Debuffer)
  • Summer Fina & Lid (Debuffer and Healer)
  • Sieghard (Physical Tank and Debuffer)
  • Yuraisha (Support)
  • Zenaida (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Umbral Dragon Dark Fina (Magical Attacker)
  • Adventurer Locke (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • 2B (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Aerith (Healer and Support)
  • Chow (Magical Tank and Healer)
  • Dancing Heart Penelo (Magical Tank and Debuffer)
  • Flame of Rebirth Jake (Physical Attacker)
  • FFIX Garland (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Kitone (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Maritime Strategist Nichol (Support and Magical Attacker)
  • Noel (Physical Attacker)
  • Olberic (Physical Attacker and Physical Tank)
  • Rico Rodriguez (Physical Attacker)
  • War Hero Raegen (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Sylvando (Support and Physical Attacker)
  • Sterne Leonis (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)

B Tier

These units are on the above-average side but are still usable when equipped with the right items. They require more investments and need to synergize well with their team. However, several B tiers can perform better than S and A tiers in other content, such as Arenas and Coliseums.

  • Auron (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Blue Mage Fina (Healer and Support)
  • Awakened Rain (Magical Tank and Support)
  • Edward Elric (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Elena (Physical Attacker and Magical Attacker)
  • Four Winds Physalis (Magical Attacker)
  • WOTV Gilgamesh (Physical Attacker and Magical Attacker)
  • Kimono Fina (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Lezard Valeth (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Lilith (Physical Tank and Magical Tank)
  • Lone Lion Squall (Physical Attacker)
  • Machina (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Mercenary Ramza (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Seifer (Physical Attacker)
  • Mont Leonis (Physical Tank)
  • Mystical Ice Laswell (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Neverending Hope (Support and Debuffer)
  • Selphie (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Serah (Magical Attacker)
  • Serena (Healer and Support)
  • Sol (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • FFVII: AC Tifa (Physical Attacker)
  • Strange Gourmand Quina (Magical Attacker and Support)
  • Xuan Wu & Qing Long (Physical Attacker and Physical Tank)
  • Adam Jensen (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • Beryl (Magical Attacker and Magical Tank)
  • Basch (Physical Tank and Magical Tank)
  • Beowulf (Physical Attacker and Magical Attacker)
  • Dark Spirit Sol (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Demon Rain (Physical Tank and Support)
  • Kimahri (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Infernal Fire Rain (Physical Attacker)
  • King Bradley (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Madam Edel (Physical Attacker)
  • Lilisette (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • Loren (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Mystina (Magical Attacker and Support)
  • Rakish Thief Zidane (Physical Attacker)
  • Quistis (Magical Attacker)
  • Rivera (Support and Healer)
  • Seaside Nichol (Magical Attacker and Support)
  • Untamed Wolf Edel (Physical Attacker)
  • Supreme Deva Akstar (Physical Attacker)
  • White Mage Rose (Physical Attacker and Healer)
  • Wilhelm (Physical Tank and Support)
  • Yuna (Healer and Support)
  • Zeno of the Beta Star (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)

C Tier

These units are considered average and will perform well to a certain degree. They are decent placeholders until you can find better units to replace them with. However, these characters can also do exceptionally well in some aspects of the game better than some higher-ranked ones. Their niche role is something that makes them worthwhile investing in.

  • Ayaka (Healer and Support)
  • Beatrix (Physical Attacker and Magical Attacker)
  • Awakened Onion Knight (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Crimson (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • FFVII: AC Cloud (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Blue Sky Belle Fran (Physical Attacker)
  • Elly (Magical Attacker)
  • Erik (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Dragon Knight Freya (Physical Attacker and Healer)
  • Kadaj (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Irvine (Physical Attacker)
  • Graceful Champion Fang (Physical Attacker)
  • King Edgar of Figaro (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Morgana (Magical Attacker)
  • Nagi (Physical Attacker and Magical Attacker)
  • Primrose (Support)
  • Reberta (Physical Attacker)
  • Knight of Pluto Zidane (Physical Attacker)
  • Levinson (Physical Attacker and Magical Attacker)
  • Tifa (Physical Attacker)
  • Star Player Tidus (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • Yunalesca (Magical Attacker and Support)
  • Zargabaath (Support)
  • Agent Olive (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Ardyn (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Wizardness Shantotto (Magical Attacker)
  • White Lily Dark Fina (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Assassin Shadow (PHysical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Black Mage Vivi (Magical Attacker)
  • Bart (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • Aurora Fryevia (Physical Attacker and Magical Attacker)

D Tier

These units are considered below average in the top characters of the game. They are good units to have since they are not really weak. They only placed last because there are significantly more units that can perform better than what these ones can offer. It will require significant investments to power up these units to compete with the higher tiers.

  • Eiko (Healer and Support)
  • Fina & Dark Fina (Magical Attacker and Healer)
  • Esther (Physical Attacker and Physical Tank)
  • Flammie (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • Gladiolus (Physical Tank and Physical Attacker)
  • Jasper Unbound (Physical Attacker)
  • Jecht (Physical Attacker)
  • Kurasamae (Physical Attacker and Magical Attacker)
  • Hess King Lasswell (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • Aldore King Rain (Physical Attacker and Support)
  • Lovely Katy (Healer)
  • Palom and Porom (Magical Attacker)
  • Operative Zyrus (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Prompto (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Physalis (Physical Attacker)
  • Radiant Lightning (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Rab (Magical Attacker and Physical Attacker)
  • Rem (Magical Attacker and Healer)
  • Sweet Nichol (Magical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Warrior of Light Bartz (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • Yun (Physical Attacker)
  • Yego (Physical Attacker and Debuffer)
  • FF X-2 Yuna (Physical Attacker)

Players might notice that many units are not included in this list. This is primarily because that FFBE has a long list of available characters, some of which have stats and abilities that are not worth comparing to the ones listed here. If a specific summon is not seen in this ranking, then it means that they are most likely either very weak or easily replaceable. 

It’s All About Synergy

Though having S or A tiers will get you far, team synergy will matter the most in the end. Filling up the roles of tank, DPS, healer, and support can ensure a solid and effective team. Take time to learn the position of your units and see their skills. Create the most optimal compositions with the help of this tier list.

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