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Harry Potter Magic Awakened
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I’m honestly rooting for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. Considering that the last Harry Potter game—Harry Potter: Wizards Unite—closed down in 2022 because of literally being “too mediocre,” I’m hoping this one does well. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry much because Magic Awakened is a really good game.

Instead of utilizing VR or gacha-like mechanics, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened lets you attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can duel in real-time, multiplayer matches by using Spell Cards to become the top contender in the Dueling Club. You must actively understand the meta in this game to create optimal decks. With our tier list of the best cards you can get for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, you can determine which cards you should prioritize getting.

Tier List for the Best Cards in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Before discussing the best cards for different tiers, it’s important to mention that Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has various card rarities. The power of a spell card is influenced by its rarity, making it vital to know about all the available cards if you want to create decks more efficiently.

You’ll frequently encounter Common cards in the game, which often serve as the foundation when building starter decks. On the other hand, the Rare and Epic cards hold significant value; they are superior to Commons, and the best part is that they’re not necessarily challenging to get either.

Meanwhile, the Legendary cards are harder to obtain. Since they’re highly sought after, finding one can take you some time. And finally, there are the Dark cards. Dark cards are composed of the forbidden spells, aka dark magic, used by Voldemort and his minions. There are only a few of these, so getting a Dark card is like obtaining a needle from a haystack.

S TierAvada Kedavra, Crucio, Lightning Storm, Sectumsempra, Stupefy, Glacius Maxima, Orb of Water, Thunderstorm
A TierProtego, Nebulus, Broomstick, Erumpent, Side-Along Apparition, Whomping Willow, Bewitched Snowballs, Fire Crab, Blast-Ended Skrewt, Troll, Fwooper, Matagot, Aguamenti, Atmosphere Charm, Wizard Chess Pieces, Expulso, Episkey, Stack of Monster Book of Monsters
B TierPiertotum Locomotor, Phoenix, Protego Diabolica, Golden Snitch, Baby Antipodean Opaleye, Fiendfyre, Norwegian Ridgeback Egg
C TierCornish Pixies, Spiders, Incarcerous, Centaur, Winged Catapult, Swelling Solution, Howler, Essence of Dittany, Protego Totalum, Portkey, Acromantula Venom, Oppugno

Best Cards for Each Rarity

The Best Dark Card: Avada Kedavra

I mean… did anyone expect anything else? If Avada Kedavra is broken in the books (and movies), it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’d also be treated as such in a game. I know I spammed this spell way too much in Hogwarts Legacy. It may be a curse, but Avada Kedavra is widely recognized as one of the most potent spells that inflict the most damage.

According to the card’s details, Avada Kedavra deals damage to the first enemy in your line of sight and accumulates power over time. Meaning while you won’t get to kill an enemy instantly, it becomes capable of it once you reach four stacks of the effect.

The Best Legendary Card: Orb of Water

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re up against formidable enemies. Thankfully, Orb of Water can help you gain breathing room to recuperate from relentless attacks. By casting this card, you can attract all the foes towards it and deal damage over time. Then, at the end of the casting, the Orb will explode, stunning all non-wizard enemies while restricting the movement of wizard enemies. Oh, and I almost forgot—the explosion triggered at the end will damage foes more. You can also move while casting this spell card, letting you get more adversaries to be affected in the explosion.

The Best Epic Card: Sectumsempra

Sectumsempra is similar to Crucio, but it’s arguably the superior spell of the two since it’s capable of bouncing off to an additional enemy. However, the tradeoff is that it falls short in terms of damage output compared to Crucio. Still, this slight disadvantage is outweighed by its overall effectiveness.

The Best Rare Card: Inflatus

Inflatus is a great card to have on your deck for specific moments. It’s incredible against single-target enemies with lots of health, but if you’re up against creepers, you might feel disappointed that it’s not as effective. That said, it’s still a great card to use in some instances—just not always.

The Best Common Card: Stupefy

Despite being of Common tier, Stupefy is one of those iconic spells that is always a formidable asset in battle. This spell can knock an opponent backward; if they collide with another enemy, it can stun them and inflict damage. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone! Not only are the stunning and knockback capabilities OP, it only costs 3 MP to cast.

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