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The Adamantine Forge is one of the most incredible locations you can visit in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s an ancient forge used to create unique and powerful weapons and armor. That said, most players have trouble finding and using it, as you’ll need to follow a series of steps before you can turn it on. Let’s not forget the terrifying enemy you must face before claiming your newly forged gear.

Tracking the Adamantine Forge down isn’t easy, but you can explore it with your companions. Plus, there are several ways to reach it. In this guide, I’ll cover what you need to know about finding and activating it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where to Find the Adamantine Forge Location

To reach the Adamantine Forge, you must go through the Underdark—the under-the-surface world in Baldur’s Gate III. There are four ways to reach this area, including solving a puzzle in the Defiled Temple at the goblin camp, diving into a pit that’s underneath Auntie Ethel’s teahouse, going through a hole in the Whispering Depths dungeon, and charging your way through the Decrepit Village.

The easiest way is to go through the goblin camp, which is also part of the main quest line. You can take several side quests if you come from the Decrepit Village. This includes a special request from Thulla, an ill gnome in the Myconid Colony, and a quest from the Myconids to clear the village of Duergar Dwarf Slavers.

Regardless of how you get there, you must reach a waypoint called Underdark – Beach. This waypoint is in the middle of the Underdark; you can find it north of the Arcane Tower and southwest of the Myconid Colony. Once you’re at the beach waypoint, you must take the boat to the dock. The boat will take you to Grymforge, a place full of enslaved gnomes and access to the Moonrise Towers. You’ll be questioned by a dwarf on the way, so convince him you’ve no part in the dwarves’ demise in the Decrepit Village. Or you can just push him into the water and sail off on your own. I won’t judge.

Into the Ancient Forge

Once you’re in, pass Grymforge and into the Ancient Forge. You’ll find gnomes trying to dig Nere out of a cave-in here. Then, to the left of the cave-in, there’s a small patch of rock near a fallen statue of Shar, where you can use your teleport, jump, or fly ability to reach the upper level of the rock platform. It’s worth noting you only need to get one of your characters up to this spot, as going forward will eventually lead you to the Adamantine Forge. Once you discover this, your party can simply fast-travel to it.

You’ll find some enemies along with different types of moulds lying around. Grab as many as possible since they’re paramount to working the forge. Mace, Scale, and Splint Armour mould should be in the direct vicinity around the waypoint. From there, go southeast to reach a set of steps. At the bottom of these descending steps lies the Adamantine Forge. But before you head to the forge platform, head to the left on the rocks first. You’ll see a blue rock up ahead, followed by an ambush by some enemies before you reach it. After defeating the enemies, blow up the blue rock. This will give you Mithril Ore, a piece needed to activate the forge. Now that you’ve got the moulds and Ore, it’s time to proceed to the forge.

Where to Find Moulds for the Adamantine Forge

As I’ve said, you’ll need some moulds and Ore to use the Adamantine Forge. Besides the ones I’ve mentioned—such as the Mace, Splint, and Scale Armour mould—you can also find the following in these locations:

  • Scimitar Mould – Found on a skeleton to the left of the second set of control levers in Grymforge.
  • Longsword Mould – On the central metal bridge in Grymforge, near the first set of levers.
  • Shield Mould – On a skeleton at the top of the stairs in a room past the first set of doors to the Goblin Camp’s entrance.

How to Use the Adamantine Forge in BG3

You’ll see a mould ejection lever, a crucible, and a mould chamber at the forge. You’ll first want to interact with the crucible and insert the Mithril Ore in the box that pops up. Then, click on the mould chamber to put your moulds inside the box. When that’s done, press the lever on the back of the platform to bring the hammer down to the crucible. This will cause the forge to descend to the lava. Once fully down, use the lava lever on the opposite side of the forge platform and pull it to release it into the platform.

The Grym Appears

Doing the last action will spawn the Grym, an enemy with over 200 health and no weaknesses. To be this juggernaut, you must ensure it’s in the lava to make it Superheated. Afterward, get one of your party members on the mould chamber and another character near the forge lever that descended the platform. When you have this setup, let your characters stand on the mould chamber and attack the Grym. Let the Grym stand on the circular platform and drop the hammer. Ensure there’s still lava around when you do this since the hammer won’t do any damage when the lava’s drained.

Forge Your Gear

Once the Grym’s down for the count, you can take your armor or weapon from the mould chamber. The gear will be of Adamantine variety, allowing the wielder or wearer to avoid all critical hits. If the Grym collapses on the mould container, don’t worry—you can simply force it out by moving the platform or using spells such as Thunderwave.

Once you’ve looted Grym’s corpse and have your specially crafted item with you, hit a button on the lever on the pipe behind it. This will allow you to leave the area.

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