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lords of the fallen best weapons
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There are a whopping 200 weapons in Lords of the Fallen, all of which are designed for four main types of builds: Inferno, Strength, Radiance, and Agility. As you journey throughout Mournstead, you’ll gain many opportunities to acquire armaments to create a build perfect for you.

Grinding vigor and gaining levels is a surefire way to get stronger, but what’s the point of having the skills if you don’t have any gear that can damage or defend you from your deadly foes? You can overcome the odds by having the best axes, hammers, swords, and bows—no matter how stacked they are. Here are some of the best weapons you can acquire in Lords of the Fallen.

Pieta’s Sword

It’s no surprise that swords would be a part of this list. After all, they’re one of the most popular weapon types in Soulslike games. Lords of the Fallen almost has an overwhelming amount of swords to choose from, but we’d like to highlight Pieta’s Sword this time around. The shortsword can be purchased easily from Molhu at the Remembrance.

For a mere 40 Umbral Scourings, the boss weapon is from Pieta herself—the first “real” boss you’ll encounter as you plow through the campaign. It’s one of the best zoning swords in the game, especially when you pair it with a Radiance build. It comes with a Smite status effect of 100, and you’ll need your Radiance to be 25 or higher to wield the weapon. Other than just being an excellent early-game sword for players, the fact that it has a golden glow makes it even cooler.

Bow of the Convert

Only a tiny percentage of players play as spellcasters, and archers are even less popular. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any completely viable builds for it, though. The Bow of the Convert doesn’t look anything special at first glance, but with 80 in Burn, Bleed, Frostbite, and Poison, it’s basically a one-stop shop for multiple status effects.

To get the Bow of the Convert, you’ll need to retrieve it on a body lying on a rooftop in the Calreth Slums, close to the archer and pyromancer near a giant gate. The base damage stats of the weapon aren’t anything unusual—in fact, you could even say that it’s downright lacking compared to other bows and crossbows. However, it becomes much deadlier since the arrows can inflict 80 stacks of four status effects with every hit.

We recommend that you use elemental arrows to hit unsuspecting enemies. The best part of the Bow of the Convert is that you only need 16 Agility to equip it. Plus, it scales incredibly well once you upgrade it.


Much like its name, Bloodlust specializes in using Bleed. Not only that, but it also uses the Burn status effect as well. Once you’ve defeated the optional boss, Crimson Rector Percival, you can find this sword inside a chest. The Rhogar-infused blade has relatively low requirements—only needing 13 Inferno and Agility stats.

The physical damage potential is mediocre, but it inflicts additional fire damage for the same amount. Moreover, you get 60 Bleed and Burn status ailments, which you can use to cover multiple bases whenever you damage enemies with this weapon. What makes the Bloodlust a top-tier sword is that it restores a small amount of your HP each time you get a kill. You can combine it with a Poison Weapon spell and several other upgrades to increase its raw damage, making short work of the game’s most formidable foes.

Multi-Shot Crossbow

Crossbows may be ranged weapons, but that doesn’t mean you can go for a Strength-based build and prioritize close-range combat instead of going with the usual Agility build specializing in long-range circumstances. The Multi-Shot Crossbow allows you to test out any build that you want. Just because you’re using a ranged weapon doesn’t mean you’re only limited to Agility builds.

You must first defeat the Abbess Ursula in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. After defeating her, continue to the top of the main building and go past the elite enemies shooting beams. Eventually, you’ll come across a gazebo (Umbral Flowerbed) with a chest with the weapon.

The Multi-Shot Crossbow does precisely as its name implies; it fires three projectiles in a wide arc. Granted, it’s not as helpful when you’re only fighting enemies one at a time, but it’s a viable weapon if you’re up against entire packs of mobs or larger enemies.

Hushed Saint’s Halberd

Polearms are a niche weapon in Lords of the Fallen, but you’ll practically be untouchable if you know how to handle them. You can purchase the Hushed Saint’s Halberd from Molha for 20 Umbral Scourings. Perfect for Agility and Strength builds, it’s the perfect weapon for someone who excels in melee combat.

Admittedly, it doesn’t scale as high as the other weapons on this list, but the 150 Poison effect it has certainly made up for the lack of raw damage. You’ll need 16 Agility and 19 Strength to use it. Polearms don’t have a lot of reach, but as long as you take the time to master it, the Hushed Saint’s Halberd is a solid, all-around option.

Hammer of Holy Agony

The Hammer of Holy Agony is under the bone bridge after you secure the Brawn Ring at the Pilgrim’s Perch. Hammers are known to be simple—too simple, in fact. But often, it’s the most efficient weapon if you want to break stuff. Excellent for breaking through defenses and staggering enemies, the Hammer of Holy Agony has the Radiance and Strength scaling D+.

The weapon has spikes covering it; not only can it deal physical and holy damage, but it also inflicts bleeding. If that’s not enough to crush a couple of skulls, we don’t know what will.

Hallowed Praise

Let’s throw another shortsword into the mix, shall we? Another spectacular early-game option is the Hallowed Praise. It’s more traditional than Pieta’s Sword since it works best with Agility builds, but the kicker here is that it adds 80 Bleed upon hit. To find this weapon, go inside Pilgrim’s Perch from the Vestige and walk the plank to defeat the enemies found on the other side. Then, cross the Umbral and climb the ladder until you come across a swinging platform. Leap across it and continue jumping as you reach another platform further away. There are enemies to defeat here, but you’ll get the sword once you’ve done that.

You only need 12 Agility to wield Hallowed Praise, and the best part is that your physical damage increases along with every upgrade and a set amount of holy damage. With a high Bleed stat and low requirements, the sword is a must-have for players still trudging through early game.

Charm of Fortune’s Sight

Don’t worry, mages, we haven’t completely forgotten about you! The Charm of Fortune’s Sight isn’t a weapon but a catalyst., which is essential if you want to do magic. Catalysts aren’t weapons by definition, but they nonetheless serve the same purpose for spellcasters.

The Charm of Fortune’s Sight can be bought from Molhu for 60 vigor in Skyrest, and it’s a great catalyst for non-magic builds if you need that extra elemental boost. You’ll only need 12 Inferno and Radiance to use this, the two stats it scales with. What’s so special about it is that it allows you to cast up to four spells and boost their power.

Blacksmith’s Pride

Flails offer a mix of reach and power, making them effective against armored foes in Lords of the Fallen. If you’re looking for one of the best flails in the game, look no further than the Blacksmith’s Pride. It’s the perfect weapon of precision, offering a unique blend of Inferno and Agility scaling at C+.

The 60 Frostbite it inflicts while dealing physical and wither damage can stop any enemy in its tracks. The Blacksmith’s Pride is effective against tough mobs or some of the game’s larger enemies. You can acquire it inside an Umbral Belly near Upper Calrath after you battle the Skinstealer.

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