Palia Maji Market Event Guide

Palia Maji Market Event Guide
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Even though Palia is still in open beta, it’s already released its first event! Players can’t do much in the game during nighttime beyond hunting nocturnal fish and bugs. Enter the Maji Market, an event that turn borings nights into a cozy time filled with fireworks, Chapaa ice pops, and paper lanterns.

During the Maji Market event in Palia, you can participate in all sorts of activities, you can get over 50 rewards exclusive to the event, and compete with other players as well. The Kilima Village Fairgrounds will be filled with sounds, sights, and smells for a whole month. Let’s take a look at what the lively night market offers.

What is the Maji Market Event in Palia?

The Maji Market is Palia’s first-ever event. The Kilima Village Fairgrounds serves as its venue—a special location in the Kilima Villay that’s only open during special occasions like this. The serene mini area has become a vibrant market for players to enjoy, with prices, food stalls, and a fireworks show to boot.

Where to Find the Palia Maji Market Location

The Maji Market can be found on the Kilima Village Fairgrounds, specifically on the east side of Kilima Valley. To reach the Kilima Village Fairgrounds, go down the path past the Fisherman’s Lagoon. You’ll find the entrance to the Fairgrounds just off the beaten path, at the southern part of the Whispering Banks.

You’re probably too early if you’re already at the Kilima Village Fairgrounds but can’t find the market. The Maji Market event is only open at night, from 18:00 to 3:00 in local game time. The event is an evening celebration, letting you safely do your other in-game activities without risking missing out on the market.

Palia Event Walkthrough for Maji Market

How to Participate in the Palia Maji Market Event

You’ll receive Eshe’s invitation about the Maji Market event in your mailbox, or you can simply check the event tab via the player menu. As for how to participate, it’s as simple as going to the Kilima Village Fairground during the evening. You’ll be able to visit the Maji Market and engage in its festivities multiple times throughout the event’s duration since the game’s full-day cycle is equivalent to one hour in real time only. Once you’re at the location at the right time, you can interact with the villagers and other online players while enjoying the fireworks display and lively music.

How to Earn Stamps in the Palia Maji Market Event

You’ll have exclusive quests to complete and rewards to earn during the event. While Maji Market is active, there’s an event-exclusive stamp system, wherein if you earn stamps on a card, you get more than 50 different prizes unique to the Maji Market.

One of the activities you can do to earn stamps is through The Chapaa Chase. During the night, Kilima Village’s resident groundhog-esque mammals break out of their petting zoo. You must work with other players to wrestle as many Chapaas as possible back into their cages. Since this is a team effort, players will only get stamps/tickets based on their individual performance while the event is active.

You can track the number of stamps/tickets in the leaderboard shown at the chase’s conclusion, adding a tinge of competition. If you’re competitive and love to be number one, you might want to put in some elbow grease while wrangling those Chapaas.

What Are the Palia Maji Market Event Rewards?

As I’ve said before, you’ll receive unique prizes by completing activities on your stamp card. Then, you’ll obtain tickets, which you can exchange for rewards. The merchants in the Maji Market will have limited-time themed wares, including eight different plushies you can display in your home and Chapaa Ice Pops, a cool treat your character can eat to gain Focus.

Additional Palia Maji Market Event Tips to Get You Started

Here are some additional tips you can take into consideration while participating in Palia’s Maji Market event:

  • There are two ways to earn rewards: join the Maji Market activities to fill up your stamp card or complete event quests, like The Chapaa Chase.
  • If you miss the entire event, don’t fret—Singularity Six has stated that most of the items exclusive to the Maji Market will return to Palia sometime in the future.
  • Try coordinating with other players, even if you’re a solo gamer. This will make the team-based events easier to do.

Palia Maji Market Event Duration

Maji Market is the first of many limited-time events in Palia. For this event, it will be available from August 29 to September 26. Singularity Six has yet to confirm the official end times, but we can expect more information about that once details near the end of the event have been provided.

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