Will Path of Exile Release on Switch?

PoE Switch
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With the pending release of Path of Exile 2 soon, many fans wonder whether the popular ARPG will ever grace the Switch platform. The game has been available to other console devices such as PS4 and Xbox, yet GGG never expanded into Nintendo’s popular portable console. With rumors that the upgraded version of PoE will be available to newer console devices, gamers now think Path of Exile Switch will also be possible. 

Path of Exile on Consoles

During its original release, PoE was only available to PC. Eventually, the ARPG expanded into Xbox One devices in 2017 and into PlayStation 4 in 2019. Since the game arrived on other platforms, many fans have wondered when PoE will be ported to the Switch.

Unfortunately, there have been no official announcements or leaks that would indicate that the ARPG will be coming to Switch. PoE is not set to be integrated into the platform anytime soon. However, fans are not losing hope. 

Many gamers pointed out that inserting PoE in Switch will significantly boost the number of active players in the ARPG. The Nintendo console only has a short list of mature-rated games; having a game like PoE on the platform would outshine several games due to the nature and graphics of Path of Exile. 

Is It Possible for Path of Exile to Run on Switch?

Path of Exile seems like a game that requires low specifications due to being released in 2013. Gamers will be surprised to see how taxing the game is on their devices. Despite being a relatively old game, PoE can be pretty strenuous to play due to the number of particle effects and texture chunks that load during every instance. 

Some fans are worried that PoE may be too much for Switch, considering that console isn’t that powerful compared to its other competitors (Xbox and PlayStation). However, players should note that Nintendo has been improving its relations with third-party developers to enable graphics-heavy games to enter Switch. Titles such as Diablo 3, Witcher 3, and Hollow Knight: Silksong–the first two known being graphics-intensive games–were integrated into the platform with several modifications. 

Gamers have pointed out that Path of Exile can run on Switch. But for it to do so, Grinding Gear Games and Nintendo will need to have a compromise on how to integrate the game on the device. There will undoubtedly be many aspects in PoE that need to be downgraded to make it more playable for a low-specification platform. 

For games like Diablo 3 and Witcher 3, gamers will notice a stark difference between the original version on PC and consoles compared to the ported version on Switch. The games on the Nintendo device have significantly downgraded the graphics and textures to ensure optimal FPS during runs. Downscaling graphics in exchange for playing the game on a portable device is a sound deal for many players. 

Path of Exile 2 Coming to Consoles

GGG has announced that Path of Exile 2 will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X. The plan is to release the sequel version of PoE to current generation devices and upcoming platforms. The decision was made since the release of the ARPG will coincide with the release of the newer set of devices. Sadly, gamers have noted that Switch has also been left out this time.

GGG founder Chris Wilson stated that the studio has not decided whether they will try to integrate PoE 2 to Switch. Rather, they have already indicated that it is doubtful to make such a move. Wilson has expressed his interest in developing a port for Switch, but the development team is afraid to take on more work. For now, the studio is focused on developing and optimizing the game.

The Current State of Path of Exile

PoE remains one of the premiere ARPG games in recent years. The title garners around 30,000 thousand daily players on average. This number increases exponentially every time a new League expansion is released. Fans have surmised that the number of those playing PoE will increase if the game is finally ported to Switch.

Fans Are Still Hopeful

Despite the lack of any confirmation or leaks from developers, fans still hope there will be a Path of Exile Switch version one day. With so many studios porting their games to the Nintendo device, GGG will benefit greatly from developing a playable version of PoE on the portable platform. Hopefully, the developers will seriously consider integrating the mature-rated ARPG on Switch. 

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