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By | February 1st, 2024 | Categories: Palworld

Pocketpair just rolled out another update to improve game stability and fix several significant issues plaguing Palworld. The update’s download size in massive, so players wondered what devs patched in that warranted its scale. Here is everything we know about Palworld’s Patch

Major Issues

  • Resolved the problem that’s causing the game to crash under specific conditions
  • Fixed the issue where players can capture another tamer’s Pal with 30% HP or less using a particular sphere
  • Troubleshooted the glitch where enemy Pals phase through and get stuck inside walls after charging
  • Fixed the bug where the game crashes and corrupts save data after a guild reaches a total of 7000 captured Pals.
    • The game will no longer crash after hitting this milestone
    • Unfortunately, saved data already corrupted before the update won’t be recovered

Players Issues

  • Fixed the issue regarding players receiving double damage when playing on dedicated servers or co-op
  • Players can now move at extremely slow walking speed after being over-encumbered by weight.
  • Fixed the issue where characters glitch through walls after dismounting
  • Resolved the bug where using memory rest drugs reset the increased capture power from Lifmunk Effigies 
  • Fixed the glitch where players can place their armor in the wrong slot
  • Optimized the camera angle on Pals to let players have more vision when mounted

Base Issues

  • Adjusted the requirements for breeding Pals so that they wouldn’t become hungry when assigned to the breeding farm and cause them to remove their manual assignments.
  • Changed the default key for lifting Pals from F to V on PC and X to Y on Console to prevent accidents
  • Adjusted the rate and range of fire spreading on wooden structures
  • Fixed issue where Pals could not be manually assigned in any circumstances
  • Resolved the issue where a high-level Relaxaurus would destroy the base during raids
  • Added new configurations to prevent Pals from getting stuck
  • Fixed the issue where transport Pals got stuck and dropped their cargo on the spot
  • Resolved the glitch where Logging Pals continued to process cut-down trees
  • Fixed the bug where Base Pals become fatally injured due to unexplained fall damage
  • Resolved the glitch that causes Base Pals to float and suspend in midair under specific conditions
  • Resolved the problem where Base Pals were unable to navigate through floors if a farm was built on the second floor or beyond

Key Configuration

  • Added support configuration to allow mouse side keys and numeric keypad usage

Other Changes

  • Fixed some incorrect text
  • Added more preventive measures to deter cheating and hackers from stealing other players’ Pals
  • Optimized some areas like the UI key guide

These are substantial improvements to the game, which has been filled with bugs since its release. However, the devs also finally added a UI that lets players see where they will throw their Pals after lifting them. This feature lets gamers know whether to assign their companions to a node manually. 

Most of the patch has resolved issues regarding bugs around glitching to walls and Base Pal interactions. Almost half of the changes involve improving Base Pal AI and pathing, which were mentioned in the dev’s Roadmap. Some other optimizations were also added, including UI and critical configurations.

One notable part of the update is the issue where strangers can steal other people’s Pal. News has been circulating that some hackers could spawn the unreleased Radar Sphere, which enabled tamers to catch other’s companions. These incidents were reported in public servers, and it looks like Pocketpair has added several measures to prevent these cases from occurring again. 

More Updates in the Coming Days

While devs don’t announce upcoming patches, Pocketpair consistently adds small or significant changes weekly. The game is still filled with many bugs, so, understandably, developers will continue to keep updating and optimizing Palworld until it becomes more enjoyable. We have yet to receive further notice regarding the game’s Roadmap, so we don’t know when the next patch will go live.

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