How to Respec in PoE 3.16 Scourge

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How to Respec in PoE 3.16 Scourge

If you are here reading this article, then you are no doubt wondering How to Reset your Passive Skill in PoE aka Path of Exile? You might even be here wondering what Path of Exile is? Path of Exile is a Popular action RPG game inspired and based around Diablo. I can honestly say that it’s a lot better than even Diablo 3 and Diablo 2 Resurrected! Yes, it’s that good!

What makes Path of Exile so amazing is the vast amount of content, making the game feel like a Free to Play MMORPG in terms of longevity! It has many MMO-lite mechanics, but in-game instances and parties are capped to a set number of players.

As I said above though if you are here, you have probably searched something along the lines of “How do you refund points in Path of Exile?” or “How do you respec a skill tree in PoE”? maybe even “How do you reset your skill tree in Path of Exile?” Whatever you searched for, the answer will be here in this article. For a long time, I struggled with how to reset my passive skill tree in PoE as well.

In this article I will go over different ways you can refund your skill points and reset and respec your ascendency points as well.

One way players get to reset skill points is when there has been a new update such as a brand-new league like Scourge 3.16. When you go on to an existing character, you can end up with passive skill points being automatically reset when the passive skill tree is changed and revamped. Whether the skill tree is nerfed or buffed, Path of Exile’s passive tree is very often tweaked with every new update. That, however, doesn’t help you if you want to reset skills points on an existing league character, non-league, need more points or if you’re just wondering; is there a way to fully reset the skill tree? You might even wonder if you can max out the passive skill tree in Path of Exile?

I’ll answer all those questions here, one at a time.

Reset Your PoE Passive Skill Tree

Firstly, you can get Passive Skills refund points / skill respec points completing certain quests by following the story through Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, right the way through to the final Acts 9 and 10.

As you play through the game and the storyline you will complete quests. I highly recommend doing them all, but some players choose to only do the important ones such as the ones that grant the Book of Skill which grants a passive skill point and two passive respec points to a character. This is one way to respec and reset your passive skill tree points in Path of Exile.

There are also quest rewards that give you the Book of Regrets. Like the Book of Skill, this also grants two passive respec points. It doesn’t however grant the additional skill point. – Don’t worry though! If you are wondering How to get skill points and level up in Path of Exile? Then simply fight monsters, complete quests and progress through the game and storyline. By levelling up your character you will get lots of skill points to spend.

So here is a list of all the quests with quests rewards where you can get free passive skill tree respec points to help reset your skill tree skills / points in Path of Exile.

Act 1 after A Dirty Job quest with any character you will get a Book of Regrets which Grants Two Passive Respec Points.

Act 2 after Through Sacred Ground quest you will get another Book of Regrets again granting you 2 Passive Respec Points.

Act 3 after Victario’s Secrets quest you get a Book of Skill which grants a Passive Skill Point and Two Passive Respec Points.

Act 4 after An Indomitable Spirit you get another Book of Skill gaining 1 more Passive Skill Point and 2 Skill Respec Points.

Act 5 after Kitava’s Torments quest you get a third Book of Skill.

Act 6 after Fallen from Grace quest you get a third Book of Regrets.

Act 7 after Kishara’s Star quest you get a fourth Book of Skill.

Act 8 after Love is Dead quest you get a fifth Book of Skill.

Act 9 after Fastis Fortuna you get a fourth Book of Regrets.

Act 10 after No Love for Old Ghosts quest you get your fifth Book of Regrets.

So by doing all 10 act quests above you will get a total of five Books of Regret and five Books of Skill. This gets you a total of Five Passive Skill Tree Points and a total of Twenty (Yes, 20!) Passive Respec Points.

There are more quests that grant you skill points too, but in this article we are mostly focusing on the Passive Skill Respec Points.

Now if you need more reset points for your passive skill tree then don’t worry there is another way to reset your skill tree points in PoE by simply using an Orb of Regret. One Orb of Regret will grant you one passive skill point refund to respec in to your Passive Skill tree in PoE.

For example, if you used 15 Orbs of Regret, then you would be able to refund and respec 15 skill points.

With enough Orb of Regrets you can even Fully Reset your whole Passive Skill tree in Path of Exile if you wish to do so.

Where Do I Click to Reset My Skills?

This is simple once you know how. Firstly, while you are in game you will need to go into your Passive Skills Tree by pressing the ‘P’ button on your keyboard by default. Alternatively, you can click on the Black arrow pointing upwards on the golden amber button in the bottom left corner of your screen which is labelled ‘Menu’ and situated between your Life Bar / Health Orb and your Flasks / Flask Slots. Once you have opened the Menu simply click on “Passive Skill Tree (P)”.

When you are inside your passive skill tree you will see at the top of the screen under where it says “Skills” a text label which will state ‘# Refund Points Left’. This is how many Respec Points you have currently. As mentioned above you get these by completing quests and getting rewards. As well as getting them by using Orb of Regret.

To actually reset your Passive Skill Tree points in Path of Exile click the button to the right of that text label which reads ‘Refund Passives’. You will now see a button labelled ‘Apply Refunds’ and also a ‘Cancel’ button. Now click on the skill points you want to reset and when you are done click on the Apply Refunds button. You can also Cancel if you wish to do so. If you close the Passive Skill tree with the ‘P’ or ‘Esc’ button then when you open it again it will still be in skill reset mode. So make sure you cancel or apply points before leaving.

As your skill points are chained then you will need to refund / respec them accordingly. For example if you want to refund a skill point that has another 4 skill points chained after it, then you will need five Skill Refund Points to refund all five of them. If you want those 4 chained after it again, you will need to find another path to them if possible.

Now, How to Refund Ascendancy Skill points in Path of Exile?

You can refund your Ascendancy Skill points and respec them in PoE by using the same method above. But refunding one Ascendancy Skill Point requires Five Regular Refund Points.

Finally – How to Refund Atlas Passive Skill Tree Points?

To refund and respec your Atlas Passive Skill tree points you will need to use an Orb of Unmaking. Just like the Orb of Regret you will need to use the Orb of Unmaking (By right clicking on it) which then Grants an Atlas Passive Skill Refund Point.

If you don’t have enough Orbs of Regret or Orbs of Unmaking then you can trade for them.

If you’re wondering How PoE Trade Works? Then check out my other article here.

How to Reset and Respec Scourge Passive Skill Tree Points?

There are also now Scourge Passive Skill Points which you can also reset and respec. To do this it will cost you a Vaal Orb and a Regret Orb for each Scourge Point you reset. To reset your Scourge Skills then you will need to talk to the League NPC in order to respec your characters scourge skill points.

I have not yet done this myself so I’m not entirely sure where to find the Scourge NPC. However from a little bit of research it appears the Scourge NPC first spawns at the Coast. They should be laying on the ground right at the entrance to the coast. You have to hang out there for a few seconds while they stand up.

So now you know how to Reset your passive skill tree points in Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge as well as how to Reset your Scourge Skill Points, Ascendency Skill Points and even your Atlas Passives.

If you are however wondering How to Max out the Skill Tree in PoE? It’s not possible to max out every skill point in the Passive Skill Tree in Path of Exile as the maximum number of Passive Skill Points you can get currently in PoE is 123 when you reach level 100 and have completed all quests that give you the Book of Skill rewards as well as other quests that grant your skill point rewards such as the Deal with the Bandits quest.

If you want to build your character skill tree without doing it in game, then I highly recommend downloading and using Path of Building. This free program lets you spec out your characters Passive Skill tree outside of the game. I did this myself for my custom Ground Slam Marauder build, which I then follow while playing to build my character while levelling up in PoE.

I think that covers everything related to How to Reset Passive Skill Tree and refund your skill points to respec your character in Path of Exile. If you have any questions please feel free to drop a comment in the comments box below!

Please keep checking back for more useful and helpful Path of Exile Guides here on the PlayerAuctions Blog!

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