OSRS Flipping Guide for the Best Items on the Grand Exchange

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If you’ve ever seen a player in the Grand Exchange posts “how do I make money in this game?” to the chat, invariably you will also see another player respond “I made 3 mill today flipping lol xD.” Flipping, buying an item at a low price and selling it at a higher price back to the Grand Exchange, is one of the most widely discussed and widely misunderstood money-making methods in Old School RuneScape. It can be extremely profitable if done correctly, but it can also be frustrating, tie up your funds, and potentially even lose you great sums of gold if done wrong. Don’t worry! We are here to help you with this OSRS Flipping guide. Here are some pro tips for flipping items and the most common go-to items to ensure you’re safe in your trading.

What’s going on with Runes?

Runes are one of the most popularly flipped items on the Grand Exchange. The most common runes (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) sell for relatively low prices and have very tight margins. A margin refers to the range between the lowest price and the highest price any given item is being sold for. If an item has a tight margin, it will be more difficult to profit off of it. For example, if I buy 1,000 fire runes for 16 GP and the highest price they are selling for is 17GP, I might only make 1GP per rune and it’s much more likely the price will change as I’m trying to sell. For this reason, try to flip items like Chaos, Nature, or Law runes. These have a higher price per item and are generally better bets for making money flipping.

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How about Logs?

Logs are a huge commodity on the Grand Exchange market. Players all over the world are trying to level their fire-making or fletching skills and can’t be bothered to go out and chop down their own trees. Fortunately for you, this means that there is a high volume of these items being traded and prices fluctuate greatly. Personally, I’ve had the best success with Willow, Yew, and Magic logs, but if you’re in a members-only world you may want to try Maple as well. Logs generally have pretty defined margins, so while you won’t get rich quick from flipping logs, you can usually count on positive returns. If you aren’t having luck, pull out and try again in a few days. The beauty of flipping as a moneymaking method is that the OSRS economy has been consistently inflating for years, so patience will almost always be rewarded with at least breaking even.

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Which High-Level Rings should I go with?

These are the big-ticket items to be trading in if you’re ready to take some risks with you gold for the possibility of a huge payoff. The Ring of Nature and Ring of the Gods have had some widely variable margins over the last year, and if you know how to flip properly you can make up to 1 to 1.2 mill per item. These items take longer to sell and are definitely a riskier investment than buying large quantities of lower-priced items. For this reason, we recommend you experiment flipping low-priced items for a while first before moving onto single, high-priced items.

The Ring of Coins is a good example of why higher-priced items aren’t always a better pick. Though it sells for much more than the Ring of Nature or Ring of Gods right now, its margins are tight and don’t allow for much profit. Additionally, it will tie up more of your money and represents a considerably larger risk since it does not trade as often and can potentially drop the longer you hold onto it.

What’s up with Armour sets?

Armour sets have declined in popularity since their release, mostly because the players who really wanted to purchase these sets did so a long time ago and everyone else continued playing with their customized gear sets. For this reason, I tend to stay away from flipping these items, but they are very popular among the flipping community and generally have sold pretty well. If you decide to go with these, check out trimmed sets like the Iron gold or Rune G, or the Bandos set. Monk robes are also pretty good bets, but a word of caution about all of these: you’re likely going to be buying and selling to other players who are also flipping their items. Be cautious and set your buy prices below what you would normally offer, as often the items are selling under the stated market rate.

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How about Skill-Leveling basic items?

There is never anything wrong with sticking to the tried and true. No matter what happens in-game, players will always be buying more bronze and iron arrows, pickaxes, woodcutting axes, scimitars, and low-level armor sets. These types of items trade much differently than the higher-priced items we have listed so far, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile. Just like the real-life stock market, playing the long game is often the safest option and can still yield some serious returns if you approach it with a level head and patience. Keep an eye on the highest-volume moving items over a consistent period of time. If you see that iron or bronze arrows are down by 1 GP versus the previous 6 months of activity, now is a great time to go in heavily on those arrows! These items prices remain pretty consistent and even if you don’t gain for one day, two days, or even two weeks, chances are the price will stabilize and regain that single GP. The amount you profit from this will be solely dependant on how much you invest, but if you buy a million arrows at 6 gp each, then when it bounces back to 7 gp you will have gained 1 million gp. Not bad for a safe bet!

Which Capes are ideal?

Capes are crazy! No, really, they go all over the place. This can be both good and bad for a flipper. If you’re trading the regular old Team 47 or Team 32 cape, there is almost no rhyme or reason to why the price will go up or down. These kinds of capes are actually quite susceptible to types of market manipulation since at any given time a whole raiding party might decide they want to be Team 32 and buy up all the capes they can. They make for a lot of fun, but there’s very little predictability to the prices. Team capes X, Zero, and I behave much more like the High-level rings or Armour sets, with high prices and wide margins. If you can afford to use them, they’re much better for traditional flipping strategies.


Hopefully, this OSRS Flipping guide pointed you in the right direction. Keep banging it out. As the saying goes: “Patience is virtue.”

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