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WoW Dragonflight brings a lot of new content to the game, including a new region and campaign. Another highlight of the latest expansion is the next heroic race class, the Dracthyr-Evoker. Heroes can now harness the power of the dragon blood as they fight their foes and support their team. With Pre-Patch Phase 2 going live, this race-class combination is finally available for players to enjoy. Learn everything you need to know about the Dracthyr. 

Dracthyr Release

The Dragonoid race is part of Phase 2 of the Dragonflight pre-patch, which went live on November 15, 2023. Heroes can start playing this racial on release. Players will have enough time to power-level their characters before the expansion increases. Knowing the nature of the Dracthyrs will help players plan and prepare for their adventures in the Dragon Isles.

Dracthyr Lore

The Dracthyrs were a long-forgotten race that had fallen in slumber for thousands of years under the caverns of The Forbidden Reach. The Neltharion, the Earth Warder, created the area as a training field for the Dragonoids, who he considered the ultimate soldiers. However, a massive battle has reduced the island into a shattered landscape filled with magma.

As the Dracthyrs wake up from their stasis, they will be met by a substantial change to their home. The island has been reclaimed by nature due to the lack of civilized activity. The Dragonoids will start their journey in the chambers where they have been kept and continue to discover their mysterious origins.

Dracthyr Race Overview

The Dracthyr race is the first race locked exclusively to one heroic class. These dragon descendants can only be Evokers and vice versa, so players looking to play them don’t have any choice. Aside from being class-locked, Dracthyrs also has two forms, Dragonoid and Humanoid. 

The Evoker class features ranged damage-dealing characters with reliable support abilities for their teammates. Aside from being a DPS, they can also serve as healers for their team. This makes them highly viable for most of the Dragonflight content.  

Upon entering a Dracthyrs, players will be introduced to The Forbidden Reach, the starting zone for this race. No other racial or class can enter this area because it is exclusive to the Dragonoid job. The place is located near the Dragon Isles. 

It should also be noted that since the race’s starting zone is on neutral grounds, the option to go for Alliance or Horde is done during character selection. In addition, only one Evoker character can exist for accounts per realm. If you want to have a Dracthyr-Evoker for Alliance and Horde, then you need to create them in separate servers. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Using Dracthyrs presents a lot of strengths and weaknesses. These are mainly influenced by the specialization chosen by the players. Here are the pros and cons of the race:


  • Performs exceptionally well in their chosen specialization
  • Extremely Mobile
  • Have many lifeline abilities
  • Have very reliable support skills


  • Specializing in one field greatly diminishes your skills in the other path
  • Less range than most class
  • Only has one personal defensive CD

Dracthyr-Evoker Specializations and their Essences

The Evoker class only has two specializations as of the moment, which would dictate whether they are DPS or Healers. The Devastation Spec is the designated damage-dealing field, and Preservation Spec is the assigned healer path. The former features medium-range spell-casting mechanics with high mobility. The latter is considered one of the more mobile healers in the game in exchange for less range.

Depending on their specialization, heroes will make use of various Essences. Evokers will mainly use a new resource called Essence, which recovers over time. This pool is based on the power of all the dragon flights, so Dracthyrs can access black, blue, bronze, green, and red spells.

Preservation specialists rely mainly on Green and Bronze magic. The former features extensive AoE restoration spells essentially to healers. Meanwhile, the latter uses time-altering magic to hasten HP regen, rewind status effects, and increase the potency of healing spells. 

Devastation specialists focus on the Blue and Red magic. Blue magic contains powerful and lethal single-target attacks. The Red excels in significant explosive AoE damage.

Evoker Abilities

Both specs will make use of the same baseline abilities. However, each one will utilize these skills differently, with varying effects. Preservation, in particular, would benefit a little from using specific moves, so it is not worth investing in talents related to them. Here are all the skills for this class:

Baseline Skills

  • Azure Strike
  • Living Flame 
  • Disintegrate 
  • Fire Breath 
  • Fury of the Aspects
  • Deep Breath 
  • Emerald Blossom 
  • Hover 
  • Blessing of the Bronze
  • Return
  • Visage
  • Mastery: Giantkiller
  • Tempered Scales 

Racial Abilities

  • Chosen Identity
  • Glide
  • Soar
  • Principles of Soaring
  • Skyward Ascent
  • Surge Forward
  • Tail Swipe
  • Visage
  • Wing Buffet
  • Awakened
  • Discerning Eye
  • Familiar Skies

Evoker Class Talents

  • Row 1 
    • Expunge
    • Landslide
    • Obsidian Scales
  • Row 2
    • Natural Convergence
    • Permeating Chill
    • Verdant Embrace
  • Row 3
    • Enkindled
    • Forger of Mountains
    • Innate Magic
    • Obsidian Bulwark
    • Scarlet Adaptation
  • Row 4
    • Cauterizing Flame
    • Heavy Wingbeats or Clobbering Sweep
    • Quell Recall
    • Tailwind
  • Row 5
    • Attuned to the Dream
    • Instinctive Arcana
    • Roar of Exhilaration
    • Sleep Walk
    • Tip the Scales
  • Row 6
    • Ancient Flame
    • Bountiful Bloom
    • Draconic Legacy
    • Extended Flight
    • Inherent Resistance
  • Row 7
    • Blast Furnace
    • Exuberance
    • Panacea
    • Source of Magic
    • Walloping Blow
  • Row 8
    • Lush Growth
    • Oppressing Roar
    • Renewing Blaze
    • Rescue
    • Regenerative Magic
  • Row 9
    • Aerial Mastery
    • Foci of Life or Fire Within
    • Leaping Flames
    • Overawe
    • Twin Guardian
  • Row 10
    • Terror of the Skies
    • Time Spiral
    • Zephyr

Devastation Spec Talents

  • Row 1
    • Pyre
  • Row 2
    • Azure Essence Burst
    • Ruby Essence Burst
  • Row 3
    • Dense Energy
    • Eternity Surge
    • Imposing Presence or Inner Radiance
  • Row 4
    • Arcane Intensity
    • Dragonrage
    • Lay Waste
    • Power Nexus
    • Volatility
  • Row 5
    • Animosity
    • Essence Attunement
    • Ruby Embers or Engulfing Blaze
  • Row 6
    • Eternity’s Span
    • Eye of Infinity or Causality
    • Firestorm
    • Heat Wave
    • Honed Aggression
    • Titanic Wrath
  • Row 7
    • Catalyze
    • Charged Blast
    • Shattering Star
    • Tyranny
  • Row 8
    • Font of Magic
    • Focusing Iris or Arcane Vigor
    • Onyx Legacy
    • Snapfire
    • Spellweaver’s Dominance
  • Row 9
    • Burnout
    • Imminent Destruction
    • Power Shell
    • Scintillation
  • Row 10
    • Feed the Flames or Everburning Flame
    • Iridescence
    • Hoarded Power

Preservation Spec

  • Row 1
    • Echo
  • Row 2
    • Dream Breath
    • Reversion
  • Row 3
    • Essence Burst
    • Rewind
    • Temporal Compression
  • Row 4
    • Essence Attunement
    • Spiritbloom
    • Time Dilation
  • Row 5
    • Delay Harm
    • Emerald Communion 
    • Empath or Spiritual Clarity
    • Fluttering Seedlings
    • Firebreath
    • Golden Hour
    • Life-Giver’s Flame
    • Temporal Anomaly
  • Row 6
    • Dreamwalker or Rush of Vitality
    • Exhilarating Burst
    • Field of Dreams
    • Flow State
    • Lifeforce Mender
    • Resonating Sphere or Nozdormu’s Teachings: Resonating Sphere
    • Time Lord
  • Row 7
    • Call of Ysera
    • Lifebind
    • Punctuality
  • Row 8
    • Energy Loop
    • Erasure or Temporal Artificer
    • Font of Magic
    • Ouroboros
    • Power Nexus
    • Spark of Insight
    • Time of Need
  • Row 9
    • Grace Period
    • Renewing Breath
    • Timeless Magic
  • Row 10
    • Cycle of Life
    • Dream Flight
    • Stasis

Special Features

Like many races, the Dracthyrs have innate abilities only their kind can access. The gameplay of this race is heavily influenced by these features, so understanding them helps players become more effective in the playthrough. Here are the known unique aspects of the Dracthyrs:

Empower Mechanic

Evokers have a class-exclusive feature called Empowered Spells. The mechanic requires Dracthyrs to take a deep, inhaled breath before releasing their attack. The longer you hold your breath, the stronger the spell will be. Fire Breath is a prime example of a move that relies on this feature.

Depending on their preferences, players have two ways of using this mechanic, which they can alter in Gameplay-Controls. Heroes can either do it via Hold and Release or Press and Tap. For the former, gamers will need to hold the ability key to charge the attack and release it when they want to cast. For the latter, you must tap the key again when you want to launch it. Both of these methods will still feature a charge bar. 

While charging, players can alter the direction their abilities will hit. However, it is still possible to interrupt or cancel the channeling sequence. While you can swivel to reposition your aim, moving forward or backward will cancel the ability. 

Dragonriding (Soar)

Dragonriding is a new way of traveling around introduced in Dragonflight. While other races need to mount dragons to enable this feature, this ability is innate to the Dracthyrs but in a much simpler form. The Dragonoid race’s skill, Soar, allows players to take to the sky and activate Dragonriding controls. 

Dracthyrs also do not have any progression system for this mechanic, unlike other races. However, the Dragonoids can ride dragon mounts in their human form. Outside the Dragon Isles, this race can still use its wings to glide, but it must be riding a flying mount to enable flying. 

Starting as Dracthyr

When players start out in The Forbidden Reach, their Dracthyrs will start automatically at level 58 due to being a hero class. The talents and abilities for the Evoker class will also be unlocked until rank 58. In addition, this race will also gain one free mount and pets in their region. They will need to purchase any subsequent minions. Here are all the mounts for the Dracthyrs:

  • Bronze Vorquin
  • Crimson Vorquin
  • Obsidian Vorquin
  • Sapphire Vorquin
  • Armored Vorquin Leystrider
  • Majestic Armored Vorquin
  • Swift Armored Vorquin

Take to the Skies with the Dracthyr

The Dracthyr-Evoker will definitely provide heroes with enjoyable gameplay. Being the ultimate soldiers of the Dragon Isles, they must now use their draconic prowess to rediscover their origins and purpose. Dominate the field with your Dragonoids brethren in Dragonflight!

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